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Full Name

Makoa Wolf'sKin




Barbarian(Totem Warrior/Invulnerable Rager) : 2 Druid(Wolf Shaman) : 4







Special Abilities

See below.


True Neutral(with some Good tendencies)


Nature/Wolf Spirits


Common, Druidic, Elven, Orc


Hunter, Psuedo-Sailor, Big Bitey Guy

Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Makoa Wolf'sKin

HD: 3d12+6+4d8+8 (71HP) Current: 66 hp and 0 non-lethal damage

Fortitude: +9 = 7(Class)+2(Con)
Reflex: +4 = 2(Class)+2(Dex)
Will: +7 = 5(Class)+2(Wis)

BAB: +6/+1 CMB: +9 CMD: 20
Armor Class: 18 =10(Base)+4(Armor)+2(Shield)+2(Dex)
Touch: 12 =10(Base)+2(Dex)
Flat-Footed: 16 =10(Base)+4(Armor)+2(Shield)

Speed: 40ft, 30ft in armor
Raging AC: Normal/Touch/Flat-Footed - 2

Hide Armor(+4 AC, MD +4, ACP -3, Speed 30ft, 25lbs)
Heavy Wooden Shield(+2 AC, ACP -2, 10lbs.)

Bite(1d4+4, x2, BPS)+9
Dagger(1d4+3, 19-20/x2, 10ft., 1lb., P or S)+9 Melee or +8 Ranged
2 Javelins(1d6+3, x2, 30ft., 2[4 total]lbs, P) +8
2 Darts(1d4+3, x2, 20ft., 1/2lb[1lb total]., P) +8
2 Trowing Axes(1d6+3, x2, 10ft., 2lbs[4lbs total], ) +9 Melee or +8 Range

Raging Bite(1d4+7, x2, BPS) +11 (1d4+2 at +6 if used with weapons)
Dagger(1d4+5, 19-20/x2, 10ft., 1lb., P or S) +11 Melee or +8 Ranged
2 Trowing Axes(1d6+5, x2, 10ft., 2lbs[4lbs total], ) +11 Melee or +8 Range
2 Lesser Beast Totem Claws(1d6+5, x2, PS) +11 (1d6+2 at +6 if used with weapons)

Knowledge(Geography): 10 =1(Int)+5(Rank)+3(Class)+1
Knowledge(Nature) 10 =1(Int)+4(Rank)+3(Class)+2(Nature Sense)
Perception: 11 =2(Wis)+6(Rank)+3(Class)
Stealth: 4 =2(Dex)+7(Rank)+0(Cross-Class)-3(Armor)-2(Shield)
Survival: 11 =2(Wis)+4(Rank)+3(Class)+2(Nature Sense)
Acrobatics: 3 =2(Dex)+2(Rank)+3(Class)-5(Armor&Shield)+1(Trait)
Intimidate: 8 =-1(Cha)+6(Rank)+3(Class)
Swim: 2 =3(Str)+1(Rank)+3(Class)-5(Armor&Shield)

Feats: (Lv1)Power Attack(-2/+4 or +6), (Lv3)Keen Scent, (Lv5)Blood Vengeance, (Lv7)Fight On

Special(Racial): Darkvision 60ft, Intimidating(+2 to Intimidate), Orc Blood, Toothy(replaces Orc Ferocity), Weapon Familiarity(Prof in falchion&greataxe, "orc" weapons are martial). +2(Str), Favored Class(Barbarian, +3 Rage Rounds)

Special(Barbarian): Fast Movement(+10ft to base speed), Rage(13/Day, +4 Str&Con, -2AC), Lv2 Rage Power(Lesser Beast Totem), Damage Reduction 1/-, Endure Elements(hot environments)

Rage Rounds left Today: 10/11

Special(Wolf Shaman Druid): Nature Bond(Community Domain), Wild Empathy(+4 with canines after a full round), Nature Sense, Orisons, Totem Transformation(Standard Action, three 1 minute uses), Trackless Step

Bonuses from NPC's
Jask: +2 Concentration
Gelik: +1 bonus to the save DCs of any charm or language-dependent spells cast Makoa casts.
Spirit Crocodile: once a day Makoa can gain a +5 sacred bonus to one skill check(Intimidate, Stealth, Survival, Swim only)

Bonuses from NPC's
Jask: +2 Concentration
Gelik: +1 bonus to the save DCs of any charm or language-dependent spells cast Makoa casts.
Spirit Crocodile: once a day Makoa can gain a +5 sacred bonus to one skill check(Intimidate, Stealth, Survival, Swim only)

Community Domain:

Granted Powers: Your touch can heal wounds, and your presence instills unity and strengthens emotional bonds.

Calming Touch (Sp): You can touch a creature as a standard action to heal it of 1d6 points of nonlethal damage + 1 point per cleric level. This touch also removes the fatigued, shaken, and sickened conditions (but has no effect on more severe conditions). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

1d6+3 non lethal healed
5 times a day

Equipment: Backpack(2 lbs), Bedroll, Flint & Steel, 4 Trails rations(4 lbs), Soap(1 lb), Whetstone, Potion of Cure Light Wounds(1d8+1), Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds, Scroll of Lesser Restoration.

29 gold
3 silver
8 copper

Spells per Day
Lv0: 4
Lv1: 3+1
Lv2: 2+1

Spells Prepared

Lv0(Dc12): Stabilize, Know Direction, Detect Poison, Create Water

Lv1(Dc13): Endure Elements, Cure Light Wounds(1d8+3)(cast), Frostbite, Ant Haul
Domain: Bless

Lv2(Dc14): Barkskin(+2 Natural Armor), Dragon Turtle Shell(cast)
Domain:Shield Other

Makoa is a strange half-orc. He is quiet and spends most of his time watching the world around. Occasionally, when asked a question, he'll stare and blink like he doesn't understand language at all. He avoids making eye contact as much as he can, but when someone he knows and likes is in danger, he flies into an almost feral rage and does his best to rip out the fight right out of his enemies... with his teeth!

In well-worn armor and weathered clothing, Makoa may be one of the shortest half-orcs in Golorian, standing at an even 5ft in height. He teeth keep people from making jokes though, as some jut up and out of his mouth to make a set wicked fangs.

Makoa wants more than anything to make a name he can proudly display on a hunting lodge of his own. He believes that by going to Sargava, he can do just that.

Makoa aspires to be one of the legendary hunters, taking all the knowledge of the Wilds he has and gaining more.

A battle rages outside of a tent, but the half-orc woman inside doesn't hear it, doesn't notice the savage roars of the war parties as they clash. She's more worried the child who decided today was the day he'd enter the world. Neither had a way of knowing their clan's defeat would be marked by his birth.

The morning comes slowly, the rays of the rising sun having to force their way past clouds of smoke, just as the weary mother struggles out of her tent. All around her lay the dead, many she she knew, others so mangled she would never know who they were. She spent the next few days wandering, trying in vain to find anyone who could take care of her child. She wailed in despair when she reached a hill top and could she nothing but sparse forest ahead of her, no sign of people at all. Withing the next hour, she'd both regret and love the wail...

She was running now, trying desperately to escape the wolf pack that had already bitten and torn her flesh. She finally found a small opening under a large tree, it's roots making a cage she could barely squeeze into. She wasn't going to live to see another day, but she had one trick that might let her child live. She said a small prayer and growled at the wolves menacing her from beyond the roots...

Years past as hunters and merchants traveling through the lands report attacks by wolves and a single child, down on all fours and biting just like the wolves he ran with. And elven guide sets out to see if the stories are true. It takes a week, but finally she is able to find the pack, lethargic from a successful hunt. The child slept not far from the carcasses of the downed deer, sleeping soundly as he digested a few pounds of raw flesh. So soundly in fact that, like his pack mates, he didn't notice when the elven lady crept over to him and picked him up, carrying him far away from camp before he even started to leave his dreams of smoke and burnt.. something behind to join the wakeful.

At first, it was very fortunate she was quick and armored more than his usual prey, because he bit and clawed at her for hours-so ferociously that he actually got sick at one point in fact-trying desperately to get free of the strange cave she had put him in. Days he raged, fighting as his instincts told him he should, before hunger and exhaustion drove him to growling weakly at her when she walked into the room. Things went much more smoothly after she got him to eat something...

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. As Makoa(Keiyanna, the elven guide gave him this name) grew, so to, did his skills in the forest. He learned how to hunt with the weapons around the cabin, and though he always preferred hunting with his teeth, he appreciated the use throwing weapons had for weakening larger prey. The axes and javelins in particular felt right in his hand, as the shield Keiyanna made for him did in his other.

When he reached adulthood, he prepared to leave the cabin with little more than some spare weapons, a small supply of items to help him along outside the forest, and the shield his 'mother' had made him. There was one last game of Hunter & Prey, a and short goodbye, before he left for Sargava to become the great hunter Keiyanna thought he could be.

It took him awhile, but he managed to find a ship to work on, the Jenivere, that could take him to Sargava. He didn't have the gold needed to cover his trip though, and so worked on the ship for the next few years, until he finally had the money needed to cover his passage. It was good timing too, since there seems to be quite a few more people wanting to go into Sargava...

Jeniver Crew: +1 to Acrobatics and it's a class skill.
Devotee of the Green: +1 to Knowledge(Geogrophy) and it's a class skill.