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Bowen Greenwood - Human (Half elf)/Hunter/Ranger
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Umm Hello there my name is Alex Munizaga, I'm new in the Paizo Community and decided to make a try here doing play by post rolplaying by the invitation of my friend Aldath (Cyne Walde). I played Pathfinder 1e playing but Pathfinder 2e is something very new to me. This is my first Character so i hope is everything all right.


What is your Lore training and why?

I'm rather skilled in Tanning; I learned the job thanks to an old hunter who lived in a cottage far away from my village, he adopted me and taught me how to be a good hunter, tracker and marksman. However, alongside with those disciplines i learned also how to tan the skins of the many beasts that lived in the woods, from little wild hares to bigger beasts like the mighty Brown Bear.

What is your Faction(s) and why?

The Verdant Wheel showed their interest in me thanks to the reccomendation from a friend of mine, a Priest of Erastil who saw in me that i had the potential to be more than just a mere huntsman with no direction or purpose. I accepted to join them, although i'm still not sure about the path i chose, being an adventurer is something new to me.

What do you fear? and what is your hope?

I fear no man or beast, neither death scares me, i learned in my job that or you make the role of the predator, or you make the role of the prey, a little mistake and your life can end in a short sigh, however, the memories of my village being raided and burned by Molthuni bandits and the screams of my dead family and neighbors still haunts me in my dreams, filling my heart with dread. I think i don't have hope for myself...No wait, there is one thing, the moment my mentor found me starving in the woods when i was young. I was injuried, scared and vulnerable, but that old man not only lended me a hand; He fed me, he raised me as his son and taught me how to live from the land until his life met an end at the paws of a black bear, those good times with him and his kindness, gave me the will to continue living and don't give up to despair, i suppose this could be considered the only spark of hope in my life.