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I think the original article is a flavorful take on mere mortals not knowing everything about the gods.

So, you're a LG Chelaxian raised in the Church of Asmodeus, maybe you dumped Int since you want to bump up Cha and Str as a paladin. You are kind of a heretic in that you think all these LE people running around are "crazy" for being so mean to the Father of Contracts, Elder God of Cheliax, Lawful Ruler and all around great guy (you were raised to believe) Asmodeus. Asmodeus in the meantime says, cool, what great LE can I bring about via this LG vessel?

It's gearing up for a fall or a deity change as the campaign progresses and the higher level paladin finds out more about the "true" church and the "true" nature of his chosen god.

But really, the big thing is that mortals shouldn't know all the ins and outs of the gods (unless they have high Kn: Religion and Kn: Planes maybe) - myths and lies and propaganda abound in a pantheistic society. Just because you the player read it in a book doesn't mean the character should know the same.


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Numeria exploration with a dip into spaaaaaace

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ProfPotts wrote:

Captain Andoran: 'This "A" on my forehead doesn't stand for "Galt"!' :)

Nice write-up Lord Zeb, although I'd like to see the 'returning' property on his shield, and to have it adamantine, rather than mithral (which is really easy to smush). Also Missile Shield and Ray Shield in there somewhere would be nice, but maybe that's for the next few levels?

Thanks! Weird rule in HeroLab that shields can not be adamantine - I agree that fits better. I looked for 'returning' but it didn't show up... that would be worth giving up a + definitely.

Playing in a for-fun campaign, I would think Missile Shield & Ray Shield would be great for leveling up.

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quirthanon wrote:

I don't think that Captain America should have Bard or Paladin levels. Are they cool, sure; but they're not faithful to the original.

I would guess that Captain America is a standard fighter specializing in shields and hand to hand. He has no magic or mystical powers in the comics, so why give them to him?

You know, I thought about that. But then I figure let's build Cap in PF Golarion, not make a superhero in Marvel Earth. The few spells and spell-like abilities are minor and generally enhance himself or his teammates ... above his combat ability, he's the leader of any team. Gods listen to him when he's giving orders.

Oh, and in HeroLab I set his Deity as America, seemed appropriate for his Paladin levels. I suppose I should make that Andoran :).