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At the next game session, my players are going to teleport into a large cave about 500ft underground which the sorcerer has studied carefully. Since the last time they were there, the cave has been flooded by opening up a tunnel to the lake it is under.

I'd like to make sure I have to following correct so I can adjudicate this properly:

1. The players can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to twice their constitution. I can find no rules differentiating between taking a deep breath then jumping into water vs being surprised by suddenly finding themselves in water.

2. The sorcerer can teleport the party back out the next round as long as he makes the concentration check for casting underwater (DC 15 + spell level).

3. If the sorcerer fails the concentration check, he begins to drown as casting a spell with a verbal component means he is no longer holding his breath. He falls unconscious (0hp).

Fantasy Flight Games put prepainted Arkham Horror monsters up for sale today on their website. Chthonian, Hound of Tindalos, Mi-Go, Shoggoth, Dark Young, Dunwich Horror, Byakhee, Crawling One, Goat Spawn, Hunting Horror, and some humans. When FFG released the prepainted investigator miniatures a little over a year ago, I had hoped they would do monsters as well. Best news is FFG labels them as "Wave One".

Dungeon Crawler came out with plant vines and 3 sets of tentacles this month as well.

Added to Pathfinder Battles, it's been a very expensive, but joyous month.

So based on the Legacy of Fire dice set, expect Kingmaker dice to debut at Gen Con 2011 then be available for purchase sometime in 2012.