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45 posts. Organized Play character for Frozen Frost.


| SP 12/12, HP 16/16, RP 5/5 | EAC 13, KAC 14, Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +7 | Init +2, Perc +9, Senses ---


| Speed 30 ft | Active conditions Infrared Sensors, darkvision (60 ft range)


LG Medium Female Human Priest (of Sarenrae) (Healer) Mystic 2

About Luzviminda

SFS #: 2403787-705

Boon Slots
Slotless: ---
Ally: ---
Faction: Dataphiles
Personal: ---
Promotional: ---
Social: Top of the Charts - When you slot this boon, you are treated as if you have a boon indicating your knowledge of a specific musical group (e.g. Abysshead or Strawberry Machine Cake!) if a scenario calls for it.
Starship: ---
Vanity: ---

Chronicles and Boon
Level 1
B04 Poacher’s Prize
B01 The Cantina Job
3 S01 Band on the Run
4 Boon: Pact Worlds Tour
5 Boon: Top of the Charts
6 S02 The Great Grav-Train Robbery
7 B03 A Green Place
8 B02 Test Flight

Level 2

Luzviminda, LG Medium Female Human Priest (of Sarenrae) (Healer) Mystic 2
Age 31
Deity Sarenrae
Home Planet Sun
Languages Common

SP 12/12, HP 16/16, RP 5/5
EAC 13, KAC 14, Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +7
Init +2, Perc*(2) +9, Senses ---
Immunities ---, Resistances ---
Armor Second Skin (Light), Bulk L, EAC Bonus 1, KAC Bonus 2, Dex Cap 5, Check Penalty 0, Speed Penalty 0, Upgrade Slots 1
Upgrades Infrared Sensors, darkvision (60 ft range)

Powered Armor ---
Upgrades ---

Shield ---
Upgrade ---

Speed 30 ft.
BAB +0
Melee Survival Knife +3 (Analog, Operative, Thrown) Damage 1d4 S
Ranged Tactical Semi-Auto Pistol +3 (Analog) Damage 1d6 P Category Projectile
Space 5 ft, Reach 5 ft

Base Spell DC 14
Level 0 Daze, Detect Magic, Stabilize, Telekinetic Projectile, Fatigue
Level 1 [][][] Mind Thrust, Soul Surge, Lesser Confusion, Mystic Cure (bonus spell)

Level 1
Class Mystic Connection Healer Associated Skills Medicine, Mysticism
Class Feat Healing Channel (Su), You can heal yourself and your allies. You can spend 1 Resolve Point to channel this energy. Healing yourself with channeled energy is a move action, healing an ally you touch is a standard action, and healing all allies within 30 feet is a full action. This energy restores 2d8 Hit Points and increases by 2d8 at 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter.
Class Feat Healing Touch, Once per day, you can spend 10 minutes to magically heal an ally up to 5 Hit Points per mystic level.
Racial Bonus Feat Spell Penetration, +2 bonus to caster level checks to overcome a creature’s spell resistance
Feat Harm Undead, When you use your healing channel as a full action, you can expend a mystic spell slot of the highest level you can cast to also deal damage equal to the amount you heal to all undead foes in the area. The undead can attempt a Will save for half damage, at your usual connection power DC.
Theme Feat Theme Knowledge (1st Level), Choose a deity or a philosophy whose alignment is within one step (on either the good-evil axis or the law-chaos axis) of your own. Reduce the DC of Culture and Mysticism checks to recall knowledge about religious traditions, religious symbols, and famous religious leaders by 5. Mysticism becomes a class skill for you, though if it’s a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to Mysticism checks. In addition, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Wisdom at character creation.

Level 2
Class Mystic
Feats Channel Skill, Mindlink

STATS & SKILLS (X) – Ranks, * - Class Skill
STR 10 (+0), DEX 15 (+2), CON 10 (+0), INT 10 (+0), WIS 18 (+4), CHA10 (+0)
Acrobatics(0) +2
Athletics(0) +0
Bluff*(0) +0
Computers(0) +0
Culture*(2) +5
Diplomacy*(2) +5
Disguise*(0) +0
Engineering(0) +0
Intimidate*(0) +0
Life Science*(0) +0
Medicine*(2) +6
Mysticism*(2) +11
Perception*(2) +9
Physical Science(0) +0
Piloting(0) +2
Sense Motive*(2) +9
Sleight of Hand(0) +2
Stealth(0) +2
Survival*(2) +9
Profession: ---(0) +0

Worn Consumer Backpack, Personal Comm Unit, Environmental Clothing, Religious Symbol
Stowed R2E (5), Hygiene Kit, Mess Kit, Sleeping Bag
Current Bulk 1.3, Encumbered 5, Maximum 11