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I filled out the Open Survey, but I has a connection issue when I submitted the form, so I can't tell if my comments were recorded. I saved some of my comments (shown below) in a text editor.

I played a Halfling Rogue (Budding Osirionologist).

My rogue was effective enough in combat. My rogue class features were largely irrelevant: I lost initiative every time, and flanking was only possible at the end of some of the combats; the encounter areas were cramped.

Even though I was a rogue, it felt like my skills were weak. I broke my lockpicks on my first attempt on the first lock; I hadn't realized that I needed to buy replacements, so I couldn't try again. Lock picking DCs seem too high. I rolled high on the Thievery checks and succeeded on those. I didn't try to sneak, because I needed a lantern to see (which should render stealth impossible). I couldn't tell that the statue was of Pharasma, despite being trained in Religion (with a good modifier, since I had Wis 14)!

Non-magical healing doesn't seem viable at the moment. I played Battle Medic roulette, even though I knew that mathematically it was a bad idea; I rolled well and healed myself instead of dropping myself to dying 1 (I needed to roll 17-20 to succeed, and 1-7 to critically fail). I didn't try to heal others with Battle Medic, because that could be considered a hostile act! As previously mentioned, I had 14 Wis, so my character should have been decent at Medicine. First aid seems currently worthless, — the DCs are way too high, making it more likely to harm than help the patient. Also, why do you need a healers kit to even attempt first aid?

A Cleric was essential to being able to complete the adventure without resting.

I don't think we used Exploration Mode.

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The Pathfinder Adventure Path forum doesn't display a list of topics, making it hard to scan for new posts. Apologies if this has been mentioned before.

Due to real-life work craziness, our GM had to step away from the our Hell's Rebels game, and we're looking for someone to take over. Our group of rebels has finished clearing out the Wasp's Nest, and are now 2nd level. Will you help us overthrow the tyrannical rule of Barzillai Thrune and liberate Kintargo?

Here is the link to the gameplay thread.

For what it's worth, here are some of Lubella's RP goals for the game:

Lubella's goals:
1. Set up a free medical clinic to treat the poor. The clinic won't be officially part of the Silver Ravens, but may open up recruiting opportunities.

2. Organize Kintargo's faithful of Sarenrae.

3. Convince an evil-doer to turn away from the path of darkness and towards the light. This doesn't have to be an important NPC — an insignificant minion would be fine.

4. Defeat a devil in single combat.