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Angel. Please don't ask about the subtypes or qualifiers thereto, because I'm prepared to wager that you really don't want to know those answers.


I define classy. And I have all the best tunes, oh yes. But I'm really not limited or defined by mortal conceptions of what it should or shouldn't be possible to do.


Yes and no. It's probably hard for a mortal creature that exists in a limited number of dimensions to grasp this concept. Look for now, just assume that I'm one sex or the other.


Just right


As old as the very fundament itself. But no, I don't have wrinkles. I have perfect skin. Well except the scar, but again you really don't want to ask about that.

Special Abilities

Pride. Wrath. Plus some other stuff.


See Race, and then go figure.


I acknowledge no entity to be my superior.


Plotting to reclaim everything which is mine. Although accurately speaking this is more of a pre-occupation. Technically, I simply Am, and that is sufficient.

About Lucy Fury

I want my crown back, Asmodeus.