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Was doing some theory crafting today when I noticed something very interesting - Path of Iron, the Martial Artist level 14 capstone, does not actually require you to make unarmed attacks...

PATH OF IRON [three-actions] FEAT 14
Prerequisites Martial Artist Dedication Frequency once per minute
With a burst of effort, you weave a path through your enemies, striking each in turn as you move past them. You Stride; this movement doesn’t trigger reactions. You can Strike up to three times at any point during your movement, each against a different enemy. Each attack counts toward your multiple attack penalty, but your multiple attack penalty doesn’t increase until you have made all your attacks.

So basically for three actions you can interweave strides and strikes while your strides avoid reactions and you don’t take MAP on your attacks as part of this action. The downside is you have to strike different targets. But is that enough? There’s no unarmed attack requirement, you could Path of Iron with a Maul or a reach weapon - so long as you’re spreading the love you can get effectively six actions, avoid AoOs and MAP. The other downside is the once a minute limit, so it’s essentially a once per combat trick ... but for comparison, if this was a focus spell I would definitely take it

For a level 14 feat! And it has only one prerequisite - the dedication, which by itself isn’t useless for any fighter (always nice to have a lethal unarmed option as a fall back).

What do you think - two feats including your dedication for Path of Iron worth it? Am I going to see every high level fighter take this as meta?

Question: Does persistent damage inflicted by an enemy trigger your Champion reaction?

Example situation: enemy caster within 15 feet hits ally within 15 feet with acid arrow (assume said enemy doesn’t move). Do I get Champ reaction on spell? Then, I go and get reaction back and I do my thing but keep enemy and ally within 15 feet. Then ally goes, stays in reaction range, and at end of his turn takes persistent acid damage. Does my Champion reaction trigger again?

It states on pg 214, parenthetically, that the maximum item bonus to AC for an Animal Companion is +2. But Heavy Barding, pg 295, has a +3 item bonus... Am I missing something?

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I’m happy wands changed because I agree the 3.5/P1 wands were terrible fantasy, but I feel like with the new system we got the shaft (get it? Lel)

Am I reading this right: wands are basically 1 a day scrolls that only burn up, maybe, if you try to use them twice? That seems so ... lame.

I feel like there is a huge missed opportunity to mesh wand use with the Focus system, like whatever the wand spell is, if you use the wand, it’s considered a focus spell activated by focus. Plus the free use as is, and the overcharge. If that’s not a feat somewhere then it probably should be!

I feel like going from tapping people dozens of time to heal with a cute light wand is bad fantasy, but so is the idea that a wand can only work once maybe twice a day. I’m going to have PCs with bandoliers of utility wands smh

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Our entire group has been enjoying Shattered Star, particularly Kaer Maga. Just based on the rumors the Pathfinders knew the Asylum Stone was going to be something unlike anything they had ever seen. From the moment they surfaced after their jaunt through the Halflight Path they absorbed the sights. They were hesitant to pay for a guide at first, but after Gav gave them the speech about how they may be new to they city but they're nothing new to Kaer Maga they were willing to shell coin for the street urchin/philosopher-king's services.

They took in all the sights (most direct from City of Stranger "Seen on a Street Corner") - watching orc slavers haggle, gnome children in kites, the brothel with its very odd, clearly undead, patrons (the priestess of Pharasma was quite taken aback that this was allowed to be), a knife-fight all but ignored in the otherwise beautifully adorned streets of Oriat, etc.

But the one that put them over the edge... The half-orc, himself an orphan, heard while passing through the Warrens of Mother Millie's orphanage. They didn't stop at first, it wasn't until they split up to visit their own places of interest that he returned to the Warrens. He was intrigued by a half-orc matron looking over the cities lost children. After surveying her workhouse, he wasn't as put-off by the "less-than-stellar" conditions - but was actually moved to contribute. After donating 50g to Millie herself, she palmed him a small dog-like figurine with three-eyes in thanks.

Proud of his act of kindness (and with zero ranks in knowledge religion) he returned to the group. As they bantered in the Sorry Excuse about what they saw, he showed off the trinket Mother had passed to him after making his donation. The cleric and the paladin went immediately pale-face.

The only orphanage in sight - indeed, the only place where the group had seen anyone caring for anyone else... And she's a damnable priestess of Lamashtu!

That was the straw that broke the resolve of the Pathfinders - that's when they knew this place was truly an Asylum!

Simple question: players want to investigate the pillars of the Irespan in Magnimar. I -think- this is part of Shattered Star adventure path but I am not sure. Are there any premade Pillar dungeons in scenarios and/or published adventures to date?

Btw, this is for a game we as a gaming group have well established as a module-based "campaign" so that's why I am asking for published material. I'm looking for something I can pick up, read, slightly adjust and run with. Thanks!

Starting a new Pathfinder game and one player wishes to be a Cleric of Pharasma. Within the scope of the lore, help us come up with good reasons why a Cleric of Pharasma would leave the clergy to become a Pathfinder? Could she have received a vision? A calling? Does the clergy feel it appropriate to commit clerics to the pathfinders as a reciprocal service?

Ah, the ole Wand of CLW. This has been a party staple for years, but it's gotten way beyond old for my tastes. Do you think it is unfair and overpowered? I'm thinking of starting a new campaign and I am really debating limiting this item. The problem is it is so well established (and PFS legal) and I don't want to play a low magic game. My proposed home rule is just to say all wands are minimum CL 5 (the base CL for getting craft wands). That will at a minimum keep things interesting through the first few levels, and should somewhat stymie the normally outrageous healing per gp that this wand provides.

How would you react to this rule?

I'm looking to run a Pathfinder campaign specific to the region of Varisia, at least at the onset, and was wondering if I could get suggestions on good pathfinder scenarios specific to that region.

Any ideas? Starting from level 1 to 12 at most. PC's will be Pathfinders, but the campaign will not be PFS specific

Hey guys, looking for some critique/assist on a build I am conceptualizing. It's a gladiator-themed Oracle. Here's the rough sketch through 8th level:

Multitalented (oracle/fighter)
Trade adaptability to get the race feature that grants exotic weapon proficiency instead of skill focus

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Flying Sword
1st: Combat Reflexes
3rd: Dazzling Display
5th: Mobility
7th: Combat Patrol

First 8 levels in Oracle to get 3 revelations, +6 bab, 4th level spells. Battle mystery seems to be the go-to for weapon master (1st), war sight (3rd), combat healer (6th). And definitely going withering affliction just to be as grotesque as possible >:)

Current stat array (20 point buy)
15 Str (+1 at 4th)
14 Dex
12 Con
8 Wis
8 Int
18 Cha

For skills, i want him to focus 1 point/level on Intimidate, and then dabble in others (heal, ride, out of class perform for flavor, etc). Don't need knowledges/spellcraft as we have a bard and an arcane caster, so i am ok with being arcana ignorant.

Where to go from here? Is it worth dipping into fighter? What spells would be awesome to know for the build? My next idea on feat is Lunge, but is there a better option?

I like the idea of using AoO's for attacks which preserves action economy for debuffs and spells. I like demoralizes -2 saves as well - I would love some dazzling display, hold person, coup de grace action :)