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Posting to confirm interest as well. Will post a character up later on today.

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I would be interested in playing. Potentially a gnome druid?

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Would playing a Merfolk (with strong tail) Barbarian/Sorceress be alright? If not how about a geisha bard?

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So I'm looking to start a party at level 1 in Zelkor's Ferry. Anyone have an idea at what point buy/exp progression I should use? I was thinking 15 point boy (standard fantasy) and medium progression, but I don't want to making things overly difficult (or too easy for that matter) on the party.

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Well one of the new players fell through because of technical issues so we're looking for another new player.

Currently we have a Fighter, a Summoner, a Rogue, a Oracle, and a Wizard. So we're pretty much open for any slot. Post here I'll get to you ASAP.

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Just a note, I found 2 players (Kiner and Rysil). I'll post again if we need more players. Thanks for all the responses guys! =3

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Hey guys, I currently run a skype/maptools game on Thursday evenings. We normally start up about 7:30pm and end around 10:30pm (CST), although sometimes we'll run a bit longer depending on if everyone is able to stay on. We just started the Souls for Smuggler's Shiv this week and aren't very far in so it will be easy to fit in the rest of the party. Currently the party has a fighter, an oracle, and a summoner.

Character Creation is as follows:
-Level 1
-Epic Fantasy (25 point buy)
-Hero Points (1 at first level, 1 for every level after unless you have the feats)
-Good aligned only
-Hit points max at first level and max -2 every level thereafter. (For example a Cleric would get 6 + Con per level instead of a d8).
-Classes with 2 + Int skills that aren't intelligence based get 4 + Int instead (aka Wizards, Witches, and Magus's [magi?] get 2 + Int still). I'm testing this out for this campaign, if it doesn't work out we can change it from there.
-2 Traits (other than adopted)
-Average gold for 1st level of your class

If I forgot anything please let me know.

As for the group we are fairly laid back. We don't have a problem getting serious sometimes, but in general we like to joke around, have a good time, RP a bit, and roll some dice. If you're the type of player who only likes serious RP then this group probably isn't for you (not that there's anything wrong with that I enjoy serious groups just as much as this one).

As far as experience is concerned you can be brand new or have been playing for years. It IS expected to for you to be somewhat mature and not easily offended. We tend to use language that isn't appropriate for some audiences and like to call each other names (in a non-spiteful very friendly way of course).

The group is mostly college age, but we have some older players as well. Currently I have room for 2 players (my cousin is making a character as well for a total of six). If possible I would like someone able to play this week (Thursday the 21st) because I'll be out of town the following week (Thursday the 28th) and because it will be much easier to fit your character in.

If you're interested at all feel free to post below and I'll try to contact you as soon as possible.



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Hey Excelsias, I'm definitely interested if you still have any room left.

(1) I've been into roleplaying for years now and have a decent amount of experience with online games (mainly maptools/skype), but am open to any sort of VoiP communication and tabletop engine like fantasy grounds. I'm available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays around 8, Saturdays, and potentially Sundays or Fridays (my current game is trying to decide which day to play on).

(2) For what I'd like to play it would most likely either be a Druid or a Oracle, although something along the lines of a Cleric would be fine too. If I play an oracle it would most likely be either Clouded Vision Curse/Ancestor mystery or Deaf Curse/Time mystery. If I play Druid or Cleric I'll most likely be a worshiper of Desna and prestige into the spherewalker class.

The Clouded Vision Curse/Ancestor cleric would be trying to solve some sort of family woes or live up to an ancestor's expectations. The Deaf Curse/Time mystery oracle would be someone blessed with the ability to see the flow of time, but unable to speak of it. The Druid or Cleric of Desna would be a traveler looking to spread good across the world. Most likely in order to make up for some sort of associated crime he did in the past.

(3) I think that's about it, just keep me posted and I'll make sure to watch this thread.