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It won't be as good as my oscar nominated role in 8 seconds

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Is that you Beavis?

Man, I have had such a great career.

Peach pit anyone?

Tolly monica tolly

*Starts up motorcycle*

"Need a ride, I am heading to the peach pit for pie"

Or beverly hills

Right on, I finally get to jump the shark

*Revs up motorcycle*

Paddleboarding ain't surfing man

pfft what does he know, charon doesn't surf man

*pulls up on motorcycle*

Hey puppet want a ride to the river styx, we can stop at the peach pit on the way for pie

mmmm. monica bellucci

*As the smoke clears, you see luke combing his hair*

"You gotta do better than that rickles"

*Jumps on motorcycle and heads off to the peach pit, strangely the smoke from his exhaust forms the words not only did i win, but im so cool*

Hey do you have part for me and don rickles in that batman flick