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Hey folks!

Loving the posts and the maps. My group has slowly worked our way up to the final chapter of ROTR over almost 3 years, but we're only 4 parts from the end.

We've been using your amazing maps and other resources to make our campaign brilliant, and now that we're almost at the end, we're running short of maps. I can make some for the encounters that are left (but they'll be terrible as i've not got any real skill in that department), so i'm wondering if any of the brilliant map makers are working on maps for some of the encounters towards the end of chapter six?

Specifically, i'm looking for Roll20 compatible maps for

- Krak Naratha
- The Giant Encampment
- The Abominable Dome
- The Tangle
- The Hidden Path
- Invaders from Leng

If anyone's got anything at all (even half finished) for those encounters, if you could post it up as we're going to be using them in the next couple of weeks.