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So, with the changes made to Blade of Justice an archer paladin (so a Figher/Ranger with Paladin Dedication) could get a decent amount of damage, as you probably won't have to spend more actions on it. Earliest you can get it is 12th level, or you play paladin and live with missing +2/+1 to hit since you can't pick Dexterity as class ability boost ... completely ignoring the issue that the paladin has no class feats supporting archery.

If Retributive Strike would function with ranged weapons that'd also help, I guess. Maybe one could make it work with a returning weapon ...

Isn't Heroism even better? You don't have to spend an action every round, it helps with everything important except AC and spell DCs and it helps everyone in your party.

You get 15% more success for so many things for 10(!) minutes, not just one round. Sure it takes up one 8th level slot, but how many times can you use True Strike before you start using up valuable slots too?

I wouldn't try to get True Strike on every character, but if my party doesn't have access to Heroism yet I'd definitely get it.

Well, Drain Focus is a bit more limited than straight up spell slots. After all you have to have cast the spell already for you to be able to cast it with Drain Focus at all.

Then while using Focus Conservation you are forced to use spells lower than a certain level which further restricts you. I think this is a case where it looks really good under optimal circumstances but in reality you might not want to, or be able to make full use of it anyways making the additional activations a universalist gets out of it less impactful.

What I like:

1. The new action system.
2. Multiclassing through feats.
3. Critical Success - Success - Failure - Critical Failure

What I dislike:

1. How small the differences in AC and To Hit between the classes are. Getting 3 AC can easily cost 5 Class Feats, if not more while at the same time being very restricted flavor-wise.
2. How heavy armor is more expensive while being worse.
3. The design of the Paladin class. Holy Smite tickles, the saves are meh, LoH has a terrible chance to hit when used offensively if you don't invest heavily (5+ Class Feats)