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Sara Marie wrote:
We've sold out of the GM Screen on, so you will need to start the accessories subscripton with the condition cards. The website should hopefully reflect this in the next 24 hours.

Awesome, thanks for the speedy reply. Just to be sure though, since the GM screen is no longer available does this prevent me from receiving the Paizo Advantage/Starfinder Superscribe benefits? Or am I misinterpreting how choosing which product to start with will affect me? Sorry for the paranoia and thanks again for the assistance lol.

David knott 242 wrote:
I think you can still get Paizo Advantage starting next month if you start all four of the required subscriptions with the September or later items -- you just won't get the "Charter" status after a certain point. For the SFS PDFs, you would miss out on the free PDFs for this month but get free copies of everything from September on.

Well that is unfortunate. Thanks for the info though.

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I'm hoping to pick up the four Starfinder subscriptions in order to net the Paizo Advantage and free Starfinder Society sub. However, the accessory sub doesn't seem to be working properly for me.

When I attempt to start with the "available now" items an accessory sub is placed in my cart, but the cost of the item isn't displayed and the total price remains unchanged. Anyone else having this issue? Could it be because the GM Screen is no longer available? From what I understand I can't start with the condition card preorder if I want the Paizo Advantage and Starfinder Superscribe benefits or else I would just go with that.

Thanks in advance.