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Chris Lambertz wrote:
And we should be good to go now! Our awesome Sys Admin kicked it into shape :)

Thanks Chris, yup, all good now!


I purchased "Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Adventure 1-6: The Last Crusade PDF" this morning and payment has gone through fine and it's in My Downloads, but when I click on the Download link for "Adventure 1-6: The Last Crusade", nothing happens, it doesn't redirect me to the 'Waiting for download 5 second timer or anything'. All other downloads in my downloads section work fine.

Can you take a look please?


OK, thanks Sharaya!

Hi folks,

I've just looked at my subscription and I am missing Deck 3 - it was there last week and was showing as next order, alongside the Ekkie Character Mat. Today, The Ekkie Character mat shows as 'Not Shipped' and Deck 3 has vanished completely. The order history shows 'Last Order' as Deck 2 and 'Next Order' as Deck 4. Can you see what's happened please? Am I going to get an overcharge on postage now?

Chris - Just a heads up, unless you search explicitly for this product with some keywords, you won't find it under the PACG Shackles products - guessing some meta-data is missing somewhere.