Attention *New* Paizo Members


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A couple months ago, I started the Awesome Warriors of the Round Table campaign.

We currently have four players, which is enough to keep things fun. Two others have come and gone (I think), and it seems they left Paizo. I realize that, by specifically recruiting people who are new to this site, I am likely to again find players who might try PbP, and might feel it isn't their thing and leave the site.

But it's a risk I'm willing to take.

An experienced GM took a chance on letting me in his game. Experienced GMs and players from this site are playing mine. Therefore, I want to pay the favors forward and open a couple more spots to new Paizo members. Click the link to my original recruitment. Read posts #1 and #2. If you like what you see, reply (to this recruitment thread or the original) and/or PM me of your interest.

No worries if you want to play, but not GM. I want this game to be welcoming to new members, PF newbies, PbP newbies, etc.


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I know I sent a PM to VV regarding this but thought I'd post here and give the game a bump while I'm at it.

I'm interested in playing Sabs for this game, it seems super fun. I am not interested in GMing for it so I hope you'll forgive me, I'm running a PbP elsewhere that eats up a lot of my posting time and I have a few IRL games too so I'm at full capacity on that front.

I haven't gotten around to adjusting Sab's stats to fit the game but will make it a priority if you still want me.


Thanks for the bump. Looking forward to Sabrina's grand entrance!

As noted in the original post, if anyone else is interested in joining as a PC-only like Sabrina, I'm fine with that. I think I have enough players interested in GM'ing future episodes that I'll get to play more often than I GM.

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