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I thought it would be fun for people to post any starships they have created for home games (either for the PCs or some NPC faction). I looked for an existing posts along these lines but did not find one.

If there already is one, please post a link so that I am able to post over there instead.

Silver Crusade

I'll star things off with one of my own

Valkyrie Class Troop Dropship

Valkyrie Class Troop Dropships are designed for one thing and one thing only; When a ground assault must occur regardless of starship support, air support, or ground support (including any ground based anti-spacecraft weapons), the Valkyrie can get the job done. Being cost prohibitive for most established militaries, the Valkyrie is normally reserved for special forces teams or command personnel and almost always flown within the midst of cheaper and more common troop carrying shuttlecraft. Fast and well defended both in armor and in electronic counter measures, the real strength of the Valkyrie shines through in its somewhat controversial heavy shields. Able to weather a direct hit from all but the fiercest heavy naval weapons, the Valkyrie can weather even the most vicious enemy assaults long enough to deliver its package. The cost of such heavy shields and the power core required to power it, along with its other systems is seen by a waste by many military and political leaders, especially considering that the Valkyrie has no functional Drift/FTL drive and is dependent on larger ships for travel between interstellar destinations. However, time and time again a Valkyrie has proven to be the difference between a successful deployment of essential personnel and operational disaster.

Tier 7 (179/180BP)
Small light freighter
Speed 12; Maneuverability Good (turn 1); AC 19 (26 with pilot ranks); TL 19 (26 with pilot ranks)
HP 50; DT —; CT 10
Shields Heavy 360 (forward 90, port 90, starboard 90, aft 90)
Attack (Forward) Light Particle Beam (3d6, Medium); Chain Cannon (6d4, Short, Ripper)
Attack (Port) Flak Thrower (3d4, Short, Point+8)
Attack (Starboard) Flak Thrower (3d4, Short, Point+8)
Attack (Aft) Flak Thrower (3d4, Short, Point+8)
Power Core Pulse Orange (250 PCU); mk 1 trinode computer, Budget Medium-range sensors, mk 8 armor, mk 9 defenses, added aft light weapons mount, security device (antipersonnel -heavy): Corona Artillery Laser (2d8F, 120ft, Crit 1d6 Burn, 40 Charges, 4 usage, Penetrating lvl 6); Expansion Bays[/b] cargo holds (3)
Modifiers +1 on any 3 checks per round; Complement 4

Pilot Piloting +17 (7 ranks)
Engineer/ Science Officer Engineering +12 (4 ranks), Computers +12 (4 ranks)
Gunners (2) gunnery +14

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