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Secret Identity | Danger +1 | Freak -2 | Savior 0 | Superior +3 | Mundane +3 |

About Maeve Gallagher

The Mask: You wear a mask and hide your real identity. Choose what Label you cease to embody while wearing your mask:

✅ Freak

In alien form, affirm your heroic identity. As a human, affirm your secret identity to switch your Mundane with your unmasked Label.


This form had to be deleted as Fem’s human body was overtaken when she brilliantly thwarted Duke Zepar, a.k.a. “The Cloud Blocking The Sun.” He thought he would overtake the Nanometeor, but if he possessed Maeve Gallagher (as he had done to Chastity), then this was the mistake that wiped the infernal being from existence!

More likely, Mae only suffered the effect of his spell and the Duke fled the mortal plane when his bottle broke. But anyway…

Pixite Princesses: 1
Willfully-ignorant xenophobes aligned with fallen angels: 0