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NobodysHome wrote:

I really do love honesty in all things.

They were talking to a California weather scientist about whether the most recent rains have helped with the drought.

"Yep. We can pretty much conclusively state that the drought is over. All our reservoirs are full, and we're having to open up the dams to let excess water out."

"WHAT?!?!?!?! You can't possibly SAY that!?!?!? What about next year?!?!"

"You know, if you cry 'wolf' every single year forever, people stop listening to you. It's much better to be honest about the situation. This year, it's already safe to say we're not having a drought year. So why not say it? Give people some good news for once. Does this mean the drought is over forever? No. But we shouldn't go warning people about droughts where there aren't any. They'll get jaded."

THANK YOU, Mr. Weather Scientist!

See, this guy gets it! He sounds like he's already here! Probably at the gift shop, which barely has WiFi!

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Have you ever been to Fussiness Land? OMG! We have the worst rides! And our concessions are totally stupid! Not like at Billy's house, who's lame! By the way!