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Citadel Dinyar, HQ of the Hellknight Order of the GodClaw, do we have any canon estimates on population size and dispersion of hellknights to armigers to signifiers? If not them, what about a generic Citadel population? Thanks in advance.

Hey guys, any word from PEG when you'll get this? Thanks!

My GM told us to have a back-up character ready, fluff wise someone that the group knows and is nearby for easy insertion into the game. I'm running a CG dwarf barbarian 1 / fighter 1 / rogue 3 that's been a hoot - some stereotypical dwarf mixed in with the irreverent chaotic part of the alignment.

So my backup I decided would be a more conservative older brother - either:

Middle Brother
LN level 5 dwarven monk (Hungry Ghost, Monk of the Sacred Mountain archetypes) - Str 16 (18 with belt) Dex 14 Con 17 Int 13 Wis 18 Cha 9. AC 21 (23 when standing still), HP 53, +1 Temple Sword, SQ: Monk stuff, Punishing Kick, Steal Ki, Iron Limb Defense, Bastion Stance, Iron Monk

Eldest Brother
LG level 5 dwarven monk (Zen archer, Qinggong Monk archetypes) - Str 14 Dex 16 Con 17 Int 11 Wis 18 (20 with headband) Cha 11, AC 21, HP 48, +1 (Str+2) Composite Longbow, SQ: Monk stuff, Zen archery, Point Blank Mastery, Perfect Strike, Barkskin, Scorching Ray

What am I missing? Any other monkly options I should try out? I might just play Middle if Youngest dies, and then Eldest if Middle dies too, to get the full range of monk archetypes. :)

We rolled 4d6: 11 13 14 15 15 16

I appreciate any advice & tips. Hopefully Youngest brother won't die anytime soon, but we'll see how deadly the next adventure will be (we lost an Elf Oracle this last time).


I have a wizard with a longsword arcane bond ~ the visual/theme is Morrolan e'Drien (Brust novels) or Elric of Melnibone (Moorcock) ~ and in a few months or so when he hits level 11 instead of Crafting a Staff, I'd really like to have the sword be like a staff.

Any reasons a longsword couldn't be used like a staff? Has anyone done anything like this? I don't need the sword to be a magical weapon really, it'd be nicer to have it be a versatile staff with stored spells.


Lord Zeb wrote:

Hi, does Paizo still buy minis for store-credit? I sent an email a couple of months ago, and followed up recently with no replies to either.


Bump :)

Hi, do you all have a release date for this yet?

Hi all, I ended up with an extra copy of the Ptolus book - brand new, still in shrink-wrap. Please see this link if you are interested.


Is there a street date for the re-release? I placed my order a while ago, but it still shows as pending. Thanks!

Hey guys, I am in a group that only gets to meet like 1/month, and plays SW, Eberron, M&M and others. We are planning on using (some) Pathfinder RPG for the GM's next Eberron campaign buuuuut I would much love to find a weekly or biweekly (would settle for monthly) group more devoted to hard-core Paizo, specifically a Pathfinder adventure path using the Alpha/Beta rules.

Anybody like that in the greater Richmond VA area? :)

Dear Paizonians, I too am missing my Gazetteer from the latest shipment with PF #9...

Hi all, where is the best place to put Diamond Lake and environs in Golarion? Thanks!


How would a Karzoug stat block look using the Alpha rules Wizard class? Do we keep Archmage in there, or just make him a Paizo Wizard 20?

I'd be willing to spend some time working him up, but figured I'd post first to see if anyone has either already done so, or has any ideas.


Specifically order # 877631. I just got the "soon to ship" email that did NOT include the Guide to Korvosa, so I guess I'll have to wait until PF#8.

Hey all, any word on if the rest of Rise of the Runelords will have True20 conversions?