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Female Dwarf | Fellowship Focus - The Shepherd | Endurance 32 | Fatigue 27 | Hope 10 | Redoubtable, Mountaineering, Trading, Folk-lore, Honorable, Steadfast | Axes 2, Short Sword 1, Dagger 1


Common Skills:
Courtesy 3 Craft 3 Explore 2 Healing 1 Inspire 1 Hunting 1 Lore 1 Persuade 3 Riddle 1 Inspire 1 Search 2 Song 1 Stealth 2 Travel 3


Parry 5 +2 Shield | Armor 5d +1 | Damage Hand to Hand 6



About Mar the Dwarf

Endurance- 32
Hope- 10
Encumbrance- 27
Standing- 0
Culture, Calling and Background
Culture; Dwarf of the Grey Mountains
Cultural Blessing; Redoubtable
Languages; Common Speech, Dalish, Dwarvish
Specialties; Mountaineer, Trading
Background Package; Wandering Merchant
Favored Skill; Persuade
Background Traits; Honorable, Steadfast
Calling; Wanderer
Favoured Skill Groups; Custom, Survival
Calling Trait; Folk-Lore
Weakness; Wandering Madness
Body 5 (7 favored), Heart 4 (7 favored), Wits 5 (6 favored)
Folk-lore* You possess some knowledge of the many traditional customs, beliefs and stories of the various communities that compose the Free Peoples. Likely the result of your wanderings, this information may help you when dealing with strangers, letting you come up with some useful fact regarding their folk or a smattering of the appropriate language. Wanderers generally pick up this Trait during their time on the road.
Mountaineer You are familiar with the difficulties often encountered when crossing mountain passes, and with the ways of overcoming them.
Trading You find yourself at ease when negotiating the buying and selling of items, or even information.
Honourable You abide by a set of principles that, among other things, require you to treat others (even your enemy) with respect, to keep your word when given, to bear yourself with dignity in any circumstance, and to seek to be fair in judgement.
Steadfast You are firm in temperament and belief, and usually base your actions solely on your own judgement.

Common Skills
Favoured skills in Italics.
Courtesy 3
Craft 3
Explore 2
Healing 1
Inspire 1
Hunting 1
Lore 1
Persuade 3
Riddle 1
Search 2
Song 1
Stealth 2
Travel 3
Weapon Skills
Axes 3
Short Sword 1
Daggers 1
Valour and Wisdom
Valour- 3
Dwarf-wrought hauberk (mail armour) The Dwarves of the Mountain make good coats of steel rings, but they cannot match the work of the armourers that lived before the Dragon came.
When you invoke an Attribute bonus on a Protection test, use your favoured Body rating as a bonus.

Fell Handed

Wisdom- 2
Old hatred When you face your kin’s most hated enemies you feel the strength of your ancestors, slain by the foul hands of Orcs, flowing impetuously in your veins. When you are fighting Orcs and their kind using hand-to-hand weapons, add a bonus of +3, or your Valour rating (whichever is higher), to the total Endurance loss inflicted by each of your blows.

Short Sword (Encumbrance 1)- Damage 5, Edge 10, Injury TN 14
Dagger (Encumbrance 0)- Damage 5, Edge G, Injury TN 12
Long Handled Axe (Encumbrance 3)- Damage 5/7, Edge G, Injury TN 18/20
Mail Hauberk (Encumbrance 20) 5d to Armor
Shield (Encumbrance 3)- +2 to Parry

Experience 16 Available 0
Advancement Points: 6
Treasure: 5
Standing: 0

Mar is a Dwarf of the Grey Mountains. She’s spent most of her life wandering the Wilderland with her very small clan. She doesn’t mind the wandering. In fact she feels called to see what’s beyond the next hill. She’s acted as the lead trader, and negotiator for her clan for the last few years. With roads open again and she’s set out to make her family's fortune great again.

Her clan is small, and filled with those who are old. It was hit particularly hard during the wars with the Cold Drakes, and then the Battle of Azanulbizar. Which is why she’s adventuring instead of a brother or an uncle. Most of the members of the clan can no longer travel easily so what remains have found a small village at the foothills of the Grey Mountains to live in while Mar is on her journey. Mar hopes to make it to Erabor one day and see if a home can be found there.