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Full Name

Liam "Carniv" Patrick Dougal O'Hanlon McGregor




Medic, Wounds: 13/13 Fate: 1/3 WS:26; BS:32; S:32; T:40; Agi:30; Int:49; Per:36; WP:38; Fel:34







About Liam McGregor

Why would someone hate Liam?
Most wouldn't, since he is competent, not particularly prone to bragging, and usually respectful even when pointing out something you get wrong.
But the fact is, his constant expression of boredom, born from simply being very good at what he does, and never truly finding a challenge can be a bit grating.
He starts out as an orphan, and then he learns to read, a skill useful enough to get him "adopted" by a gang needing someone to take care of their papers.

He is a low ranking grunt in a gang, but he reads enough that he slowly learns to cook cheap drugs and so he gets promoted.

He gets caught making drugs, but instead of throwing into jail he is reassigned to do it for the administratum, healing drugs mostly.

Then he becomes an apprentice surgeon, only to be reassigned to the PDF.
And there he is skilled enough to get moved to the guards.

And nothing is anything but boring...


WS: 26
BS: 32
WP: 38
Int: 49
Tgh: 40
Per: 36
ST: 32
AG: 30
Fel: 34
Wounds: 9/13
Fate: 1/3
Insanity: 1
Corruption: 0
Movement: Half 3, Full 6, Charge 9, Run 12

Medals, Commedations and Citation:

Hero of Junathan III: silver medal cross surrounded by golden leaves


Trained Skills:
(T) Athletic
(T) Awareness
(T) Common Lore: War
(T) Common Lore: Imperial Guard
(T) Dodge
(T) Linguistics (Low Gothic)
(T) Medicae +10
(T) Operate (surface) +10
(T) Scholastic Lore: Beats
(T) Scholastic Lore: Chymistry
(T) Scrutiny +10
(T) Trade: Chymist
(T) Trade: Armorer


Lasgun Volley
Master Chirurgeon
Rapid Reload
Swift Suture
Weapon Training: Las, Low tech


One with the land: (+10 Knowledge/Trade/Survival to interactions/identify potentially domesticated beasts & to harvest, cultivate, identify crops)
Naive: ( -10 on opposed Scrutiny tests vs deceive,
first time to gain insanity, gain double the number)

History and Background::

Weapons, Gear, Armor, Ammmo::

_____________Ranged Weapons______________

M36 Lasgun Basic, Las, Range 100m, Rof: S/3/-, Dam: 1d10+3, Pen:0, Reliable, Rld: Full, Clip: 60/60

_____________Melee Weapons_____________


Frag Grenade x2, Range 9m, Dam 2d10, Blast (4)
Krak Grenade x2, Range 9m, Dam 2d10 + 4, Pen 6, Concussive (0)


Guardsmans Flak armor 4 ap, All, Weight 11


1 Uniform + poor-weather gear
Basic tool set
Mess kit + water canteen
Blanket + sleeping bag
Rechargeable lamp pack
Grooming kit
ID tags
Training handbook
2 weeks’ ration packs

Preysense Goggles
Laspistol sidearm + 2 charge packs

_____________Special Ammo_____________

4 Charge Packs
0 Depleted charge pack

XP Expenditure:

Aptitudes: Agility, Ballistic Skill, FieldCraft, Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Willpower


Awareness 100 xp
Dodge 200 Xp
Scrutiny 100 xp
Medic +10 200 xp
Intelligence simple 100 xp
Perception Simple 100 xp
Swift suture 300 xp
Master Chirurgeon 400 xp
Trade Armorer 100 xp
Scrutiny +10 Bonus

Xp/Spent: 1600/3300


Name: Roberto Mackendish
Demeanour: Slacker
If there is something that needs to be done, Roberto can be relied not be there that is.
Nothing excites Roberto as much as a chance to goof off, have a drink, a nap or a woman in his lap.However, he is not really willing to work hard enough to deserve the second two.