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Berselius wrote:

Darvin: "You searched his body?"

Fife: "Yes."

Darvin: "I'm so proud of you!"


I'm glad you liked it. Darvin and Fife are fun characters to write.

Dezren wrote:
I just want to point out that where I live the name of the character known as Fife , well it mean f~& in my language so you might want to change that ...

In which language? I'm curious.

Berselius wrote:
"A detail I'll rectify later. I call it ‘flogging the halfling.'"
ROFLOL. This is pure GOLD. ^_^

Cheers :-D

Gabrielle wrote:
Just adding my voice to say I love these stories. Very happy to see another one! :)

Cheers, and thank you!

ReckNBall wrote:
I did a spit-take with "He's after my books!" Thank you for that.

Cheers! It is one of my favorite Fife moments.

fine_young_misanthrope wrote:
This plays like my home game. I love this, but the home game part makes me wonder if that's good or bad.... :)

I'm completely unbiased when I say good... definitely good. Awesome even, if I may.

Chiaroscuro wrote:
In repayment, ensure that during a stand-off when both are being brandished, they say "Ah. I see you've played Knifey-Bookey before" ...

Sir! I am an artist, and I will not be--oh wait, I see what you did there. Okay, sure, I can do that.

Chiaroscuro wrote:

"How many books can you strap to your body?"

"How many knives you got?"

Hmmm... I just thought of a new character... thanks for that, Chiaroscuro :-D

Monrail wrote:
Certainly the most hilarious PF fiction story so far! Lovin' it!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the whole ride through. I know I enjoy writing about the bickering brothers.

Itchy wrote:
Woo Hoo!! Another Darvin and Fife adventure! I am most pleased!

Thank you! It's great to be back here among you fine folks.

Itchy wrote:
Monrail wrote:

Mr. Sutter, are there any plans for a Darvin and Fife novel? I would enjoy that as a change of pace!

James, listen to man! He is wise and smart, and a bee keeper. He can get us free honey!

Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
Nice to see a picaresque tale with a happy conclusion, even if Darvin didn't get rewarded by the plump maiden. ;)

Ah, but in the tales, Darvin always get the plump maidens. And I'm glad you liked it!

Aaron aka Itchy wrote:
See, now that's why you should never trust NPC's. You are better off just slaughtering them all wholesale before they turn on you. j/k.

Wait... have I GM'ed you?

Matthew Morris wrote:

"It's a dog door!" the halfling cried.

That's silly, Darvin thought. "But I didn't see a—"

Made me laugh outloud.

Awesome. I'm glad to hear it. It's probably my favorite gag of this chapter :-D

Aaron aka Itchy wrote:
The dynamic between the two main characters is a lot of fun! I'm excited to see what happens in part 4.

Thank you, Aaron! I hope you enjoy the payoff.

Set wrote:

I love that the halfling and human think of each other as brothers.

And yeah, that demodand avatar is creepy. It looks creepy enough without the tumor on it's forehead that looks like a hairless cat...

It's a fun relationship to explore, especially in Part IV. And yeah... the avatar is a bit creepy. I wonder what I was thinking....

David Devier wrote:
I'm really getting a kick out of this story, Lucien! It's also making so many bad puns run through my brain, which just makes me snicker louder.

Awesome, David, thank you! I'm always happy to help perpetrate bad puns. It's the mark of a fun game :-D

Aaron aka Itchy wrote:

I'm sure that time will answer my question, Lucien, but what IS your avatar picture? I just noticed a little bump on the side of it's head with a face on it. Is it some kind of Abzorbaloff? If so, we may need to call The Doctor.

I just hope it doesn't eat Fife. Eat Darvin? No problem. Just don't let it eat Fife.

As James mentioned, it's a Demodand, otherwise known as the party fiend of the outer planes and generally misunderstood by its status-seeking peers. And don't worry, Fife and Darvin are about a dozen levels away from ever facing that thing. They have enough to worry about with 1/2 CR critters nipping at their heels.

Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
Lucien_Soulban wrote:
Cpt_kirstov wrote:
One or two fingers of scotch? ;)

Sure... I'll leave you two fingers of Scotch. I can't drink the entire bottle myself. That would be selfish.

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
As for this story, I love it so far, the irony of the situation and the character interaction is just like some groups of newer players I've seen.

Heh, thank you. And yeah, I think Darvin and Fife are born out of 33 years worth of gaming and gaming fiascos.

Holy crud... 33 years?

Man, I just aged myself so badly it's like I lapped myself.

I'm gonna go and have a drink.

Aaron aka Itchy wrote:
As for today's web fiction: I am really enjoying the Three Stooges-esque flavor to this story. I love that these are mistaken heros. They have accidently fallen into being heros. I am looking forward to where things will go from here.

Thank you, I'm happy to hear that. And I hope you enjoy the remaining issues. There's plenty of wiggle room for Darvin and Fife to get out of (or is that into?) trouble.

Berselius wrote:
Any chance of seeing some more previews of Ultimate Races?

I actually don't have anything to do with the RPG side of Paizo products aside from running two campaigns, but now I want to write a short story called Ultimate Races just to preview that.

argent solbright wrote:

Nice story Anonymous User 80. :)

For a split second I though Darvin went OOC while playing an RPG instead of storytelling XD

Heh, thanks Argent. I think Darvin and Fife both skirt that line at times, but always in good fun... or in sheer terror :-D

Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
Fun. I particularly like the "Perils of Pauline" intro.

Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate it. Nice seeing you around here.

Itchy wrote:
Can we call you Anonymous User 80 just for fun?

Sure! I'm easy that way.

Itchy wrote:
A little bit of comedy is a nice change! I get a bit of a Bruce Campbell vibe from Darvin, especially with that helping hand.

Thank you! I'm a huge Bruce Campbell fan though some of my influences skew more towards Black Adder and Red Dwarf as well.

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:

How do I change my avatar name? Why can't I change my avatar name?

You can change your avatar name on the Messageboard Settings page, or click on My Account and then Messageboard Settings. You can change your avatar name at any time until you have posted 10 messages to the messageboards.

There we go! Thank you. I actually misread it and thought I could only change it AFTER 10 posts. Good thing I write for a living instead of reading for one.

Anonymous User 80 wrote:
I'm glad you folks are enjoying the story so far!

I'm Anonymous User 80? But my friends call me Lucien.

I'm glad you folks are enjoying the story so far!