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I just started running the Beginner Box for 3 kids, age 8-11. They are very much into it and their enthusiasm is contagious. But even if I run for them for 6 months, I don't know that they'll be ready for Core rules. Maybe the oldest would, but not the younger two (and I say this having played with one of the younger two using Core rules. We're still at the "role this, add that" stage with her). I would super love an expansion box for Beginner Box rules. I have plenty of additional stuff downloaded and enough experience to pull it off on my own. But I'd sure love those pawns mentioned in the original post. And I'm a generally busy person, so if someone else can put things together for me, that frees up some of my time.

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Question: So my group is about to do level 10, and they have the sigil from the Mistress of Thorns. (The spire on level 10 is basically completely surrounded by lava.) Watching them all burn in lava, taking them completely by surprise, would be hilarious. But it would also... kind of end the game. Thoughts?

I just reread the description and it doesn't say it explicitly, but I got the gist that the token wouldn't put them in the lava. Now, they may accidentally push each other into the lava, since it's quite a squeeze to fit 4 characters in a little over 1 square. But one square is five feet. That's bigger than a phone booth and I've seen stuff about groups fitting close to 30 people in a phone booth. So they wouldn't be comfortable. And they wouldn't want to stay. But your party should be able to all fit on that tiny island.

Or you could toss them in the lava. Depends on how mean you are. But since you came here to ask how to get around that, I doubt that's what you'd want to do. Basically, I figure since the biggest danger they talked about in the section discussing the tokens was being split into different rooms, the token isn't going to send your characters for a lava bath any more than it would transport them into the rock surrounding the spire on levels where only part of the surface is uncovered.

I've been using the Beginner Box to teach my 7-year old how to play. She's learning well, but I doubt we'll get beyond Beginner Box any time soon. So I'd be greatly interested in additional adventures. I've downloaded everything I can get my hands on so far but it's pretty exclusively designed for first level. It'd be nice to have some adventures for later levels.

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We haven't had gaming money for a couple years due to my husband being unemployed and then underemployed. But about a month ago, my daughter asked us to teach her to play with us. We had the D&D Beginner Box from way back at the beginning of 3.0 when I was teaching my little sister to play and we were going to just take the materials from that and convert it to Pathfinder. And then we saw the BB at a game store while we were out last weekend. It was a no-brainer to save ourselves the conversion work. And when we opened the thing, it was so impressive. I don't know how many of you ever got a D&D Beginner Box, but it was lame compared to this one. So I love the materials in it and after a couple game sessions, my daughter (who is 6) has been doing a good job of getting the hang of things and learning her way around the character sheets. I had actually come to the Paizo site today to look for PDFs of the beautiful character sheets from the box when I saw the follow-up adventures available here as PDFs. I'm getting all the free stuff they've got and I'll wade through it to keep us going. But, at the end of the day, my daughter is only 6. Even if she gets a character to 5th level or 10th level or beyond, her capacity to understand all of the Core Rules is limited. So expansions on the Beginner Box would be of great interest to us. And particularly a Sandpoint Box with more adventures there. When I showed her the maps in the little GM book, she was really excited to finish in the dungeon and go explore the town. And while I can roll with that, having 20ish years of experience under my belt, I also really like the structure of planned adventures and such. Plus, we plan to try to buy some of the Pawn Boxes because we are so impressed with the pawns from the Beginner Box. So if there were pawns of various Sandpoint NPCs, that would be awesome.

Basically, as a parent teaching a young child how to play, any support for BB rules is going to be welcome. And box sets really speak to the cash-strapped cheapskate in me. So I definitely want to add my support for this idea in here.