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Full Name

Lucius Caligari


| HP 38/38 | AC 19 | Class DC 20 | F: +7, R: +9, W: +11 | Perc: +11


| Speed 30ft | Ranged: Crossbow +6 1d6 Melee: Sword Cane +6 1d6 Active conditions: None


NG Hellspawn Tiefling Investigator/Talisman Dabbler

About Lucius Caligari

About Lucius Caligari:
Lucius Caligari’s curving, ram-like horns, cloven feet, deep red skin, and spaded tail leave little question as to his ancestry: Tiefling. Born to elven parents in the formerly Chelish city of Kitargo, Lucius was abandoned soon after his birth.

“From what I learned, they were scholars and diabolists, and I was no doubt a message to them, a sign that they had learned too much, had gotten too close to some infernal truth. Knowledge comes with a price after all, especially the most diabolic.”

He was raised in an orphanage for Tieflings run by the Cloven Hoof Society in the aptly named Devil’s Nursery, a Tiefling slum in Kitargo.

“Pitborn, Grimborn, and Hellspawn all crammed together, can you imagine? It was like growing up in the Worldwound, only with more prejudice.”

Wanting a better life for himself, and feeling the pull of the open road, Lucius left Kitargo for the big city of Absalom, making it as far as the seaside town of Otari.

“Here I’m not simply another damned Tiefling. Here I can play the role of the “mysterious outsider”, the handsome devil with a heart of gold, and who doesn’t love that?”

Looking to take advantage and profit from his presumed infernal connections, Lucius used the hedge magic he had gleaned from his time in the Devil’s Nursery and set up shop as a fortune teller, giving advice, and selling magical charms and talismans. Soon folks were coming to him for insight and divine, albeit diabolic, guidance. For really, who else to turn to if you wish to know whether your enemies and rivals will ever get their comeuppance?

“What’s that old saying, better the devil you know?”

Lucius Caligari Investigator/Talisman Dabbler/Fortune Teller

PerceptionT +11
Languages: Common, DWARVEN, Infernal, Draconic, Sylvan
Skills: ArcanaT +10, CarftingT +10, DeceptionE +9, LoreT (Legal) +10, LoreT (Fortune Telling) +10, MedicineT +8, NatureT +9, OccultismE +12, ReligionT +9, SocietyE +12, ThieveryT +7,

Str 10, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 12.
Items: Adventurer’s pack2, Clothing (Explorer's), Grappling HookL, Harrow Deck (Simple)L, Healers Tools, Writing SetL, Studded Leather Armor, Pendant of the Occult
Carrying: 4 +4L (10 max)
AC: 19; FortE +7, RefE +9, WillE +11
HP: 30
Speed: 35
Melee: Sword Cane +7 (Agile, Finesse, Concealable) Damage P 1D6
Ranged: Crossbow +7 Damage 1D8

Talisman Dabbler

Magical Baubles:
You are trained in the use of talismans and similar magical paraphernalia. This training might have occurred in a formal classroom or been an agglomeration of folk magic picked up over time. You can craft talismans and know the formulas for all common talismans in the Core Rulebook of your level or lower. You remember talisman formulas and don't need a formula book for them.

Additionally, you carry a collection of magical baubles you can turn into temporary talismans. Each day during your daily preparations, you can make two talismans with an item level no higher than half your level. You must know each talisman's formula. A talisman created this way is a temporary item and loses its magic the next time you make your daily preparations if you haven't already used it.

Finally, when you Affix a Talisman, you can (in any combination) affix or remove up to four talismans in the 10-minute span.


Skill: Streetwise, Charming Liar, Uncanny Accumen: Fortitude
Class: That's Odd, Trap Finder, Shared Stratagem
General: Ancestral Paragon: Nimble Hooves (+5 movement)
Ancestry: Lie to Me
Background: Oddity Identification

[dice=Devise a Stratagem]1d20[/dice]