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"The ape is under heavy guard just south of the camp. Malgri has not decided what to do with him yet, so for now she is keeping him chained. We have healed him some, but with his injuries he is in no shape to escape."

Lo'guru raises his eyebrows at Rheed. "Yes- Bersathon was the elf who commanded the powers of the Nishati'moto. But, he was killed by the very spirits who gave him strength, a very long time ago."

When Chacall draws his attention aside, Lo'guru nods slowly. "Yes... it is time that you go into the world and walk your own path. May that path never be obscured." He smiles and grasps the younger elf's hand lightly with his own aged fingers. "You know that you may always return to me if you need guidance."

Lo'guru says, "I do not know where the halfling and his friends are now, but I can tell you where they likely acquired the stone. They must have gone to the ruined temple called Chak'ro. It is merely two days' travel to the northeast. It was thought that Chak'ro had been emptied of its treasures long ago... but I knew that somewhere within the temple, the Nishati'moto was hidden, and hidden well. I hoped that none would ever discover it, so I did not speak of it. Had I known where Sharrowsmith and Thornleaf were going, I might have diverted them, but perhaps they already knew the danger, and knew what they sought." The elf slowly shakes his head. "I do not wish that you go to Chak'ro, for it is a cursed place, but perhaps you will find some clue there as to where they have gone. The apes said that a halfling "stole" the red stone from them... perhaps the halfling and the dwarf parted ways?"


After Lo'guru has finished giving aid to the wounded, he turns to Chacall. "You have completed the preparations, I see... thank you, Chacall."

He looks around at those who have gathered at his "tent," and says, "I fear that there is more happening here than we suspect: The Beast King would not reach so far unless he had discovered something truly valuable, and anything valuable to the Beast King will cause danger for us. I must look into the fires and see what the spirits can tell me. Please give me some time..."

Chacall knows it will take Lo'guru about ten minutes to complete the ritual.

1d100 ⇒ 77

Lo'guru sits amongst the drifting smoke from his incense and the low-burning fire before him. Slowly the flames die down and turn to embers, which seem to glow more brightly than usual. Lo'guru begins muttering in some strange language, and the embers begin to spark and sputter. After a few moments, Lo'guru opens his eyes widely and the embers cease to glow, becoming no more than coals.

The aged elf signals for Malgri and Chacall to come hear what he has to say, and speaks to all of those gathered: "I have spoken with the spirits and asked them of the stone which the Beast King covets. It is as I feared: he seeks the Nishati'moto, the Strong Fire. It is an ancient and powerful stone, once used by the elven kings of this land. There are many legends which speak of its might. The Beast King does not yet have the stone, though. For this, we must be grateful."

Rheed wrote:
will you need a CMB check for Garboko's bonds?

Nope: I'm pretty sure you automatically get a "20" on your roll when your opponent is unconscious or pinned.

The guards all help Rheed to tie up Garboko, securing the knots as well as they can. One guard is left to watch over Garboko and warn the others if he awakens, which seems unlikely to happen soon, given the injuries that the ape sustained.

Some of the other camp followers were slightly injured, and Lo'guru treats them as Chacall helps make preparations for his "sight-fire." He is unable to use magic to heal everyone, but he bandages their wounds and tells them to return to him the next day to receive his magical healing. The followers of the camp all seem to respect Lo'guru a great deal, even going so far as to hang small gifts and trinkets from his awning and tent-poles after receiving his healing.

Lo'guru nods at Mo'butu respectfully. "Healing the wounds you took to liberate us is but the smallest favor I can give to repay you. Thank you."

Cure light wounds for Mo'butu: 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

The healer also cures Ceer's wounds: 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

And Rheed's wounds: 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

The aged elf ponders for a minute before answering Ku'ada: "I do not recall meeting a Tameka Hite, though the name sounds familiar. The dwarf and halfling you speak of are known to me. They came through here not three weeks ago. The dwarf boasted loudly of the riches they would carry upon their return, though the halfling was more reserved. It appears that they have angered the Beast King, though that in itself is no difficult feat. Still, they must have done something truly terrible for him to have sent his apes so far south. The apes say they are looking for a red rock of some kind. Perhaps it is merely a valuable gem... or perhaps it is something more..." The elf pauses and looks at his apprentice. "Yes, Chacall... bring my incense, and please help me to light a sight-fire..."

"Welcome, Bright One," says Lo'guru, who is seated cross-legged under an awning propped against the inside of the west wall of the camp. The ground beneath the awning is covered in carpets and furs of all kinds, and many strange trinkets hang from the awning and the poles propping it up. Lo'guru is covered in many scars from battle, and one of his ears has mostly been torn away by some savage beast. He is bald, and he stares at Ku'ada with deep, piercing eyes. "You have honored us. Sit here with me and I will tend to your wound." Lo'guru closes his eyes and moves his hands over Ku'ada's wound. A great warmth spreads from Lo'guru's hands as the healer invokes his magic, and the wound is fully healed. "Tell me, Bright One, what path do you and your friends walk?"