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Full Name

Zacarias Roiat


Human | Varisian


Wizard (Diviner; Foresight)| HP: 6 | AC: 11 (Tch: 11, FF: 10) | Perc: +6 | Init: +2 | CMB +0, CMD 11 | F: +0, R +1, W +3 | Spd 30 | Spells: 0: 3 1st: 2(1) | Prescience 9x/day | Forewarned |


| Male





Special Abilities

Alt Rac: Focused Study | Traits: Friend of the Family/Harrow Chosen | Feats: Scribe Scroll; Skill Focus (Bluff); Additional Traits (Fast Talker; Arcane Temper)








Common, Varisian, Sylven, Goblin, Tien, Thassilonian.



Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 13
Charisma 14

About Letomo

Zacarias Roiat is a member of a traveling caravan of Varisian Entertainers. His family has traveled most of his life, with stops in Sandpoint at least once a month. He was being trained to follow her Grandmother's footsteps as a Fortuneteller. However, about two and a half years ago, she passed on, leaving him her Harrow Deck. This loss seemed to cause him to grow a bit unstable, and manifest at temper he had not really shown before.

Eventually, his parents gave him into the keeping of Niska Mvashti, hoping the man could help their second born son. Thankfully, before his own passing, he was not only able to help the boy get ahold of his temper, but also gain a small measure of wisdom.

While perhaps not the smartest person in the town, he is among the top few. He is also both charismatic, and trained in how to use that to his benefit.

For the last few months, while waiting for his family's caravan to return, he has returned to the first training he had, and is continueing his studies in carpentry. It is a skill that is very useful in Varisian Caravans, and he knows, all in the caravan must assist.

Player experience:

I have done RPing since I was very young, off and on, with my Aunt being my first GM, for D&D 1.0. Then, in High School, some playing with 2.0 and 2.5, before moving away from that group.

I have played PbP games for over 10 years, though only a few times with Pathfinder. I started with Legend of the Five Rings; then moved to GMing a few 1-3 month sessions. Now, I'm here for Pathfinder.

I tend to find angles to play on, not necessarily the obvious ones, but something to make the character different, and their own person. Sometimes one line, trait, feat, or skill pops to the fore, sometimes an area (when playing in a geographically limited game). Can't wait to see how Zacarias grows!

Examples of posting: I was Kakita Taromitsu here. here I was Agasha Toshi. Here I was the GM, Booksnake.