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The warp, the gateway to the stars, and a realm of untold terrors and horror.
Coursing through the immaterial waves is an imperial ship, The Rising Sun, on course for the Carsis sector of known space.
At the bridge, everything is quiet currently, the crewmember in charge at the moment might as well be a faceless entity.
His current level of power is as unwelcome as the rash on his neck, but thankfully, neither is likely to troulbe him much further.
Leaning back against one of the cogitators, he takes a sip from his mug of lukewarm recaff and sighs.
I could be in bed by now, but noooo, someone had to be in charge, and it just HAD to be me...

Suddenly, he is roused from his irritated musings by a call from the forward consol.
"Sir, we've arrived at our destination!"
That was unexpected, looking at the chrono on the wall, it seemed like they were almost a month ahead of schedule, which while not a bad ting, might not mean much
back in real space, since the warp can play tricks on you.
Either way, things were about to get a bit more exciting around here.
"Well then, prepare for transition! Sound the alarm! And send out a call to the Lord-Captain and the senior officers!"
Moments later, lights began to flash, and the horn let out a low, long wail, signaling everyone to get into position.

And a Somewhat redundant Discussion Thread.

Downtown Seattle...
You’ve heard it all before, the attempts at creating some kind of slogan for the area.
Pointing out that it’s just near Council Island, that there are some high end living locals, the number of eateries and such.
But then someone will point out that you also have a sprawling slum, a large population of SINless, and that crime is a constant problem.
“Downtown, it’s not Bellevue but at least it’s not as shit as Redmond”.
The best you can say perhaps is that it’s the perfect area of upward mobility, with the usual qualifiers of course.
But here is where you are, and for now, here is where you stay.

If you can make it out of Downtown, or even just to the better areas? Hey, that’s up to you.
How far are you willing to go, how much are you willing to risk?
Do you have anything to gamble with besides your life?
Downtown has it all, even things you might not want it to have.
In some ways, for a Runner, this could be said to be close to paradise, or at the very least, an ideal working situation.
And here you are, and for now, here is where you stay.

For runners, there is stiff competition, seattle is or was the home of some legendary prime runners.
Fastjack, Calvin “The Vampire Hunter”, Bad Wolf, Red and Rude, Alicia Connors and Man of Many Names.
While the stiff competition means it can be hard to break into the market and get some good gigs, it also means that if you do, then people will take notice and be more willing to hire you.
And consider Seattles unique status, and the presence of ALL the Tripple A corporations, not to mention many home grown Double A’s, there are plenty of Mr Johnson to go around.
So ask yourself, why are you here, and why do you stay?

In the Serpent's Skull players guide there is a line that has caused a friend of mine some confusion, it goes like this.

"Also, a paladin’s mount can
often prove troublesome in the claustrophobic jungle
tangles and shadowy ruins common to the upcoming
adventures—making the ability to summon and dismiss
such a companion at will most beneficial."

Basically, as he is currently playing a Paladin in my game he wants to know if there is a way to do what it says, dismiss his mount at will.
Does anybody know what that line references?

I think the title says it all, I've never tried it before but I am very keen to try, especially since I'm not in any active groups here in RL at the moment.
I would like to join in any group playing one of the AP's except Legacy of fire since it was that group we just finished.