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The grey outside is complimented by the flame cast light inside. Wetness from the days of rain hangs in the entry of the tavern, but thankfully abates with the help of the fire within. The bar keep nods as you enter and then continues to wipe the worn wooden counter. Three stools stand empty. A stairway rises to the left as you walk in, the rest of the open area is full of six medium sized tables. Only one is full - surrounded by a trio playing cards and drinking. A lone old man is asleep at one of the other tables. A woman walks from behind the bar with two large mugs in hand. She is on her way to trio who cheer her approach.

Through the carved tunnels you walk. For most of you these are the very same passages you walked during your youth. For one, you walk the tunnels with slight apprehension, your instructions were clear - but way is new. Regardless of the familiarity, soon you cannot help but know that something is different. Only a select few are invited into the central passages that surround the dome. Columns stand as they do periodically throughout the city, but here they are larger.

These columns have stood as long as the city itself. They were built even before the dome rose, defiant into the merciless desert above. Escorts greet each of you as you near the innermost buildings. Each takes a different path, some winding through buildings, others heading into upper levels. Doors, stairs, halls, and alleys. It is clear the elders meant to disorient you. Likewise, the pace is deliberate. All of you arrive at the same time, a central corridor lies ahead. The escorts gesture silently as the large doors ahead slowly open.

The large room has a simple stone table in the center, surrounded by sturdy wooden stools - a luxury that few ever see let alone sit upon. Tapestries line the walls, just below the railing the lines the upper level. Nearly all represent one of the houses of the dome. Accept for two. One, displays the ancestral crystal - symbolic of your forebearers who live on through the gearforged. The other, newer than the rest, shows a humanoid silhouette - embroidered with a small gear. One upon its head and one upon its heart - the symbionts.

Just beyond the railings you can make out figures in the shadow, observing. It must be the council of elders. A slight gleaming in the torch light tells you that even the gearforged is in attendance. At the table sits a newly elected elder, he motions for you to join him at the table.

It is good to see each of you here. As you may know, I am Oso. I have, as my first task as the newest elder, summoned each of you here because you represent the best of your houseses. I leave it to each of you to decide whether or not it is prudent to reveal your house affiliations or not. In time, the trust you build in the field will take precedent over whatever faith you hold in the old ways.

A slight murmur can be heard from above. Oso smiles as he continues.

Your first task is simple. You must make your way to the corridor, where a repair squad awaits you. Your job is to guard them as they conduct urgent repairs within the corridor. Word of this must not leave this room. The corridor is in great danger. Attacks have increased and all but the perimeter guard have been summoned to protect the mines. So it is left to the four of you to insure that our lifeline stay operational. There is little time, but if you have questions speak them quickly. But before you do, I would suggest introducing yourselves. Though we here Oso gestures to those above, know each of you, you may not know one another.

I've left some details here open as I'd like to leave each of you some latitude in how your house is defined and if you decide to reveal your house. Simply put the houses represent the families that survived through centuries. Most are associated with specific talents or areas of one of the three lost cities. When resources were scarce, the houses often competed with one another to increase their chances at survival. Though cooperation has since long been established as the unspoken law of he city, the council of elders still honors the old ways. Unless of course infighting endangers the city.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

There's enough interest that I thought we could start discussing starting characters.

Let's start with a 20 point buy with level 5 as a starting point.

Any thoughts about lowers or higher starting level?

I'm gauging interest a low magic campaign / play test.

A limited number of character races would be available (dwarf, human, and one homebrew race).

Classes would similarly be limited to non-casters (barbarian, fighter, monk, ranger, rogue, and gunslinger). The homebrew race would have access to the cleric class. Furthermore, classes like the ranger must select an archetype that does not have access to spells. I am in the process of looking over / developing an alchemist archetype, which may also be available.

Campaign themed alternative racial attributes would be provided and themed archetypes will be available.

Characters would likely start higher than level one and the point buy would likely start at 20.

If you are interested and willing to exchange email addresses please post below (email addresses will be exchanged via PM).

So as not to give my ideas away via the boards, this is all the information I will provide.

Players in my current campaign are welcome.

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Disclaimer: I am in no way employed or associated with Dreadfox Games. The material below has been developed in my free time as a fan of the class published as by Dreadfox Games.

For any Puppetmaster fans out there I thought I'd share this. Would love to hear thoughts / feedback.

Expressive Weapons:

Just as a skilled craftsman can create a weapon, a puppetmaster with working knowledge of a weapon can modify it to give it the expressive characteristics necessary to be employed as a rod puppet. To create an expressive weapon a puppetmaster either be proficient with the weapon in question or have at least one rank of the appropriate Craft skill for fashioning such a weapon. Individual expressive weapons also have other specific requirements that must be met in order to be created.

Although a puppetmaster may choose to create such a weapon from scratch, only non-magical / non-masterwork weapons can be modified with expressive qualities after creation. An non-masterwork / non-magical expressive weapon may still be modified via spells (such as masterwork transformation).

To create an expressive weapon a puppetmaster follows the normal rules for crafting a weapon. Once the weapon is created, the puppetmaster makes a Craft (puppetry) check in much the same way an additional check is required for creating a masterwork weapon. If using a weapon that is already created, the puppetmaster makes this same check.

The DC for this Craft (Puppetry) check is equal to the DC for crafting the weapon (see Table: Craft Skills). The cost of materials for creating expressive qualities is 100 gp.

To use an expressive weapon as rod puppets a puppetmaster must have the Expressive Weapon wonder.

Expressive Masterwork Weapons:

A skilled craftsman can, in the process of fashioning a masterwork weapon, create the expressive characteristics necessary for a puppetmaster to employ the weapon as a rod puppet. In addition to the normal requirements for creating a masterwork weapon, these weapons have other requirements the creator must meet.

In addition to following the normal rules for creating a masterwork weapon, the crafter must also make a Craft (puppetry) check as detailed for creating expressive weapons. No additional time or cost is added beyond those normally required for crafting a masterwork weapon. The expressive characteristics must be added to a masterwork weapon while it is being created, they cannot be added afterward.

To use such weapons as rod puppets a puppetmaster must have the Expressive Weapon wonder.

Rule Excerpt:
[T]he weapons described below can also be crafted in non-masterwork versions. However, any penalties described as a part of the weapon are increased by 1. All other requirements and puppetry benefits remain the same.

Example weapon

Whip, Striking Serpent:
This masterwork nine-section whip has been crafted to mimic the appearance of a serpent. The linked steel bars make up the body sections of the serpent, with the final bar, a 6-inch weighted end forming the head of the serpent.

Benefit: This weapon can be wielded as a single-handed weapon, a two-handed weapon, in pairs with other nine-section whips, or as a puppet of The Striking Serpent by a puppetmaster who has the Expressive Weapon wonder.

Special: This weapon can only be created by someone who knows the myth of The Striking Serpent or possess at least 1 rank in Knowledge (nature).

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Picked up the Puppetmaster class by Dreadfox games and started toying around with ideas for archetypes. If you haven't already, I highly recommend the class.

Anyhow, if you have an idea for an archetype I'd love to see it. I'll share the one I've been working on below.

Female Human

All but one of the trio of buildings has been secured for the approaching night.

As you approach the Inn it is clear that only those interested in weathering the cold evening air have remained outdoors. The few others cast shadows inside the tavern that takes up the majority of the first floor of the Inn.

Entering, only the barkeep looks your way.

"Sit where you like. I'll be with you in a moment."

Two large men sit near the rear of the tavern, chatting quietly. A third sits near the bar, in a near stupor from drink. Several tables sit empty in the middle of the tavern. One booth is occupied near the window. The hooded figure seems to be captivated by parchment on the table.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

Hey all. Toss your thoughts on characters here. If you have questions about my descriptions or the SGG rules this would be a good place to post also.


I'm looking to gather a small group (3 or 4) for an apprentice-level game on the boards. Still evaluating both Super Genius Games and Tricky Owlbear offerings to start the game off.

We'd start off RP heavy and if time / technology allows transition to RPTools. I've used RPTools in the past, but haven't tested it with my current router set up.

The Pathfinder game I play with friends is currently on hold. If and when it picks back up I may not be able to keep both going.

If you're still interested read on & post away. I'll think of some crazy way to select those interested if needed.

The Setting:
We'd start of in a mountainous region in proximity to a monastery and boarder town.

The Characters:
Core and Ultimate Combat classes are fine along with Advanced Players Guide Additions. Core races plus Drow and Duergar can be used.

2-page preview is up on rpgnow. Anyone else have info on this? Tough to tell from the description what the four archetypes are about. Barbarian, cavalier, monk, and witch as far as class, but not sure of much more.