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Thank you very much for your responses! It helps a lot!

I would love some insight or comments about the Operative skill Trick Attack with Hacker Specialization. pg 94 main rule book.

"You can attempt a Computers check with a +4 bonus to make a trick attack by creating a computerized distraction. ( you cannot use this option if stripped of all computerized gear in an area with no computers)"

I myself and a player are drawing a blank on what a "computerized distraction" would be. Does anyone have some examples or ideas of good computerized distractions that can be used or created? We are having idea trouble, and drawing a blank about this.

We have similar question about - Detective Specialization too. "... to make a trick attack by reading your foe"

Does anyone have suggestions about what reading your foe options would be? We are trying to have a effect or option that we can describe, much like what a computerized distraction would be. We have good ideas for much of the other trick attack specializations. But in regards to Detective and Hacker we are drawing blanks.

Thank you everyone! We appreciate any comments.