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Full Name



Tiefling (Daemon-Spawn)


Arcanist 1




6'4", 164 lbs (Medium)




Lawful Evil


Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Celestial, Infernal, Drow Hand Sign

Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About Lyj

Fort: 0 = 0(Class) + 0(Con)
Ref: 2 = 0(Class) + 2(Dex)
Will: 2 = 2(Class) + 0(Wis)

Energy Resistance Fire 5
Energy Resistance Electricity 5
Energy Resistance Cold 5

HP: 6/6

BAB: +0
CMB: -1
CMD: 10


In his early days, Lyj was forced to travel much of the time. His Issian mother moved around constantly - partially due to her son's tiefling heritage. Human herself, she was ignorant of the true nature of tieflings, but loved her son despite his apparent deformity, and taught him that he could still find a place in the world. The child took that in at a very early age, his brilliant mind analyzing the truth of it.

Her love was tested, however, as Lyj grew. After an incident with a passing Chelish priest, Lyj learned the meaning of his tiefling nature at only five years old. He made it a point, then, to discover his own heritage, and one day he pronounced to his mother that his true name, according to his fiendish ancestor, was a nearly unpronouncable series of syllables - the only one of which his mother could understand sounded like "Lyj". The pronouncement disturbed the woman deeply, and forced her to take a greater look at the oft-unsettling behavior of her young son.

She tried to stop the boy from his research into the infernal worlds, but ultimately, could not put a stop to his combination of intelligence and growing sorcerous talent. Instead, she did her level best to teach the boy about the value of maintaining his place in the world, how others could benefit him and how society could harm him if he fell out of favor within it. After analyzing her claims, Lyj determined that his mother was, in fact, correct. The arc of the world proved that those who failed to understand such truths found themselves isolated from support, thrown into jail, or cast down from their dark towers by mighty adventurers. He took her lessons to heart, then, firmly deciding that society's laws would have to be accepted as absolutes for one such as him. They could be bent, perhaps, but not broken except in the most extreme of circumstances.

He experienced much of the world as they traveled, and discovered a love of learning along the way, which naturally eventually brought him to Absalom once he reached adulthood.

He quickly earned himself a private room within Forae Logos, the great library district, receiving special dispensation due to his personal contributions to the collection's sections on magical theory. He found that people as a whole tend to be distrustful of his kind, and so in order to pursue his studies peacefully, it was not enough merely to follow the rules. He discovered it's best to visibly prove to society at large that he is on their side. Lacking in the talent or desire to forge normal personal connections, the best way he found was by hooking up with law enforcement. He was too engrossed in his own work to want to join up full time, but established himself as a useful consultant/freelance type, convincing the constabulary to come to him with cases they found too difficult or unusual to handle on their own. He was not always the most effective investigator on his own (though no slouch), but when pointed to the evidence by the skilled detectives, he used his combination of Divination magic and impressive level of knowledge on virtually every subject to lead the guards where they need to go, and his specialty of Enchantment to deal with the criminals when necessary.

Almost unbelievably intelligent and aware of it, he often comes off as condescending in his interactions with others, but it's not really malicious; he simply has little patience for explaining things that he feels should be obvious.

Despite his focus on his studies, he doesn't believe in the tried-and-true method of locking one's self within a wizard's tower and performing magic in seclusion. Without real world practice, he believes that the mind becomes dulled and the magic stale, lacking any real flair. If there is creativity to be found in Lyj's soul, it manifests itself in his magic.

Someone to Watch over me: Lyj has established himself as a person of interest to the city watch in Absalom. In particular, Captain Thedra Sparks is familiar with him and his encyclopedic knowledge of the law, and they have a far friendlier relationship than he had with her predecessor before her. She doesn't care for him much, as his terse attitude gets on her nerves, but her professionalism and sense of duty forces her to acknowledge his usefulness. Her good word has also gotten him called in on one or two larger cases across the city.

For most of his life, Lyj has been working to reconcile all the different paths to arcane magic under one theory. He has used his scholarly bent to turn his natural sorcerous powers towards the path of the arcanist, and later the mindchemist, in an attempt to conquer the nuts and bolts of magic itself. He is convinced there is a way to unify the various schools of magic under a single umbrella, possibly even unlocking the secret to divine power without faith. Whether he's right or not, well...that's another question. But it's his theory, and his life's work; he intends for it to be his legacy to the world (if he doesn't figure out how to achieve immortality, that is). Think of it as string theory, but for magic. You've heard of quantum mathematicians? He's a quantum magician.

Standing just over six feet in height, Lyj's appearance is initially frightening to many. His skin is colored a deep blood red, small horns curl up from his forehead, and his eyes glow a pale yellow within the dark. Even stranger, a pointed tail swishes behind him, often holding his current tome of interest up for his inspection. For those who can get past their initial discomfort, however, a closer inspection reveals a classically handsome face atop a willowy build. A pair of small spectacles often helps complete the picture, as he slips them on to aid with fine print. A particularly careful observer might also notice that his footprints appear to be cloven hooves, despite his apparently normal human feet and boots.

Total Points: 10 = 1 (lvl) x (10 = 2 class + 5 Int + 2 BG + 1 FC)
Appraise 5 = 0(rank) + (Class) +5(Int)
Bluff 2 = (rank) +/(Class) +2(Cha) {Lying=+4, Use Int}
Diplomacy 2 = 0(rank) +/(Class) +2(Cha)
Disable Device 2 = 0(rank) +/(Class) +2(Dex)
Intimidate 2 = 0(rank) +/(Class) +2(Cha)
Knowledge (Arcana): 11 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering):11 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Knowledge (Engineering): 11 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Knowledge (Geography): = (rank) + (Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Knowledge (History): 11 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Knowledge (Local): 11 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Knowledge (Nature): 11 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Knowledge (Nobility): = (rank) + (Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Knowledge (Planes): 11 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Knowledge (Religion): 11 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int) +2(Feat)
Linguistics 9 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int)
Perception: 1 = 0(rank) +/(Class) +1(Wis)
Profession (Detective): 7 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +1(Wis) +2(Feat)
Sense Motive: 1 = (rank) +/(Class) +1(Wis)
Spellcraft: 9 = 1(rank) +3(Class) +5(Int)
Use Magic Device = (rank) + (Class) +5(Int)

Level 1: Breadth of Experience. Having walked the world for over a century, Lyj has had the opportunity to research every academic field and tinker with the basics of nearly any profession imaginable. He believes strongly in the necessity of a wide foundation as the beginning of any true education.

Level 3: Craft Wondrous Item. Efficiency is key. Why pay someone to create the latest bauble you need when you can do it yourself?
Scribe Scroll
Cosmopolitan (Bluff and Diplomacy)
Extra Reservoir
Extra Arcanist Exploit

Tiefling traits:
  • +2 Intelligence and Dexterity, -2 Wisdom
  • Darkvision: Tieflings see in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Fiendish Resistance: Tieflings have cold resistance 5, electricity resistance 5, and fire resistance 5.
    Additional/Replacement racial traits
  • Beguiling Liar: +4 racial bonus on Bluff checks to convince an opponent that what they are saying is true when they tell a lie. This racial trait replaces skilled.
  • Prehensile Tail: Many tieflings have tails, but some have long, flexible tails that can be used to carry items. While they cannot wield weapons with their tails, they can use them to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on their persons as a swift action. This racial trait replaces fiendish sorcery.
  • Traits/Drawbacks:

  • Student of Philosophy. While naturally disinclined toward social interaction, Lyj is fascinated by questions of logic and the finer points of philosophy. He may not be charming, but he is more than capable of debate.
  • Clever Wordplay (Use Magic Device). While sheer force of will can occasionally prove useful when bending a magical construct to your own ends, Lyj has often found that it is more efficient to simply observe and test, applying a scientific approach to a magical problem.
  • Class features:

    Arcane Reservoir: Max 6, starts each day with 4/6

    Level 1: Counterspell
    Level 3: Potent Magic
    Level 5: Quick Study
    See Magic
    Greater: Greater Counterspell
    Greater: Counter Drain
    Spell Disruption, as a preq for
    Greater: Greater Spell Disruption, as a prereq for
    Greater: Siphon Spell
    Spell Tinkerer, as a prereq for
    Greater: Spell Thief
    Familiar, something with a + to Will save


    Weapon 2:
    Ring 1:
    Ring 2:
    Gear: Scholar's Outfit
    Eyeglasses (5 gp)
    Handy Haversack, 2000 gp
    ~3 Spellbooks (45 gp, 9 lbs)
    ~Parchment, 50 sheets (10 gp)
    ~Good Invisible Ink (25 gp)
    ~Book of Puzzles (50 gp, 1 lb)
    ~Ink x5 (40 gp)
    ~Chalk, x10 (1 sp)
    ~Charcoal, x10 (5 gp)
    ~Inkpen x10 (1 gp)
    ~Chalkboard (1 gp, 2 lbs)
    ~MW Manacles w/ Superior Lock (200 gp, 3 lbs)
    ~Wax key blank (30 gp, 1 lb)
    ~Scrivener's Kit (2 gp, 1 lb)
    ~Signet Ring (5 gp)
    ~Wizard's kit (21 gp, 21 lbs)
    ~Approx. 750 gp
    ~1st-level Scrolls: One of each known (1000 gp total).
    ~2nd-level Scrolls: See Invisibility, Resist Energy, Invisibility, Blood Transcription, Mirror Image, Create Treasure Map, Knock, Arcane Lock, Spider Climb, Rope Trick (1500 gp total)
    Bookplate of recall
    Bookmark of deception
    Blessed Book
    Book Thief's Satchel

    Arcanist Spells Known:
    All cantrips known (28 pages)
    1st-level: 3 + 5(known) + 3(bought) = 11
    1) Mage Armor, 2) Magic Missile, 3) Feather Fall, 4) Keep Watch, 5) Color Spray, 6) Sleep, 7) Charm Person, 8) Silent Image, 9) Discern Next of Kin, 10) Summon Monster I, 11) Alarm, 12) Interrogation

    Arcanist Spells Wishlist:

    1st Level:
    2) Blood Money, 3) Crafter's Fortune, 4) Detect Secret Doors, 6) Enlarge Person, 7) Erase, 8) Expeditious Retreat, 10) Grease, 11) Heightened Awareness, 12) Hold Portal, 14) Lighten Object, 15) Magic Aura, 16) Memorize Page, 17) Memory Lapse, 18) Ray of Enfeeblement, 19) Reduce Person, 20) Restore Corpse, 21) Swift Girding, 22) Unseen Servant, 23) True Strike, 24) Vanish, 25) Ventriloquism, 26) Vocal Alteration

    31 2nd Level:
    1) See Invisibility, 2) Detect Thoughts, 3) Scorching Ray, 4) Invisibility, 5) Blood Transcription, 6) Book Ward, 7) Resist Energy
    8) Whispering Wind, 9) Spider Climb, 10) Rope Trick, 11) Masterwork Transformation, 12) Make Whole, 13) Knock, 14) Hidden Knowledge, 15) Fox's Cunning, 16) Codespeak, 17) Alter Self, 18) Spectral Hand, 19) Blindness-Deafness, 20) Mirror Image, 21) Minor Image, 22) Pilfering Hand, 23) Gust of Wind, 24) Continual Flame, 25) Hideous Laughter, 26) Share Memory, 27) Create Treasure Map, 28) Web, 29) Summon Monster II, 30) Glitterdust, 31) Arcane Lock

    Arcanist Spells Prepared:

    Cantrips: 4 prepared
    1) Detect Magic, 2) Read Magic, 3) Mage Hand, 4) Prestidigitation
    Level 1: 2 prepared, 4/4 per day

    The Turning Gears (A Story):

    He’s staring at me again,” muttered Corporal Barrick nervously.

    Sergeant Fraekis looked up from his inspection of the debris littered around the overturned cart. ”Ah, don’t worry about him, Poe. He’s not harming anyone.”

    ”That’s easy for you to say, Sarge.” the Corporal returned. ”He always stares at me.” He shuffled around to the side of the cart the Sergeant was on, breathing a little sigh of relief when he cut off his line of sight to the subject of their conversation.

    Fraekis chuckled. ”Probably because you’re always so nervous around him. It’s like dangling a bone in front of a dog and expecting it not to sit up and pay attention.” He shook his head ruefully. ”You know how he is. He’s always trying to figure out what makes us tick, and you tick pretty loud.”

    Barrick grimaced. ”Well, I just wish Captain Sparks wouldn’t keep letting him follow us around. Why the hells does she call him in, anyway?”

    Fraekis shrugged as he bent over the body on the stones, carefully checking for wounds. ”Over my pay grade. Word has it he’s been hanging around for ages, pestering the folks over in the Logos. Maybe she’s got some kind of deal with them.” He stood, dusting his hands. ”Either way, we’re done here.”

    ”In fact, you are not.” The cold, dispassionate voice came from just behind Corporal Barrick’s left shoulder. Both watchmen jumped and whirled, hands to their swords, startled gazes finding a red-skinned figure standing there, eyeing the body with calculating interest.

    "Ah - inspector Lyj, we didn'" Sergeant Fraekis said, lamely trailing off as without any seeming concern for their alarm, the tall horned man moved next to the corpse, a long forked tail snaking out from between a partition in his robes to lift the dead woman’s arm.

    He adjusted his thin spectacles, as calm as any professor delivering a particularly dry lecture. ”You will find a mark somewhere in her right pectoral region, consistent with a small weapon capable of delivering cytillesh extract, as would be consistent with the discoloration around her earlobes.” He let her arm fall uncaringly to the ground with a soft thud, his tail moving to point out her hands. ”The victim is no longer wearing a signet ring, but the designs on her fingernails are consistent with the fashion known to be favored by Lady Farrah of Ustalav, visiting dignitary.”

    The men of the watch stared, confusion obvious on their faces. Lyj’s yellow eyes narrowed infinitesimally, but that was the only indication of any irritation he showed. ”Relay this to Captain Sparks, and you will undoubtedly find the victim went missing from a function of some social importance, possibly displaying symptoms of confusion or memory loss before her apparent disappearance.” He glanced down towards the corpse, the barest hint of disdain in his unmoving expression. ”I would also postulate that the perpetrator is possessed of a great deal of wealth, without a similar amount of intelligence. A criminal with any talented aspirations at successful assassination would not go so far as to procure such an exotic poison as cytillesh and then not bother to properly dispose of the corpse.”

    He and the guards looked at each other for a moment. After a pause, he raised one eyebrow artfully. ”I believe that observation fulfills my obligation to your organization for today. Inform your Captain we are, as she puts it, 'even' for the incident involving the break-in of my domicile twenty-three days ago.” His icy gaze met Corporal Barrick's directly. "One corpse made, another found."

    The Corporal paled, and the tiefling's head tilted, as if considering a puzzle. After a few seconds, he nodded sharply, then suddenly turned on his heel and strode off, his business apparently concluded. The Sergeant looked on, unsure if he should be amused or horrified. There was a beat, then he spoke to Barrick out of the side of his mouth.

    "You're ticking again, lad."

    That Which Should Remain Hidden (A Story):

    Names have been changed to protect the souls of the innocent.

    Absalom, the City at the Center of the World. For millennia, the city has stood as a bastion of trade, culture...and knowledge. Much of that knowledge, gathered and maintained meticulously, lies within the great library called Forae Logos. Housing the grandest collection of lore in all the Inner Sea region, perhaps even in the world, the Wise House is considered very nearly a religious pilgrimage for scholars from all over, housing many a rare tome and strange artifact within its storied walls.

    For the last century, it has also become home to a new sort of rumor. The elder members of the district's Learned Guard tell their new recruits of a figure haunting the arcane sections of the Logos as they patrol the ancient halls. For decades, they say, the creature's red skin and glowing eyes have been glimpsed in the darkness, never carrying a light. They tell the story as they make their way slowly down the hallways of books piled high to the ceiling above, their sunrods only barely penetrating the gloom. They pause as they hear a shuffling from around the corner, and gesture to the recruit to stick close as they investigate. Coming to the end of the hall, they find hoofprints left behind in the dust and gesture towards them.

    "The Demon," they whisper, "hunts in the darkness for the tome of the wizard that bound him here. He was bound to the lower vaults long ago, but he prowls the upper levels in search of his freedom...and there he is!"

    Yelling, they point behind the startled recruit, who spins to see a tall, horned figure running a hand along the shelf as it moves towards them. Yelping, the recruit leaps back, crashing into their partner, who practically doubles over with laughter. The recruit, slumping to the floor, looks back and forth confusedly. The demon's robes rustle as reaches up to adjust the spectacles over his glowing eyes, saying in a wry monotone, "Still not tired of that, I see."

    Eventually, the recruit calms down and the elder guard explains. Lyj has made the Library his home for the better part of the last century, since tieflings live far longer than most humans. He's a scholar like any other, although with a greater focus than most. He's spent his long life working on his theories regarding the nature of magic, most of it spent doing research withing these very halls. He's harmless..."As long as you don't let him startle you," they chuckle, slapping the recruit on the back and ushering him out of the stacks. The elder waves back at Lyj, who raises a hand back and watches them go, the yellow light of his eyes tracking them as the darkness returns.

    "Harmless," he muses thoughtfully. "Perhaps."

    Turning back to the row of books he was perusing, he pulls down the volume he had been looking for. Dusting off the cover, he reads the title, his demonic eyes needing no light to see what he found there. The Diver's Folios. As he had thought. This should not be here, in the public area - even an incomplete and poorly translated version of the Book of the Damned was too dangerous for a layperson. Too dangerous even for him, in fact. He wraps the book carefully in a fold of his robes, taking care not to let it fall open, and makes his way back to the entrance to the lower vaults, where he quietly leaves the offending volume with a surprised scrivener and turns to go.

    This was no coincidence. Forbidden knowledge had been finding its way out into the Logos's general stacks for months now, and worse, out into the streets. Only last week, while divining into the murder of Lady Veren for Captain Sparks, he had come across the Library's copy of Viceroy in the hands of the common street thugs who had stabbed the Lady and made off with her purse and jewelry. He had bent their minds until they turned themselves in, of course, but it was easier than it should have been: The fools had been using the illusion work of Dardral the Lesser contained within the forbidden tome to pursue some sort of hallucinogenic high. As idiotic as that was, the damage could have been much worse had someone of actual intelligence come across the volume.

    As reverent as Lyj was of all forms of knowledge, he recognized that there were certain forms of it that represented more danger than the potential for learning was worth. He had no proof of conspiracy or supernatural intervention, yet, but it was nevertheless becoming clear to him that something did not share his philosophy, and was trying to free the darkness imprisoned within Forae Logos.

    Logic demanded that he look into the root of the problem and put an end to it before it encroached on his studies. He had worked too hard to establish a place within this particular society. Tieflings were not widely accepted anywhere, let alone taciturn reclusive ones with a talent for mind-affecting sorcery. According to his calculations, it could take another three centuries before his thesis on the Unified Theory of Magic was complete, and the average maximum known lifespan of a being with his particular heritage only allowed for approximately another four hundred years. He could afford to brook no further significant delays if he was to leave his mark on the arcane world.

    No. Instead, he would find whoever or whatever was causing this disturbance, and show them the true Demon of the Library.