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HP 75/250 | Init +11/12 | AC 43/20/37; 35/22/28 | CMD 45; 44 (+16/12 vs trip) | Fort +23/22 Ref +23/24 Will +22 | Dragon Senses, Per +26

About Lucrecia Henderthane

14 HD, 4 Swashbuckler, Trickster III ECL 15
CE Large dragon (water)
Init +11/12; Senses dragon senses; Perception +26
Aura frightful presence (180 ft., DC 24)


AC 43, touch 20, flat-footed 37 (+3 Deflection, +4 Dex, +2 Dodge, +2 Luck, +21 Natural, –1 size, +2 Shield)
Altered (Human) AC 35, touch 22, flat-footed 28 (+8 Armour, +3 Deflection, +5 Dex, +2 Dodge, +2 Luck, 3 Natural, +2 Shield)
Fighting Defensively /w Osyluth Guile +3/10 Dodge
hp 250 (14d12+4d10+108+12+3)
Fort +23, Ref +23, Will +22 +2 vs falls
DR 5/magic; Immune acid, paralysis, sleep; SR 22


Speed 60 ft., fly 200 ft. (poor), swim 60 ft.
Melee bite +30 (2d6+19), 2 claws +30 (1d8+13), 2 wings +25 (1d6+8), tail +25 (1d8+19)
Altered Melee [iWither[/i] +30/25/20/15 (1d6+12 + 1d6 acid 18-20x2)
or Overlord's Fang +34/29/24/19 (1d6+16 + Dragonbane & Negative Burst 18-20x2)
Precise Strike +4, Power Attack -5/+5/15/20, Fighting Defensively /w Osyluth Guile -4
Ranged Longbow +23/18/13/8 (1d8+12 x3)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft. (10 ft. with bite)
Special Attacks breath weapon (80-ft. line, DC 23, 12d6 acid), corrupt water

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 14th)

At will—darkness (60-ft. radius)

Supernatural Abilities (CL 13th)

At will-Alter Self
1mp - Polymorph (3 min. duration)

Spells Known (CL 3rd)

1st (6/day)—Shield, True Strike, Feather Fall
0 (at will)—Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Magic


Str 34, Dex 19, Con 23, Int 16, Wis 18, Cha 24
Altered (Human): Str 32, Dex 21, Con 21 CMB +29 CMD 44 (+12 vs. trip)
Base Atk +18; CMB +31; CMD 45 (+16 vs. trip)
Feats Power Attack, Dodge, Death from Above, Osyluth Guile, Leadership, Combat Reflexes, Critical Focus, Staggering Critical, Stunning Critical, Cornugon SmashB
Traits Fate's Favoured, Armour Expert
Skills Acrobatics (18) +33/34, Climb (1) +16, Fly (14) +21/22, Diplomacy (1) +11, Disguise (3) +13, Perception (17) +24, Sense Motive (14) +21, Bluff (8) +18, Intimidate (18) +28, Stealth (14) +17/22, Swim (7) +22, Linguistics (14) +20, Know (Local, Nobility, Geography: 3) +9, Spellcraft (10) +16, Use Magic Device (10) +20
Luckstone: +2 on every skill (not included), -4 on natural Fly (poor man., not included), Circlet of Persuasion: +3 on Cha skills (not included), Derring-do, Surge
Languages Common, Draconic, Aquan, Giant, Kelish, Shadowtounge, Azlanti, Elven, Halfling, Gnome, Hallit, Skald, Sylvan, Infernal, Abyssal, Celestial, Aklo, Thassilonian, Nercil, Orc

Corrupt Water (Sp), Speak with Reptiles (Sp), Swamp Stride (Ex), Water Breathing (Ex), Deeds: Derring-do; Dodging Panache; Opportune Parry and Riposte; Kip-Up; Menacing Swordplay; Precise Strike; Swashbuckler Initiative, Panache (7/day), Swashbuckler Finesse, Charmed Life 3/day, Nimble +1

Hard to Kill, Mythic Power (9/day), Surge +1d6, Amazing Initiative, Recuperation, Trickster Attack: Fleet Charge, Path Abilities: Extra Mythic Feat; Impeccable Balance; Path Dabbling (Many Forms); Feather Step, Mythic Feats: Power attack; Death From Above; Extra Path Ability, Mythic Ability Bonus (Str)

Worn gear:
Noble's Outfit, Belt Pouch, Canteen, Scroll Case
145pp, 47gp, 29sp, 10cp
Cloak of Resistance +5, Ring of Protection +3, Amulet of Natural Armour +3/Mighty Fists +1, +1 Corrosive Burst Adamantine Rapier, Masterwork Cutlass, Masterwork Daggers x2, Masterwork Morning Star, +1 Composite Longbow (+11), 20 arrows, Belt of Physical Might +4 (Dex/Str), Headband of Alluring Charisma +6, Luckstone, Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier/Circlet of Persuasion, Acrobat's Slippers/Boots of Elvenkind, Sleeves of Many Garments, Mithral Breastplate +2, Ring of Force Shield, Feather Token (Anchor)

Large Chest - Break DC 31, Lock DC 50 (faint aura of Abjuration):
Active Spells: Mental Alarm, Arcane Lock

Outfits: Cold-Weather, Dilettante's, Explorer's, Hot Weather*, Noble's x3, Scholar's, Royal; Poncho, Cleats, Skates, Pocketed Scarf, Tabard with Henderthane emblem /w 50gp trim
Bountiful Bottle [Protection from Energy (Fire)]*, Treasurer's Seal
Potion of Invisibility (CL 3)*, Heroism (CL 5), Cure Serious Wounds (CL 5 [3d8+5])*, Negate Aroma (CL1), Protection from Energy (CL 5 [60hp]: Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire* & Sonic)
Scroll of Endure Elements (CL 1, x3), Goodberry (CL 1, x3), Raise Dead (CL 9), Teleport (CL 9 x2)*
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (CL 1, 50/50)
Component Pouch, Masterwork Backpack, Parasol, Hammock, Blankets x2,
Kits: Climber's, Chronicler's, Disguise, Fishing, Forger's, Gear Maintenance, Grooming, Mess
Traveller's Any-Tool, Flint and steel, Compass, Heatstone, Spider's Silk Rope (100 ft.), Star Charts, Twine (150 ft.), String (100 ft.),
Waterproof Bag, Candles x10, Bullseye Lantern, Moonrods x2, Sunrods x10, Coffe (enough for 100 cups), Trail Rations x40, Chalk x10, Vial of ink x2, Inkpen, Parchment sheets x 20, Lamp Oil x10, Incense (10 sticks), Weapon Blanch (Silver) x2, Garlic, Smokesticks x3, Tindertwigs x30, Snapleaves x3, Feather Token (Fan x3, Anchor x3, Tree), Silversheen, Elixir of Vision x2, Elixir of Swimming, Universal Solvent x5, Goblet of Quenching
200 spare arrows
Books: Journal, Heritage (Chelaxian), Letters (Egorian)
82 pp 1613 gp 7sp 5cp

*Currently on Lu's person

Lucrecia's weapons:
In human shape - Lucrecia prefers her adamantine Rapier Wither above all else. The long and exceptionally hard blade stands up to all the wear and tear inflicted by its mistress, and doesn't object to being use to hack apart any obstacle in her way - be it mortals, devils or even stone walls. The weapon was custom made to her specifications and the black blade is etched with acidic runes in draconic - 'Nothing remains'.

She also carries a pair of daggers, a morningstar and a proper fencing blade, for when she wants to feint subtlety. Her ranged weapon of choice, when a thrown dagger falls short and a breath of acid would be inappropriate, is an ironclad longbow. The bow, tailored like her blade to inhuman strength, is something she sometimes enjoy passing around for other to try - laughing as they fail to pull the string all the way back.

Overlord's Fang wrote:
This +2 dragon bane sword changes to match the wielder's preferred type of weapon, as long as that type of weapon is also a sword. When in the hands of a dragon, it glows with subtle draconic runes and changes into a +5 dragon bane sword. In addition, any round in which it strikes a living target, it glows with unholy energy. This energy deals 2d6 points of negative energy damage to all living creatures within 5 feet of the wielder.

Lima is Lucrecias ever-present (until blades are drawn atleast, then she has a knack for disappearing) halfling shadow. Born and raised a slave, she came to the dragons service as a wager on a duel fought between her old master's champion and Lu. Fearful but fascinated by her new mistress, Lima did all in her power to please her and worked herself as hard as she could. Bemused but slightly irritated at the ever-present halfling, the joy having her entire house scrubbed for the eleventh time soon lost its lustre. The dragon finally told the halfling to stop it, and engaged in their first proper conversation since Lima switched 'employer' months ago.

The halfling has a bright mind but of slight size even for her kind, so Lu quickly found she had more joy conversing and engaging in mental tasks with Lima - much more then sliding across newly soaped floors each morning. With the frequency of menial tasks greatly reduced and replaced with social functions, games and general friendship Lima found that for the first time she actually enjoyed her life. The dragon in turn found it relaxing to have someone without the guarded speech and hidden agendas of the nobles to speak with.

Her best memory is of flying. At first, learning that her mistress was dragon were shocking. And terrifying. And many other adjectives with similar meaning. But then, when she finally managed to approach, she realized it had a few perks. Racing across the skies instead of slowly travelling by boat or wagon was the best. Lu's desire to have the halfling along for her trips made Lima the second person to have ridden this black dragon.

Her most precious possession is the small engraved dagger given to her by Lu. Handing a servant with a weapon, especially one whom is so close, is an exceptional unusual gesture in Cheliax and a great symbol of trust. The blade has never been used for anything but dicing the occasional fruit - nevertheless, Lima feels much safer with it by her side.

Female Halfling N Expert 5 / Bard 1
Init +9, Per +9; Low-light vision, Stealth +15

Str 7 (15) Dex 15 Con 8 Wis 10 Int 14 Cha 12
Bab +3, CMB +0, CMD 13 AC 16/13/15, HP 25/25
Fort +1 Reflex +6 Will +7 (+2 vs Fear)
Melee +3 Dagger (1d3-2, 19-20) Ranged +7 Dagger (1d3-2, 19-20)

Caster Level 1
0- Presdigitation, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Dancing Lights
1st 1/day: Read Weather, Cure Light Wounds
Bardic Performance (5 rounds)

Feats & Traits: Helpful, Reactionary & Go Unnoticed, Improved Initiative, Extra Traits
Skills: Acrobatics (2) +7, Climb (2) +3, Diplomacy (2) +6, Heal (6) +9, Knowledge (Local, Nobility, Geography: 2) +8, Linguistics (3) +8, Perception (6) +9, Perform (Sing, String: 6/1) +12/5, Profession (Handmaiden, Chess: 6/1) +11/6, Ride (2) +7, Sense Motive (2) +5, Stealth (6) +15, Swim (2) +3, Use Magic Device (1) +5
+2 Perform String /w Lyre, +2 Heal /w Kit
Speaks Common, Halfling, Dwarven, Elven, Infernal, Draconic, Shadowtounge

Gear (worn): Masterwork Dagger, Reinforced Livery (Masterwork Parade Armour), Muleback cords, Courtiers Outfit, Belt Pouch, Silver choker (100gp), Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Snapleaf, Feather Token Anchor, Universal Solvent, 5pp, 20sp, 20cp

Gear in Medium Chest, Break DC 33 Lock DC 40 (Arcane & Good locks)
Outfits: Nobles, Courtiers x2, Hot, Cold, Travellers, Artisans x3, Tabard, Poncho, Cleats, Skates
Masterwork Backpack, Masterwork Lyre, Parasol, Flint and Steel, Blankets x2, Hammock, Heatstone, Candles x10, Moonrods x5, Chocolate (5 Ibs), Halfling Trail Rations x10, Wandermeal x30, Night Drops (5/5), Potions of Cure Light Wounds x2, Chess set
10pp, 20gp, 60sp, 60cp
Kits: Cooking, Gear Maintenance, Grooming, Healers, Mess, Scrivers

Growing up in the pond next door

The dragon Lucrecia grew up in an unnamed swamp, located near a backwater village in Taldor centuries past its prime. The villages population was only a fraction of what it had been and as a consequence most of the buildings were empty husks. The strange structures fascinated the young dragon – they were so different from the semi-submerged cave of limestone and earth she called home. Seeing no harm in their daughters fascination – a passing fad no doubt – her parents let her play and explore the ruins at her whim. But she were under no circumstance to go close to the inhabited parts of the village. Humans, they told her, are vicious little creatures with no respect for their betters and a tendency to cause terrible stomach aces unless pickled properly.

But children seldom do what they are told and places expressibly forbidden are the most tempting. Soon the lifeless buildings were not enough to satisfy her and each night she sneaked closer and closer to the people of the village. Her small size and natural predisposition towards stealth, a handy trait for the weakest from a clutch of six, let her observe the villagers as they vent on with their lives. To her disappointment, they didn't do much. Most of the houses were dark and the people asleep. Disheartened the young dragon sighed and readied herself to fly back home. But as she made her way back out of the village she heard something. The faint sounds of laughter and music in the distance. Hopeful that her quest wasn't for naught after all, Lucrecia made her way trough the alleys and over the roofs towards the source.

There it was! Finally, after what felt like an eternity of claw-tipping and gliding trough the night, she saw it. The one building where the windows were still aglow with illumination. The one building that seemed still alive! She crept closer and attempted to peer inside one of the windows. Inside the tavern, people drank and sang and roared in laughter. A girl in a flowing dress danced on one of the tables, accompanied by a minstrel playing the harp and the steadfast rythm of mugs hammering the table. Outside in the night, Lucrecia felt a powerful jolt and tug in her heart – she wanted more then anything else to be on the other side of the glass.

Lucrecias fascination with the humans and their ilk soon turned into an obsession. She returned almost every night to spy on them. Soon she discovered that they were not even nocturnal, like normal sensible creatures, but beings of the day. Armed with that insight she could watch more of their eccentrics, but the tavern and its bustling atmosphere remained her favourite spot.

The years passed and the dragon grew. She had been as small and lithe as a cat when she first stalked the humans, now she was closer to a well built bulldog. The places that could hide her during the daylight grew fewer and fewer, and soon the dragon had to relinquish that part of her observations. But still, she could always peer into the tavern from the darkness of the night. But one day, that too changed. During one of her nightly excursions she had a chance encounter with an barmaid walking outside. The maid mistook the dragon for a stray hound, a misconception Lucrecia soon corrected when she melted the broom swept at her in a gout of acidic flames. Both the maid and the dragon fled the scene in terror – Lucrecia scrambling to make herself scarce before the people of the bar poured out on the street, improvised weapons in hand and eyes searching for the source of the maids fear.

Her parents were furious. They had known about their daughters oddities, but chosen to ignore them as long as she had the common sense to not being seen. Now, she had failed to take even such simple precautions and they saw no other recourse but to ban her from venturing outside the swamp. Grounded, Lucrecia fell into a dreadful mixture of brooding and depression – fully fitting the acid-breathing teenager she was. The worst thing was, she knew she could not sneak back into the village like she used to. Besides, she had always wanted to be inside, not outside looking in.

Lucrecia spend most of her days pondering this problem. She realized that she would simply never be able to enjoy the human sort of life in an draconian body, no, she would need some way to change that. She knew that when she grew older, her inner power would empower her and let her shape magic to her whim. But even her father, to whom decades and centuries were like days and weeks, could not change his own visage for long. No – she could not wait so long for so little – she would need to find another way.

Adventure in the sands and beyond!

When the time came for her to leave the damp cavern of her youth and seek her own place in the world, she knew what she had to do. Well, she had an general idea. She had to find a way to attain human shape – preferably for longer periods. And quicker then just hiding underneath a rock and waiting for old age too. As such, the dragon journeyed far and wide across Golarion, searching for the secrets of shapechangeing. She hunted and searched for strange beasts, but not even the cursed lycantropes of Ustalav would reveal the secret as she tore them limb from limb. She questioned knowledgeable or insane hermits and whomever that could pass for learned men that dared hold a conversation with her. But it was to no avail, and the dragon started to grow frustrated.

But one day her luck changed. She met an ambitious man, Wrin Taldenhammer, whom had heard of her search and had an proposal – a pact to further the goals of them both. Wrin was searching for the keys to life eternal, for he had lived a long life of adventure and felt time starting to take its toll. He had figured that the Genies of the East, in the lands across the great sands, would know such a thing. And, he reasoned, a simple task such as shapechanging was surely within their reach. But the road there was long and dangerous – and a companion with swift wings would surely hasten it. Wrin grinned and added 'Should the worst happen and this comes to naught, you merely lost time. And what is that to a dragon?' Lucrecia, flattered by the mans attention to her plight and delighted to perhaps have one real human to converse and learn from, accepted Wrins suggestion.

Ten long years the duo travelled across Kelesh, searching for their answers in old libraries, ancient ruins and the gilded streets of Kelesh capital itself. During this time the dragon and the man grew quite fond of each other and Lucrecia learned much about humans and their subtleties. Ultimately, they failed to secure Wrin's desire and, upon feeling his time running short, he asked that she would carry him back home. 'But don't despair, my friend' he said 'for I have something for you – for all these years...' When they returned to his family manor, he bid the dragon to follow him in. Wrin descended down the stairs into the basement, trough a door sealed with powerful magic, into a small chamber containing only a small crystalline flask with a red liquid. This, he explained, was a draught of power he had found during his younger days. It was far to powerful for a mere mortal to use – so he had sought to become more and finally enjoy its rewards. But now ... The old man gave the dragon a wrinkled smile and handed her the potion.

Lucrecia took farewell of her friend, leaving him to spend the last of his days with his family. The dragon felt a pang of sadness as she left, but it was soon overpowered by the familiar curiosity and she quickly drank the precious liquid. As she did, she felt the world shift and fall out of focus – her conciousness assailed and torn by mystic forces. The onslaught lasted for hours but when it finally passed she had an insight – a vision. She saw a dragon of silver shifting into the guise of a blond man and back. She bared her teeth in a grin. While the silver dragon would surely not part with his power willingly, she finally had something tangible to go for. And the residual powers of the elixir still flowed in her veins.

Let by her subconsciousness, which in turn was empowered by the strange draught, she tracked down the silver dragon. He was a huge beast, much larger then herself, but of similar age. Undaunted, Lucrecia stalked the larger dragon for the better part of a week. The dragon of silver, not as wise in the ways of the world as her, took the attention of the black dragon as some sort of misplaced courtship and didn't try to drive her off with more then bemused comments when he spotted her. This proved to be his downfall as she noticed his predisposition to giving away valuable information – letting her know when she was unseened and unnoticed with his silence.

Finally, she found the perfect moment! The silver dragon was satisfying his thirst on the shore of a deep lake, unaware of the danger lurking on the cliffs above. Silent as an owl, the black dragon dived down upon him and pulled them both into the water. There, where his size was for naught and his need to breathe the greatest detriment, she had a chance. Still, the fight raged for hours until they both were weakened and injured enough for her to simply latch onto him and drag them both to the bottom. As the silver dragon tried his last breath she felt the last untamed residues of loaned power within her reach out and sap some of his power for herself. Minutes later, a triumphant woman emerged from the lake – bruised but victorious. She was bleeding from multiple wounds, shivering in the cold and coughing water – in contrast to black dragons, humans could not breathe water. Still, she felt better then ever, she had finally found the path to humanity!

Sandcastles and foundations

She journeyed to Brevoy, the land closest, in her new guise. Clad in stolen clothes and fabricated name, she set out to enjoy all that human life had to offer. For the better part of a year she stole, deceived and outright murdered her way across Rostland until she ended up in the free city of Restov. There she found something that once more captured her interest – the flashy duels of the Swordlords and other nobles. Determined to once more be part of something just on the other side, she shred her peasant disguise and crafted herself a false title and set out to learn the art of fencing.

Lucrecia found that she had a knack for this form of art – and she learned eagerly. Soon she was one of the more fearsome duellist in Restov, known for mixing elaborate manoeuvres and strike with unstoppable strikes – for most mortal cannot hope to compete with someone capable of shattering both blades and spines with a flick of their wrist. Her pride and vanity grew and she started to regard the city as her own private playground. Anyone whom displeased her was promptly challenged to a duel and either dispatched or disgraced. However, calculating eyes in the shadows were all not to pleased at this new upstart. Soon foul rumours started to circulate, both about her honour and heritage, and she found that only a blade is an inadequate tool to deal with such attacks. Growing tired of ridicule and hushed whispers, Lucrecia merely left the city as abruptly as she had arrived, carried west and south on dark wings.

She retrieved the silver dragons hoard – she had learned that more then personal prowess was needed to success in the human world. Her aims were set on creating a more persistent persona somewhere fitting, somewhere one could exchange coin for a proper name and title. She travelled trough her homeland Taldor and Andoran, but neither of those countries suited her. The first had a far to strict regime, clinging to old bloodlines even as the world crumbled around them. The later had embraced such foolish notions as equality and rule of commons. But the third country she entered proved more ... suitable.

In Cheliax power, titles and even respect could be readily bought, as long as one played along in their infernal charade. Lucrecia had no love for Asmodeus or his clergy, but in religion she was a pragmatic woman. Paying lip-service to The Archfiend was a small price to pay for a place in the upper layers of society. She spend several years in the countryside, entrenching herself into the Henderthane family as a valuable retainer until finally managing to negotiate an adoption into the powerful but recently strife stricken family. The day she stood at the dark altar and acquired her surname is one of her fondest memories. I am a real legal person! she though with glee – finally ready to dance around in humanity without having to worry about loose ends and lies catching up with her.

Almost as soon as the ink had dried on her writ of nobility she travelled to the capital. Her 'family' had asked for her assistance in dealing with a embarrassing situation, and she was more then happy to finally visit the praised city. In Egorian she was much more sparse with her displays of martial skill then Restov, having learned her lesson about drawing undue ire, but still once more earned a reputation as a skilled swordswoman before the situation was resolved. She liked the city – it was almost everything she had dreamed of. But as the years went on, something gnawed on her. The air started to feel heavy, the smiles forced. It dawned on her that she was finally sick and tired of Asmodeus this and Asmodeus that, and of paying her respect to devils and their ilk. When she heard about the Sky-ship she nearly pounced on the opportunity to investigate and get away ...


Height: 5'8"
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Skin: Fair (Chelaxian)
Haircut: Like picture
Build: Acrobat, gymnast

Height (withers): 5'4"
Lenght (nose to tail, extended): 29'8"
Lenght (body): 9'8"
Wingspan: 32'4"
Eye colour: Purple
Scale colour: Black
Horns: One pair, ram style curled backwards

Expended Resources:
Mythic Points:
1 (PA vs undead)
1 (PA vs bane)
1 (Fleet charge vs bane)
1 (Shapeshift vs bane)
1 (fleet Charge vs Spa's bane)
1 (fleet Charge vs Keiko's bane)