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Malgri narrows her eyebrows and says, "The halfling must have found the stone, or taken it from the Beast King's apes." She turns to the adventurers who saved the camp from Garboko and the ape warriors. "You said you seek this halfling and his companions. If you find them, you must warn them of the powers of the stone they carry. Perhaps they know it is valuable, but are unaware of the danger it brings."

"I would be happy to help you in any way we can. As I said, we are in your debt."

The camp looks rather disorganized, though Malgri quickly takes control of the situation by assigning tasks to the guards and other current residents of the camp. The apes are rounded up with their hands bound behind their backs and placed in the center of the camp to be watched by several armed guards. Others begin gathering up whatever food and supplies remain, reconstructing tents, and patrolling around the camp to make sure the area is clear and watch for other apes.

You may set up your own tent(s) either inside or outside of the perimeter of ruined walls. If you do not have enough tents, Malgri gladly allows you to borrow some.

"You are welcome in our camp, though I am afraid the apes have eaten much of our food. We have a few wounded in the camp, but we have a healer who will now be permitted to aid them, thanks to you."

A woman steps forward to stand in the entrance to the camp. She has wild hair with feathers and leaves intertwined within it, and her clothes are colored with the many varied shades and hues of the jungle. Some of her facial features betray her elven heritage, though she fits in well amongst the Mwangi humans gathered in the camp. She carries a simple long spear, obviously wrested away from one of the apes.

"I am Malgri. We are in debt to you, for your help in defeating Garboko and his apes. Who are you, and how can we honor this debt?" Malgri strides forward and looks from one to the other of the adventurers, looking each in the eye and giving a respectful nod.

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