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Great fun if everyone is into it!


It takes the whole table including and especially the GM to make this one of the best scenarios for Role-playing and if that is so, this will be guaranteed to be one that you will never forget for a time in a good way!

My table definitely decided to go full ham with their actions and personalities to make it a playthrough full of hilarity and meme-worthy moments, there was never a dull moment!

To end of this review, I would like to have Live Exploration Extreme! continue on for more seasons/episodes/scenarios! Encore!

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Such beauty in being the beast


A great book that offers nice alternative new options for the animal-like races and even some that can be used by other races too.

While most of the options are restricted to the exclusive races for PFS play, you could probably go wild with a homebrew setting.

The art in the book is beautiful as well, having at least 2 pictures of each race to represent how they look like.


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All fine until the last encounter


This module probably takes the cake for one of the worst designed for PFS (unless the writer/designer wanted to near inevitably kill the whole party... then it's a job well done).

Heed the warnings of other reviewers and don't run this for new players, this module is only meant for experienced people looking for a very hard challenge. There's no fun in fighting something that is near impossible to kill (or escape) without much chance as a pregen.

To put it simply, players will have to fight a BBEG that is way too powerful even for a full 6 player party of oddly made level 5 pregens...

Starting out the adventure was alright with the investigations that players had to carry out and clues that would easily be picked up eventually.

1st few encounters also just about right in terms of difficulty but still posed a threat that should be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, the last encounter with the BBEG was exetremely HORRIFYING. With over 100hp, 25+ AC, high SR, high DR, (VERY) high DCs for spells casted and instant teleport for hit and run tactics all in a tight room area... and that's not counting the fact that the BBEG's skills are insanely high, how do players survive with 6 poorly made level 5 pregens is beyond me. Oh and BBEG can just easily chase after any players that try to escape if the GM wants to be mercliess. BBEG is just a mere CR8? LIES! It's easily a CR10+ party killer encounter chucked in as a nasty final surprise.

Really, I almost felt like I wasted my time fighting against something that is impossible to kill without VERY good luck or an optimised veteran party...

I very strongly suggest avoid playing this module unless you're confident that your party of level 4-6 can handle the worst things for little reward.

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Good introduction scenario to PFS


Up to today, I still believe this is a fairly decent scenario to introduce newbies into PFS. Despite having to do some seemingly 'minor' tasks, these tasks will introduce new players into some aspects of the Pathfinder world and challenge the players into some quick thinking and creative solutions (unless they want to go in swords swinging and guns blazing).

The few things that stop me from giving this a solid 5/5 rating is the fact that a few of the skill checks required are just a little tad too high for a level 1 only game. Also, the last boss fight can be unforgiving should players get very unlucky dice rolls and that they could have a better place/area to battle it out instead of being crapped into a squeezy place like that.

Overall, I'll still be willing to run this many as times as needed since me and many others I've played with or GMed for enjoyed it.