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Full Name

Lucian Arvandru


HP 165/165 | AC:36 T:20 FF:29 CMD: 30 | F+13 R+22 W+24 (+2 vs transmutation) | Init +5 | Per +25 (+4 to determine whether he's surprised), Darkvision 60ft


Male Human (Varisian) Oracle (Lore) 8, Evangelist 10 |




Chaotic Good






Common, Varisian, Giant, Thassilonian, Celestial, Abyssal, Aklo


Researcher, archivist

Strength 15
Dexterity 10
Constitution 18
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 11
Charisma 32

About Lucian Arvandru

Lucian Arvandru
Male Human (Varisian) Oracle 8, Evangelist 10
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +5; Senses Perception +25 (+4 to determine whether he's surprised) Darkvision (60ft).

Hp 165/165
Active effects Gentle Repose, Glamered Armor (permanent)
Conditions None

Resources & Macros:

Daily spells / powers / items
Spells (1st) 9/9
Spells (2nd) 9/9
Spells (3rd) 9/9
Spells (4th) 8/8
Spells (5th) 8/8
Spells (6th) 8/8
Spells (7th) 8/8
Spells (8th) 5/5
Channel (8d6) 12/12
Extend Rod of Metamagic (lesser) 3/3
Extend Rod of Metamagic (normal) 3/3
Mnemonic Vestment 1/1
Sihedron Medallion 1/1
Quill of Revelation 1/1 (per week)
Automatic Writing (commune) 1/1
Phantom Steed 1/1
Artifact Hunter 1/1 (3/3)
Defiant Luck 1/1
Inexplicable Luck 1/1
Spiritual form 18/18

[dice=Knowledge (religion)]1d20+20[/dice]

[dice=Range Touch Attack]1d20+13[/dice]
[dice=Concentration (Defensively)]1d20+39[/dice]
[dice=Bypassing SR]1d20+28[/dice]

Blessing of Fervor: Don't forget to pick one of the following bonuses that can be changed each turn!
- Increase its speed by 30 feet.
- Stand up as a swift action without provoking an attack of opportunity.
- Make one extra attack as part of a full attack action, using its highest base attack bonus.
- Gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls and a +2 dodge bonus to AC and Reflex saves.
- Cast a single spell of 2nd level or lower as if it were an enlarged, extended, silent, or still spell.
Note: It doesn't stack with haste! Pick a different or better bonus than those provided with haste.

AC 36, touch 20, flat-footed 29 (+11 armor, +5 shield, +5 Cha, +2 dodge, +3 deflection)
hp 165
Fort +13, Ref +22, Will +24

Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 Domineering cold iron morningstar +14/+9 (1d8+3/20/x2/B&P)
Ranged Ranged Touch Attack +13

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 18th; concentration +40)
. . 1/day—phantom steed

Oracle Spell-Like Abilities (CL 17th; concentration +39)
. . 1/day—automatic writing (commune)

Oracle Spells Known (CL 17th; concentration +39):

8th (5/day)—create demiplane, mass cure critical wounds, euphoric tranquility (no initial save, Will DC 29 if attacked), moment of prescience, symbol of insanity, symbol of death

7th (8/day)—control weather, delayed blast fireball (Ref DC 28), ethereal jaunt, greater restoration, mass cure serious wounds, mass fly, resurrection, symbol of stunning, symbol of weakness, vision, waves of ecstasy (Will DC 28)

6th (8/day)—heal, mass cure moderate wounds, mass owl's wisdom, music of the spheres, summon monster VI (Summons Lillend Azata - picture), symbol of fear, symbol of persuasion, symbol of sealing

5th (8/day)—breath of life, contact other plane, mass cure light wounds, plane shift (Will DC 26), spell resistance, symbol of pain, symbol of scrying, symbol of sleep, symbol of striking, teleport (through New Arcana), true seeing

4th (8/day)—blessing of fervor, cure critical wounds, debilitating portent (no save, but everytime Will DC 10 + 1/2 clvl + Cha = 29), freedom of movement, legend lore, restoration, symbol of revelation, symbol of slowing, wall of fire

3rd (9/day)—cure serious wounds, dispel magic, locate object, prayer, remove blindness/deafness, resist energy, communal, symbol of healing

2nd (9/day)—burst of radiance (Ref DC 23), cure moderate wounds, flaming sphere (Ref DC 23), ironskin (+7), lesser restoration, oracle's burden (Will DC 23), scorching ray, shield other, suppress charms and compulsion, tongues

1st (9/day)—bless, burning hands (Ref DC 22), cure light wounds, identify, liberating command, murderous command (Will DC 22), protection from evil, sanctuary (Will DC 22), shield of faith (+4), unbreakable heart

0 (at will)—detect magic, detect poison, guidance, light, mending, purify food and drink, read magic, stabilize

Str 15 (13, +2 inherent), Dex 10, Con 18 (14, +4 belt), Int 14 (10, +4 mental acuity), Wis 11 (10, +1 inherent), Cha 32 (24, +2 inherent, +6 headband)
Base Atk +13; CMB +15; CMD 30

Feats Artifact Hunter (story), Deific Obedience (Desna), Defiant Luck, Extra Revelation, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus (Knowledge (history)), Eldritch Heritage (Arcane), Improved Familiar, Improved Eldritch Heritage (New Arcana), Divine Interference, Inexplicable Luck, Steadfast Personality

Traits dangerously curious, scholar of the ancients

Acrobatics +3 (+4 multitude of talents, -1 ACP)
Appraise +5 (+4 multitude of talents)
Bluff +15 (1 rank)
Climb +5 (+4 multitude of talents, -1 ACP)
Diplomacy +30 (18 ranks, -2 domineering)
Disguise +15 (+4 multitude of talents)
Escape Artist +17 (18 ranks, -1 ACP)
Fly +17 (18 ranks, -1 ACP)
Heal +4 (+4 multitude of talents)
Intimidate +15 (1 rank)
Knowledge (arcana) +16 (1 rank, +1 trait)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +15 (1 rank)
Knowledge (engineering) +15 (1 rank)
Knowledge (geography) +15 (1 rank)
Knowledge (history) +39 (18 ranks, +6 skill focus, +1 trait)
Knowledge (local) +15 (1 rank)
Knowledge (nature) +15 (1 rank)
Knowledge (nobility) +15 (1 rank)
Knowledge (planes) +15 (1 rank)
Knowledge (religion) +20 (6 ranks)
Perception +25 (18 ranks) (+4 to avoid being surprised)
Perform (dance) +19 (+4 Myriana's lock, +4 multitude of talents)
Perform (sing) +19 (+4 Myriana's lock, +4 multitude of talents)
Perform (all) +19 (+4 Myriana's lock, +4 multitude of talents)
Ride +3 (+4 multitude of talents, -1 ACP)
Sense Motive +22 (15 ranks)
Spellcraft +14 (10 ranks)
Stealth +3 (+4 multitude of talents, -1 ACP)
Survival +4 (+4 multitude of talents)
Swim +5 (+4 multitude of talents, -1 ACP)
Use Magic Device +33 (+2 to emulate a class feature, ability score, race, or alignment) (18 ranks)

Languages Common, Thassilonian, Varisian, Giant, Celestial, Abyssal, Aklo

SQ +4 to perception to avoid surprise, bloodline arcana (arcane), mystery (lore), oracle's curse (blackened), revelation (automatic writing, lore keeper, sidestep secret, mental acuity +4, whirlwind lesson, channel energy 8d6 (12/day, Will DC 28)), starlit caster

Combat Gear
Ointment for true seeing x4
Diamond dust for restoration (1800gp's worth)
Mercury and phosphorus, plus powdered diamond and opal (worth 2000gp - = 2x symbol of pain)
Tiny reliquary (worth 500gp) for holy aura

Greater Strand of Prayer Beads (bead of summons used)
Staff of Healing (10 charges)

wand of bear's endurance (38 charges) Given to Evayna
wand of cure light wounds (38 charges)
wand of cure light wounds (50 charges)
wand of cure moderate wounds (12 charges)

potion of cure moderate wounds
Oil of Daylight
alchemist's fire

Scroll of Mass Heal (2)- in wrist sheath
Scroll of Miracle
Scroll of Antimagic Field - expended
Scroll of Word of Recall (set to Sandpoint)
Scroll of Regenerate
Scroll of Breath of Life (2)
Scroll of Heal (3) 1 expended
Scroll of True Resurrection
Scroll of Greater Restoration
Scroll of Restoration
Scroll of Suppress Charms & Compulsion
Scroll of Remove Blindness/Deafness (2)
Scroll of Remove Fear (2)
Scroll of Remove Paralysis
Scroll of Remove Sickness (2)
Scroll of Invisibility Purge

Bead of Newt Prevention

Slotted magic items
Body: Mnemonic Vestment
Headband: Headband of Alluring Charisma +6
Belt: Belt of Mighty Constitution +4
Neck: Sihedron Medallion
Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +4
Feet: Boots of the Winterlands
Finger: Sihedron Ring
Finger: Ring of Revelation, Lesser (Channel)

Artifact: revelation quill (slotless) (divination, contact other plane)

Other Gear
+5 Mithral Breastplate, +4 Mithral Buckler, +1 dominant cold iron morningstar, Extend Rod of Metamagic (lesser), Extend Rod of Metamagic (normal), Handy Haversack, Myriana's lock of silvery-golden hair, masterwork backpack, bedroll, compass, flint and steel, ink, black, inkpen, journal, platinum ring (for shield other), pocketed scarf, scroll case, smoked goggles, soap, spell component pouch, spring-loaded wrist sheath x2, waterskin, light horse, (gold: see loot spreadsheet).

Special Abilities
Arcane Familiar Evanya, Desna's Guiding Star
Artifact Hunter (2/day) Take 15 on UMD check. +2 to emulate a class feature, ability score, race, or alignment with UMD; 3 times per day, can increase the caster level of a command word or use-activated item by +2 as a free action.
Automatic Writing (Commune) (1/day) (Su) Use Commune as a spell-like ability.
Blackened Your hands and forearms are shriveled and blackened. You take a –2 penalty on weapon attack rolls.
Defiant Luck (1/day) Reroll a natural 1 on a save, or force a reroll of a critical hit confirmation roll.
Deific Obedience Purify yourself daily to prove devotion to a deity and gain benefits.
Divine Interference Sacrifice a spell to force an enemy to reroll a successful attack against your ally.
Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
Inexplicable Luck (Ex) Once per day, as a free action before a roll is made, you gain a +8 bonus on any single d20 roll. You can also use this ability after the roll is made, but if you do, this bonus is reduced to +4.
Lore Keeper (Ex) Knowledge Skills become CHA-based.
Obedience (Ex) Must perform obedience to maintain all abilities granted by the Evangelist prestige class.
Phantom Steed 1/day (Sp) 1/day use phantom steed as a spell like ability.
Share Will (Su) Whenever an emissary or its master fails a save against a mind-affecting effect that affects only one of them, the other can choose to attempt the save as well. If this second save succeeds, treat the original save result as a success, and the emissary and its master can’t use this ability again for 24 hours. On a failure, both the emissary and its master suffer the effects of the failed saving throw, even if one of them wouldn’t ordinarily be a valid target. This ability replaces share spells.
Skilled Add Bluff and Intimidate as class skills.
Speak with Familiar (Ex) You can communicate verbally with your familiar.
Spiritual Form (Su) Standard action to assume form, 16 minutes (= character level) per day. Gain telepathy (100 ft), +4 CHA, Wings (40 ft, good maneuvrability).
Starlit Caster (Su) +2d6 spell damage when standing in starlight, add CHA to concentration checks and checks to bypass SR.
Starry Eyes (Su) Darkvision 60 ft; +1 clvl for range when standing in starlight.
Steadfast Personality Use CHA modifier instead of WIS for Will saves.
Whirlwind Lesson (1 student, 8 days) (Su) You and another student may study a magical tome in 6h. Can share with other people.

Inspiration (Su): A nymph can choose an intelligent creature to inspire and serve as a muse by giving that creature some token of her affection (typically a lock of her hair). As long as the nymph retains her favor for this creature and as long as the creature carries the nymph's token, the creature gains a +4 insight bonus on all Will saving throws, Craft checks, and Perform checks. A bard who has a nymph for a muse in this way can use his bardic performance for an additional number of rounds per day equal to him nymph muse's Charisma modifier (+9). The nymph retains a link to her token and its carrier as if she had cast a status spell on the carrier. The nymph can end this effect at any time as a free action. A single nymph may only inspire one creature at a time in this manner.

Favored class: Oracle
1st - skill, 2nd - skill, 3rd - skill; 4th - spell; 5th - spell; 6th - spell; 7th - spell; 8th - spell


Lucian was born in Sandpoint, though his parents quickly understood they wouldn't be able to keep up with the young boy's thirst for knowledge. Early in his life, he displayed an amazing capacity to absorb knowledge of all kinds without effort. In fact, it was as if knowledge came to him on its own volition. At first it wasn't a problem, and Lucian's parents were both very happy to raise a bright child.

Things didn't remain this way though. To nobody's surprise, the Varisian boy joined the Turandarok Academy one year earlier than most children. Sandpoint's appointed teacher, Ilsoari Gandethus, welcomed the child with open arms, excited to see a student that would care about his teachings on old Varisia, the various Shoanti tribes, and the effect of bonemeal on crop cultures in the Sandpoint hinterlands. The old teacher soon had to admit he was unable to cater to Lucian's needs in learning, and the boy's reaction was not a decent one. He started sabotaging the teacher's courses, acting as a know-it-all or give the answers to his classmates when an infuriated Ilsoari wanted each of them to think their way out of the problem. Needless to say, Lucian soon found the Turandarok academy's gates closed to him.

The prodigy's father then turned to the only man who could be a good teacher for young Lucian, Sandpoint's sage Brodert Quink. The elderly man proved a strange if perfect match for the boy, who learned to love listening to the endless ramblings - or were they pieces of a historical jigsaw puzzle? - that Quink fed him with. He became an eager listener to this source of endless knowledge on lost empires, forgotten languages, planes of existance, and lines of succession among the Shoanti chieftains of the Shiikirri-Quah. Lucian eventually came to share Brodert Quink's great passion in the ancient civilization of Thassilon, and helped him in his experiments on the Old Light, unfortunately to no avail.

One day, the young boy noticed that his mentor would travel alone to a secluded location on the coast at night, without even telling him where he would go. Moved by his unquenchable curiosity, Lucian decided to follow the old man to that place and was able to understand why Bordert was so secretive about it: the loremaster had unearthed a Thassilonian artifact, marked with the rune of wrath. Ever the cautious man, Quink spent the whole night studying the dweomer from afar, refraining from touching the dangerous rune. Hours later, he returned to Sandpoint, without noticing his apprentice who was hidden not far away. Once his master gone, Lucian approached the artifact, fascinated by it. After a quick study and some preliminary remarks, he decided to cross the threshold the loremaster was unwilling to cross - he touched the rune. The Thasslionian stone burst into a pillar of flame instantly, seriously burning the young man's hands. Power infused Lucian as a result, but the price to pay was high: his hands would forever be charred beyond healing. Fortunately, the young man's master wasn't far away and could save Lucian's life. He even refused to scold the foolish boy, as the lesson was already learned.

In time, Lucian lost his troublemaker attitude completely to become a fine, balanced young man who was taught to love sharing his knowledge within the canvas of social conventions. He has grown very fond of Brodert Quink, but he knows there is a moment a man has to leave his mentor in order to learn on his own...


Lucian is what could be considered as a pure Varisian: his pale skin is adorned with jet black hair tied in a neat ponytail. His dark eyes burn with a passion that animates every fiber of his being. This makes him an extremely outgoing and friendly person, eager to share stories with people he's just met. His clothes are simple. He usually wears a scholarly tunic, its numerous pockets being more practical than good-looking. One touch of vibrant color is apparent, though. His kapenia, or Varisian scarf, flashes brightly of red and blue hues. A keen eye could spot many pockets in this scarf, filled with parchments, scrolls, vials and various tokens the Varisian people are so fond of.

Lucian's epilogue