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It seems that there are a lot of complaints or new posts about purchased PDFs not being available for download in the users digital content (My downloads) area.

Many people including myself are reporting that the transaction is sitting in a "Pending" status.

Is there word as to what is going on with these transactions or when we will have access to the digital content/PDF?

My bank statement has already reflected the purchase so I am curious when we will get answers as these complaints/new posts seem to be the only ones not getting responses from customer support staff.....

Order 4744476 is my order number for reference

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I thought it would be fun for people to post any starships they have created for home games (either for the PCs or some NPC faction). I looked for an existing posts along these lines but did not find one.

If there already is one, please post a link so that I am able to post over there instead.

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There are a lot of threads about solarians in combat with a lot of differencing opinions, math, and comparisons but one of the things that seems to be really missing from anyone's notice is the weirdness of how their skills and skill related class abilities work.

Am I the only one that has noticed that the solarian has a lot of skills and skill based class abilities but only have a 4+int mod for skill points?

Am I the only one that thinks this makes these class features DOA? or at least really hard to capitalize on?

Has anyone found a way to increase the efficiency of these class features while not ignoring how MAD this class is?

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The operative keeps popping up as being OP and when you look at it, it is hard to argue that it is not.

1)It is the only class that gets 4 attacks eventually and also the only class that gets additional full action attacks with no additional penalty. It is still just -4 to attacks. The Solarian and the Soldier at full BAB characters that each get a third attack as a full action eventually but at a -6, with no 4th attack. Additionally the multi-weapon fighting only applies to operative weapons and small arms. So the operative is the only class that can achieve -3/-3/-3/-3.

2) Tons of skill points and skill bonuses. I get that the operative is a skill monkey but after all of the skill points it already gets 8+int, it gets a free skill point in 2 skills each level because of it's specialization and gets mountains of insight bonuses to skills across the board.

3) The same general bonus that gets applied to all skills is applied to initiative. As a Dex based class, that basically means that the Operative will have the highest initiative by far compared to any other class, with the same level of Initiative being unreachable by other classes in higher level play.

4)Its also the only class that gets evasion and improved evasion as well as abilities that improve fort and will saves, making it the only class to have class abilities giving it a bonus/benefit to each of the three saves.

5)It basically uses magic, many of its abilities are on par with some of the most useful and best utility spells in the game.

I get that the operative is supposed to be a bad mother, ninja, monk, rogue, inquisitor, ranger type but it is over tuned in nearly everyway outside of not having full BAB(not that it matters with all of the other buffs). The soldier might be able to deal more damage in a round over all but the operative is a close second and is at the very top of the skill game (unlike the solarian who has all these abilities giving access to skills but no real bonuses and has a pathetic amount of skill points available so it can't even take advantage of all the free skill access it has. While already being the most MAD class in the system).

I'm not normally in favor of nerfing things but I seriously think the operative needs a date with the nerf bat. (I also think the Solarian needs 8+Int for skill points. You don't write a truck load about learning/unlocking/studying the secrets of the universe and then kick the class in the balls with a negligible amount of skill points)

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Kylar Stern from the Night Angel Triolgy is a "wetboy". A magically enhanced assassin and killer. I'm thinking with the new slayer class being out I have a good foundation for him to work but I know I'm gonna need to multi-class.

What I need help with is figuring out is build ideas for this character by the time...hmmm they reach lvl 10

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Does anyone know if there are plans for additional Mythic support? With them releasing the ACG soon and the relative ease at which many people completed Wrath of the Righteous...I was just wondering.

Maybe release an Advanced Mythic Guide or Complete Mythic or a straight Mythic Bestiary?

Yes I am aware that there is a 3rd party doing additional Mythic stuff which is cool but the circles I play in (even outside of PFS) only allow Paizo sources of materials in our Pathfinder games.

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This was brought about by a discussion at my local PFS last Sunday....

I think there is a need for an Advanced Beastiary. A book which has more epic and much more difficult stat blocks for some of the "big bad guys" or even mid level challenges. In general there are builders and min/maxers, and while I do not consider myself to be one I know a great many of them. Many of the GMs rework and rebuild creatures to be more challenging for their party, while many of the players wish for something more challenging.

I realize that this doesn't fit everyone's idea of what is fun but there are a large number of players who are solid "make my character an engine of unstoppable destruction". I think that amping up some of the creatures (especially demon lords, archdevils, empyreal lords, great old ones, and actually outsiders in general) may be a fun option for a lot of these types of players.

On the flip I think that your average player finds higher level play a bit of a letdown and somewhat of a cake walk. I think that presenting more advanced monsters for people to throw into the mix here and there could be a really fun challenge for a great many people.

Also I would love for there to be a release that is a compilation of all of the monsters that have been listed at the end of AP books.

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Forgive me for sounding stupid but I keep seeing references for E6 and E8....I have zero clue...what are they?

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I've noticed a lot of people complaining about "power creep" and short combats (1-4 rounds) and the new classes being unnecessary.

Is it possible that people are just running things wrong?

First, I'll address power creep. I think wanting to be able to maximize, optimize, and build an engine of destruction is natural for a lot of people. I'm not sure why people are complaining about this to be honest. More options equal more ways to "break" the game BUT it also means more ways to RP and embrace the game. I don't think you can have a game that doesn't offer the ability to "Power game" that deals with combat on any regular basis.

Is it possible that some people are just terrible at building characters and hide behind statements like "it is a concept character/theme character" or " I wanted a character that was fun and not broken"?

I mean I've seen Bards and Sorcerer's who can literally avoid 50% or more of the combat in a scenario through convincing talk and a decent enough roll to back it up (yes the people I play with actually make you role play behind many of your rolls) but can dish out the butt whooping if need be.

Second, Short combats....
well I don't reckon that every combat should be 10+ rounds and tax your resources to a great extent but combats that go around 5-10 rounds probably aren't as rare as most people consider. I think perception vs stealth is forgotten a lot but probably not as much as GMs tending to forget that just because the party isn't stealthing that they don't have to roll a perception check for the bad guys in the next room.

A lot of enemies could easily TPK a party if it was prepared for them ahead of time. I think if you are dropping fireballs and lightning spells in one room that everything on the same level of a dungeon is probably now aware of you. It isn't like you are going to be walking into a room catching them unprepared for your arrival.

Also a matter of running a combat effectively.

I have faced incorporeal creatures that stand in the middle of a room and fight...even though they are "intelligent" undead...

I have faced NPCs who never use their summon spells or potions or magical items, who were standing in the middle of the room when we arrived even though we crushed four rooms of unsuspecting bad guys in a row all leading to his location.

on the flip side I have faced rogues who strike from the shadows with poison and flank and sneak attack while their wizard buddy entangles half of the party and snipers pick off the parties spell casters.

I have faced creatures that unhallowed an area seconds before the party arrives, drinks potions that make them harder to hit, turn invisible, and line up a good mass confusion spell before they summon nasties to smash people apart.

I think the real problem is a lot of people not taking the time to understand how things work and in extension how they work together. Tactics are left at the door. People complain if combat is too hard but complain just as much if it is too easy. People forget that a potion or wand can change the dynamic of combat and never stock up on their "unexpected circumstance toolkit". And finally, people want to be a jack of all trades with every character they have but also want to be a specialist so they feel that something is inherently wrong with the system when they can't be both.

As far as additional classes go...well I'm not really going to address that, people want different things and unfortunately a lot of people are "fantasy purest" aka "only like tolkien-esque high fantasy" and they are never going to be happy if the newest thing doesn't do exactly that. However, some of us love different options and non-traditional stuff. So it’s all tomato tohmahtoe type stuff in essence.


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I've always been curious as to why halfbreed races weren't a given in nearly every RPG I have ever played. Half-elves and half- orcs are common place, Dark Sun campaign setting has Muls (half-dwarves) but in general they are largely absent. Even the halfbreeds that do exist are half human. I'm curious as to why there aren't other options? What are other people's thoughts? Does anyone else think it would be cool to play a half dwarf half halfling/gnome? Or half-elf half-Orc? Or the result of a half-elf and helf-Orc pairing? Anyone else wish paizo would release a sourcebook or even make some pathfinder society legal?