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Kral, my bec-de-corbin wielding Dwarven Barbarian had a few funny moments (before Nualia the b**** killed the entire party)

Swallowtail Festival: We had some games going and he did a weightlifting challenge (of course without raging), rolled something between 17 and 20 and was honored with the title "The mighty". As he and the party were cheering about that, someone noted: "Well at least until the next challenge in fall". So he was now the famous

"Kral the Mighty until fall"

Boar Hunt:
Hunting Boar with Aldern was a mess! Nobody hit the boar and it took one char to negative hitpoints and also nearly downed Kral. Kral himself was constantly missing. When his third or fourth swing did nothing but trenching the forest soil, the party awarded him with his second title:

"Kral the raging Farmer"

There were some more, but I don't remember, since it was more than a year ago.

Well it's more sad than funny, but after Kral died, I started Thorgrosch a 4th level "Mystic Theurge". Being only 4th level he was a Cleric 3 / Empyrial Sorcerer 1. He was LG to the eyballs and achieving exactly nothing in combats, but I loved to play him. After finishing Book 2 he was now CLE 3 / SOR 4 / MT 0 - a seventh level PC with 2nd level spells - YAY! And this was the point where I had to move 250 miles because of a new job and leave the party. 4 levels of painful uselessness without ever reaching one level of my prestige class...

Now I'm GMing a group of 6 players, actually playing Jacobs Tower (3PP and great) and looking forward to start RotRL in 2 or 3 month.

(Please excuse my language - no native speaker!)

5 days left and already more than 1 million USD.
It's just impressive!
I just bought them even though I already have them in my native language (German). I would have loved to get another Beginners Box, but up to 65$ for shipping didn't work for me ;-)

Greetings from Germany