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Stiggy-first level Runeblade.
*Give Stiggy 2 more runes at level 1.
*Runes might be learned in game; haven't figured out the exact details yet. Might make up some more as I go. It sounds like it might be a smashing way to invent magical effects as I go along...
*I don't see anywhere that says you can't wear any armor when doing runes, so heavy armor's cool...
*Total Rune Value for Stigg's is going to be his level as a runeblade plus his int mod (which is zero at present) plus 2 for being a dwarf.

When touched, this touch-trigger rune summons a small elemental, type chosen by the runeblade at the time of creation. The elemental immediately attacks the creature that triggered the rune and lasts for for 1 round per runeblade level (or until destroyed). If the runeblade triggers the rune, he can command the summoned creature and it automatically obeys, even if it does not understand the character’s language. A runeblade using the invested rune ability (see page 24) can summon a medium elemental instead of doubling the effect’s duration.
Air Elemental
Earth Elemental
Fire Elemental
Water Elemental

Rough ideas--nothing "carved in stone" yet (oh, I kill me).
expeditious retreat(?)
see invisible(?)
spider climb(?)

Alarm: The runeblade is mentally warned any time a creature of tiny or larger size passes through a doorway on which this rune in inscribed, or passes within 20 feet of it when it is inscribed on a flat surface. Lasts 2 hours per runeblade level. Might work...

Call Weapon: You instantly call your runic weapon from within 25 feet/level so that it appears in your hands. You must have a hand free to use the weapon summoned. The rune is expended when triggered.
(looks like there's a higher level one that does this...

Prose edda: [url=http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/pre/pre04.htm]Prose Edda]/url]

More serpents lie | under Yggdrasill's stock
Than every unwise ape can think:
Góinn and Móinn | (they're Grafvitnir's sons),
Grábakr and Grafvölludr;
Ófnir and Sváfnir | I think shall aye
Tear the trunk's twigs.