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Growing up on the floating island, Themyscira, you were taught of warlords who got their kicks targeting the Amazons. It was better to be killed than captured, you were told in no uncertain terms.

Fortunately for your generation, Queen Hippo had fortified the island. Invasions were thwarted easily, and only those gifted with immortality were permitted to set sail, and even then, in squads with fairy scouts and nymph diplomats. The Queen’s plan was to simply search for a land where her people would not be hunted, challenged to duels, or mistreated.

Perhaps there was a squad that succeeded in this mission. But not your squad.

Yours was captured easily. Many men died at your hands, yet all of you were taken alive. You awaken, thankfully, still clad in your gear. All that stands between you and your weapons are some iron bars. Things could be worse, but still, you can’t help but recall the warning repeated by many an Amazon princess:

’…better to be killed than captured.’

力行 Presents:

Welcome Anivarg, Brainiac, Raf & Stalwart! Here’s where my 2022 homebrew will be played. We’re a few days early!

I will introduce your M.C.s soon. They are Slash Rose, who will stylishly* narrate your adventure (*I hope), and Violet Femme, who will speak in blue text to clarify what Rose cannot.

The Annual Monster Hunting Competition gained a lot of popularity after last year’s upset, which left the few survivors of the barbarian team so emotionally scarred, they began new lives as vegan druids.

Only two teams remain: the Long Knights and… “those f&@~ing wizards.”

“Oh, Joshua…” Queen Waifu the 17th covers her mouth as she realizes she pronounced her husband’s name as it is spelled. One of the older wives, Queen Waifu the 12th, correctly says, “YO-shoe-ah.” Then Queen Waifu the 5th says what the youngest wife was about to say, “It’s not so bad for one team to dominate, after the way Killa Gorilla made fools of all the men.” Queen Waifu the 9th scoffs, “They didn’t look like fools to me. They looked like pizzas.”

The pizza comment may have been made by a different queen. King Joshua can’t tell one line of cleavage from another, except that of Queen Waifu the 16th. She’s nursing Prince Joshua Jr. the 4th right now.

The Pirate King is about to say if we could have a third team, that would be great. But before he can get a word in (an impossible feat as six of his wives are arguing about the name of the primate that wasted last year’s barbarians), he notices a warrior clad in a fur… bikini?!

King Joshua adjusts the bill of his tricorn crown.

“A barbarian!” he exclaims to his fiancée. “He looks a little green. Ya think the veganism did that?”

“She,” notes the soon-to-be-Queen Waifu the 18th. “That’s a girl barbarian. Not to speak ill of the dead, but she’s way stronger than any of the men from last year.”

All of the wives who aren’t nursing one of the Josh Juniors or Princess Joshurella all start jabbering at once. In order to have peace and quiet, the king agrees to have a Huntress team this year. All cheer until he adds, “And if they win, their team captain can become Queen Waifu the 19th!” Then they exchange awkward looks. Queen Waifu the 15th places a hand on the fiancée’s shoulder.

First player to post chooses where we begin:
• at The Leaky Bunghole, a stereotypical low-fantasy tavern
• on the street, having just overheard rumors of a new Huntress team for this years TAMHuC
• in line to audition for the team, right behind a blonde-haired woman

Welcome! Here are stats by body-type with one favorable exception for each player.

Health - ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Magic - you suck at it

Saves - d20 fort / d12 reflex & will

• Badia rolls d20 for reflex saves as long as there is no ceiling over her head (so she can safely high-jump)!

Health - ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Magic - you rock at it

Saves - d20 will / d12 fort & reflex

• Emi-na rolls d20 for fort vs. poison, unless she objects to her talking asp sucking out the poison.

• Randy roll d20 for reflex saves vs. being attacked in broad daylight — the rainbow coat throws off your foe when you make a sudden move.

Clever Girl:
Health - ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Magic - you suck at it, except Bella doesn’t care because of her tech.

Saves - d20 all saves!

Health - ♥️♥️♥️

Magic - you rock at it

Saves - d20 reflex / d12 fort and will

Flying - you rock at that too, except nobody’s playing a fairy :(

Aside from Body Type stats, I’m trusting you to be honest about what you’re good at. When you need to roll:

Roll d20 if you’re doing what your heroine is good at, according to your design. Odds of success will always be in your favor. Even with a difficulty of 10, odds of success are 55%.

Roll d12 if you’re doing something your heroine is not good at, including saves that I kinda forced her to suck at. Odds of success are against you when the difficulty is hard (8-10).

Who’s interested in a rules-lite one-shot? By rules-lite, I mean it’s not Pathfinder or even pretending to be. By one-shot, I mean the story runs like: beginning, middle, end… and then it ends.

This episode is called “Knights! Chimera! ACTION!!” so you can expect it has knights and a chimera in it, and action will ensue more than once.

The characters I’m looking for…
• are female,
• heroic (any “good” alignment)
• and prefer not to stab people.

The players I’m looking for…
• play well with others,
• post frequently (three times a week or so)
• and prefer not to stab people.

Hi. I was playing a PF2 game on these boards, but the GM left. Now the campaign is still listed as one of my active campaigns, but it is in fact inactive (and has been for months).

Is there any Paizo staff/moderator I can ask to either (a) mark the campaign as inactive or (b) make me/Hanako an inactive player/character in that campaign?


Quick question: does Backswing mean there is no MAP when your attack misses?

Example: flurry + two attacks / Lv.1 Monk / +4 STR / already in Dragon Stance and close to enemy. The enemy's AC is, say, a 14. So here comes my round 2 actions: a flurry and two attacks...

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10 Miss
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26 Backswing
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23
1d20 - 2 ⇒ (13) - 2 = 11

Did I edit in the correct bonuses/penalties? (+1 for Backswing, -5 for MAP)

So, loving my monk character and staring into her crystal ball. At Lv.4 she can choose between Flurry of Maneuvers and Flying Kick. Both are cool, but doing two maneuvers in one action wins.

Then at Lv.8, there's Mixed Maneuvers which lets me do two maneuvers in one action. So... same as the Lv.4 thing, sort of.

So my question:

Is there any reason to have both? I mean, if they stack so you can have a flurry of mixed maneuvers, that's hard to pass up. But if they don't stack, they're similar enough that I'd just hold out until Lv.8 for the mixed.

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I'm about to play my first PF2 game (yay!), and as a monk (this girl!)... but I'm looking down the road, possibly at levels I'll never see in-game, but I like to plan for the long game anyway.

So I noticed that (Greater) Weapon Specialization adds 4 (or 8) damage if my Inarmed Strikes are legendary. This is under "Monk Details," which leads me to believe the Monk can somehow obtain legendary kicks. Only, the monk seems to max out at master at Lv.13.

So is it at all possible to increase a Monk's skill in unarmed strikes, even if not through her own class abilities?

I'm just curious, since there are Monk abilities that seem to imply there's a way to obtain legendary unarmed strikes. Is there (a non-houseruly way)?

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The City of Rooftopolis...!

—is celebrating the most fabulous time of the year! Baubles and prisms dangle from lampposts to light the streets with rainbows! Men don their patchwork coats, and ladies dye their hair with vibrant colors!

Yes, it's Crystalhue! Scarfdancing girls tumble about to the joyous jingling of bells and the beat pounded by a dozen drummer boys! Everyone is exchanging hand-crafted gifts and decorative gingerbread!

And Snowberry Hills is experiencing a white Crystalhue. Giant flakes flutter to the ground, which will soon be color-splashed by wizards and alchemists and priestesses of Shelyn! Oh, what fun it is to party with the socialites!

As for our heroes on patrol... it's a bit nippy out there, but a little frost-nibble on one's nose is a small price to pay to ensure the citizens celebrate a safe and happy holiday!

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The City of Rooftopolis...!

The clutches of an underground organization known as Level 426 nearly choked the life from this once-bustling metropolis. But thanks to a band of mysterious heroes, a devastating act of terror was foiled and the Lv.426 kingpin was forced to rereat to the sewers! Peace and prosperity returned to Rooftopolis!

Knowing that evil is not found in one convenient location—it is everywhere!—the awesome warriors took flight to other continents and planes, where adventure awaits, and justice is sure to prevail!


The citizens of Rooftopolis have returned to old habits of looking over shoulders, sleeping with one eye open, packing heat or cold steel, for it is only a matter of time before a new callous upstart fills the crime-world's gaping void—before new scum bubbles from the septic labyrinth—before domant killer instinct emerge from a seemingly-normal mind like a bat out of hell! It hungers for innocent blood! Who can stop it!

Only YOU can, Super Crime Fighter...


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A couple months ago, I started the Awesome Warriors of the Round Table campaign.

We currently have four players, which is enough to keep things fun. Two others have come and gone (I think), and it seems they left Paizo. I realize that, by specifically recruiting people who are new to this site, I am likely to again find players who might try PbP, and might feel it isn't their thing and leave the site.

But it's a risk I'm willing to take.

An experienced GM took a chance on letting me in his game. Experienced GMs and players from this site are playing mine. Therefore, I want to pay the favors forward and open a couple more spots to new Paizo members. Click the link to my original recruitment. Read posts #1 and #2. If you like what you see, reply (to this recruitment thread or the original) and/or PM me of your interest.

No worries if you want to play, but not GM. I want this game to be welcoming to new members, PF newbies, PbP newbies, etc.

~"VV" least not for me.

If I try to edit the Campaign Info in my campaign, I end up having to take a survey. Is anyone at Paizo aware of this, as the issue has been going on for a few weeks... or am I the only one with this issue?

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Episode #1: A Plague of Toadies
by Legendary Sidekick

TIME & PLACE: Evening at the Fu Bar, in the Red Lantern District of Rooftopolis.


”3. 2. 1. Let’s jam.”

Cue tenor sax.

The man in smoked specs sets a quick tempo. Enter the sustained blurt of a tuba, smooth as the clean-shaven dwarf wielding it, accompanied by the incessant yipping of the gnome-in-black’s trumpet and the swank flowing out of the lanky elf’s slide trombone.

The Brass Balds have the crowd sufficiently entertained for now. Always a good sign when the usuals aren’t arm-wrestling, groping waitresses, bragging about conquests and backing the implausible holes in their sky-high tales with their fists, or loud words about their fists.

This is where our heroes come in.

And why the hell would they come in here? Get drunk? Rent a bed that comes with a complementary warm body? That’s not very heroic.

But the music’s good. Maybe they’ve come to listen. Perhaps some of the low-lifes can be persuaded to sing…


TAKE ONE Perception - Who’s at the Fu Bar:
A ”Take One” in Perception is what is plain to see, even by the least perceptive of our heroes…

On the stage: four bald men in black suits performing…
* Human on Tenor Sax
* Dwarf (beardless?—GASP!) on Tuba
* Gnome on Trumpet
* Elf on Trombone

By the stage…

Left Table:
* Man in yellow hat
* Woman in red dress on his left
* Woman in black dress on his right

Right Table:
* Drunk loner with head down and noticeable flatulence

Away from the stage…

Table by the Window:
* Man with huge muscles
* Man with less huge muscles on his left
* Man with less huge muscles on his right

Table by the Door:
* Bespectacled man with book

At the bar...

Behind the Bar:
* Man in brown hat

Together on Adjacent Barstools:
* Half-orc in white hat
* Half-elf in black hat
* Halfling in gray hat

Alone on Corner Barstool:
* Moustached elder in tan hat


Leaning on Railing:
* Well-dressed woman in blue dress
* Underdressed woman in blue underwear
* Flamboyant blue-eyed man, dressed as a woman

On Stairs:
* Nervous-looking halfling, male
* Tall drow in black leather, female

TAKE ONE Knowledge: Local - Red Lantern Dist., Rooftopolis:
A little background…

Rooftopolis was once a bustling metropolis, until an organization known as Level 426 literally infiltrated the sewers to build an underground empire. Politicians were bought, reputations were slandered, and innocent lives were lost as a multitude of crime families would rise to power, only to be destroyed by the next generation of soulless opportunist scum.

The harborside Red Lantern District, formerly an east-meets-west cultural melting pot, is now a borderland between a tourists’ paradise for thrill-seekers and the slums where residents either join a gang or keep their heads down for the sake of their loved ones.

Shipments come in every Thursday along the docks by the Fu Bar. You know tonight’s shipment is precious cargo with a direct link to a “prince.” You know the prince is connected to Level 426. What you don’t know is what the cargo is, who the prince is, or what he is a prince of.

Someone in this bar does. You’re not really sure about that either, but that’s the word on the street: a ship’s coming in tonight, and the local connection is here.

Awesome Warriors,
Welcome to the Round Table!

Let's start with a quick recap of the rules:

#1. PCs don't die, nor can they be permanently altered.

#2. GMs don't play their PCs while GMing. Not even a cameo.

#3. Be good alignment-wise*, and to each other, in-character and out!
*See Campaign Info tab for Char-Gen details.

#4. XP does not exist, but instead, we level up between episodes.

#5. Each GM offers his/her unique style in regards to...
* The setting it another part of Rooftopolis, or an entirely new location
* The threat ...with the obvious limit of no death spells, and make it believable that fallen PCs are able to get back up
* The stakes ...we DO care about those innocent NPCs, don't we?
* The rewards ...well, even the most stone-hearted adventurer wants money and items
* The scope ...though if you want to level-up, tell stories that end!

And combining my idea with Goddity's suggestion, two things-to-do the SECOND time you GM:
* The episode takes place in an existing setting created by another GM.
* Part of the episode is tied to an active PC's backstory.


And before opening things up for discussion, here is the second tablet on my Ten Commandments list. Some are more like Suggestions than Commandments, but anyway...


#6. "Benched" PCs earn money based on the number of skill ranks in:
* Profession
* Craft
* Perform
* Artistry

Thanks to Lobster every one of us has at least one Background Skill!

The idea is that our PCs all have day jobs, so when they're not out adventuring, each skill earns money as follows:
* Profession = 20g x SR (skill rank)
* Craft = 10g x SR +10g x SR in Artistry
* Perform = 10g x SR +10g x SR in Artistry
* Artistry = +10g to Craft and/or Perform; +20g Max
* +50g x SR in the (Background) Skill of your choice

And whatever that comes out to is multiplied by the PCs' level.


Profession is the best money-maker, but Artistry adds a bonus to both Craft and Perform. You can make money from multiple Profession, Craft and Perform skills... and that's where the +50g comes in.

Since you can't do all your jobs at once, the 50g bonus represents the skill you rely on most, whereas the 10g/20g skills are side-gigs.

If you don't have ANY traditional money-making skills, you can apply the +50g to any Background Skill you want. For example, if Sleight-of-Hand is your only Background Skill, maybe you gamble and come out on top.

Also, Ride might be Henrietta's primary money-making talent: 20g x SR in Profession:Jockey +50g x SR Ride. Likewise, a doctor could also apply the bonus to an Adventure Skill. 20g x Profession:Healer + 50g x SR Heal.


For those curious about the math, Addy, who has all four skills, will make 1980g while I'm GMing. You might all get over 2K worth of stuff, and that's by design. Adventuring should pay better than a regular job.

Those who GM later will make more money per Background Skill (more SR, higher Lv.), but it may eventually pale in comparison to what a Lv.8-12 heroic PC should earn. When we get to the second round of GMing, I'll consider a pay raise.

Combat happens, as does life, so here are ways to help fit PbP combat into our busy lives.

#7. In Round One of a Fight...
* GM rolls initiative.
* Players roll initiative.
* Players who beat or tie the GM's initiative get to act while NPCs are flat-footed! Actions occur in the order in which they are posted.
* Then the GM posts Round One. All PCs who lost in initiative are flat-footed.
* Once the GM posts a round, all players can act. Again, actions occur in the order in which they are posted.

#8. Keep things moving so our super-heroic game remains action-packed!
* Players, please try to post (combat round) actions in a timely manner within 48 hours after the GM post (72 over weekends) should keep things moving.
* GM, try to move to the next round within 24 hours after the last player has posted.
* When time is short, better a roll plus minimal description than a campaign-killing week-long delay.

#9. Leave no hero behind, UNLESS the alternative is to pause the game forever.

If the GM needs to move to the next combat round, any players who miss the deadline are not "punished." By "punished," I mean like casting a spell that renders a PC useless to explain why the s/he suddenly stopped attacking enemies. That's problematic if the player comes back from a week-long power failure, and is now stuck with a character who can't act, which is no fun.

I prefer to do the following:
* A PC who misses ONE round can post two rounds of actions next time, as if the PC had a delayed reaction followed by a burst of adrenaline.
* A PC who misses MULTIPLE rounds is ignored, as if s/he is still in the fight off-camera. The GM can remove a minor NPC or two from the fight if necessary, or do whatever seems fair for those still in the fight.

Most people bot absent PCs, which is fine. I personally prefer the above just to avoid rolling more dice than necessarily.

And that leads to my last rule, which is really more of a guideline:

#10. Take Ten because you can.

By that I mean we're all playing rooftop-leaping heroes on high alert, so with the exception of knowledge checks, let's not dice-code our way through the game more than we have to.

During combat or a chase, you roll to leap across a rooftop. <10 means your PC rushed; >10 an adrenaline surge. But outside combat, Take Ten every time. I mean, you wouldn't leap across a 100-foot-deep gap if there's a 50+% chance you'll fall, right?

Everyone knows ^that.

But I'd like to apply the same logic to other skills, such as Perception.
* Automatically Take Ten for what a perceptive character should notice while traveling.
* The GM may add a circumstantial bonus if the player specifies what s/he is looking for. (Examples: +2 for something general, +4 for something specific, +10 for a player who cleverly deduced what to look for and where to look.)


We can extend a Session Zero discussion as you all see fit, but the only thing I'll add to my OP monologue is I think if we all do our part to keep things fun, we don't need to be perfect to have a good time.

Looking forward to starting the game!

I just created an interest-check thread on Monday, and I'm close to being ready to close it so interested people don't post thinking I'm still looking.

#1. How do I close it (tactfully)? Do I unset it from the campaign, and would I need to create a discussion thread before doing that?

#2. And suppose I close it and it turns out I need more players? Would I simply create a new Recruitment thread and tie it to my (only) existing campaign?

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I'm not sure if a "round tabletop" is a thing, or if it's called that. But anyway, here's what I mean...

I'm looking for a group interested in playing sort of a pseudo-medieval justice league. The party goes on a series of adventures, the first of which is GM'd by me, the next, GM'd by another player, and so on.

The only rules other than as-written:

#1. PCs don't get killed off. Nor do they get maimed or permanently altered. Comatose when death would normally have occurred is allowed.

#2. The GM's PC does not play. It's bad form, even if we're GM'ing in turn.

#3. Char-Gen:
• Class: core/base/alt/hybrid, any archetype
• Race: standard races only, please
• Alignment: LG / NG / CG
• Stats: 18–18—14–14—10–10
• Health: Max HD
Acronym not intended.

#4. XP does not exist. When an "episode" ends, the party levels up (including the GM's character), and someone else GMs the next episode.

#5. The rest is up to the GM of whatever episode we're on:
• The setting it another part of town, or we go island-hopping
• The threat ...with the obvious limit of no death spells, and make it believable that fallen PCs are able to get back up
• The stakes ...we DO care about those innocent NPCs, don't we?
• The rewards ...well, even the most stone-hearted adventurer wants money and items
• The scope ...though if you want to level-up, tell stories that end!

The challenge level and mood will likely fluctuate from one GM to the next... but as long as we all prioritize fun, the different styles might just keep the game fresh.

But anyway, that's the short of it. As for my character, I'm posting as mild-mannered Addison Lane, but she's really...