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Vakkler Relkav wrote:

Ah... Kurtlemak! Now we're going 'old school'!

Krays - if you are in the battle or in the room, you are exposed. My assumption is, if you are in sight of the beast, slime went your way. Your shadows are totally fine since this is a physical slime. Aanandareavekki said she was hovering in the doorway so I'll leave the judgment about whether she was blasted or not to her player. :)

A shapeshifter with bones? :) I think if Spin has bones, he's making them look badly broken to get a little personal attention from Ephebe... just sayin'.

The washpail wheels in a circle and then trundles back into the lounge, heading toward the small kitchen, followed closely by Mr. Sinh. It stops in the middle of the room.

It is a strange scene in the faculty lounge - an agitated slurk being followed diligently by a squeaky washpail that circles it trying to vaguely defend or help it...

Back in the Faculty Lounge...

Due to the size of the school, finding the various parties is time-consuming. The goo ball has more than enough time to finish off every pastry on the table. It rolls towards the cringing salad bar where, due to its rapidly growing size, it knocks over a salt mill, scattering sea salt everywhere. Salt - not a trusted ally of goo balls - causes it to react violently. It bounces off walls, lashing its pseudo-pods and seeking escape from this sodium rich torture chamber. Taking on a more serpentine shape, it propels itself into the small kitchen and into a wet and secure hidey-hole - the floor drain. Jackpot! It discovers all sorts of organic edibles and begins to eat its way along the labyrinthine sewer system growing larger with each 'mouthful'...

5 gold on the Janitor... the only concern will be possible detonations once we turn to the Potion Miscibility Chart. ;)

Rather quickly, with a minimum of shrieking from the kitchen staff, a couple of half-cooked chickens float/bounce down the aisle between the tables...

Ohhhhh... a wed, wed, wose... how wovely...

In the love-fest that follows the Slurk's liberation, the persistent Lil' Sinh grabs its towel and high-tails it back to the Janitor who stands watching the whole scene with a slurk.. er... smirk. :p

Lil' Sinh, seeing a chance to reclaim its towel, tries valiantly to tug it free of the nearly bound Slurk. Unfortunately the weight of the pseudo-mummified Slurk and its desperate struggle to free itself prevent the unseen servant from doing much more than pull it by inches.

A tug-of-war for control of the floral scented towel develops. Sadly, for the unseen servant, the Slurk's strength is greater and the towel slips away from it.

KC - the admiration is mutual. :)

A pleasantly scented towel buffs its way into the cafeteria, industriously cleaning up a slime trail leading it to the Slurk polishing off a set of turkey legs. Without stopping, the towel flies onto the Slurk and begins fluffing and buffing it vigorously...