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The Gnomish Sisters!

As the person playing the Dhampir Paladin, I can say I'm getting kind of into the idea. I think our group's going to be the Whip Fighter that tosses knives, axes, holy water, etc; Myself as the Undead Scourge paladin; Our Celestial Bloodline Sorcerer; Rogue/assassin sort of guy; and an Oracle of some sort. We're all getting into it. No Ghostbusters, though. Sorry. ;)

I would like to assure everyone that we bug him to post on this board every time we see him.

Liath Samathran wrote:

Day 34 - Afternoon

...I am already weary of having to shout everything.

Oh, I had almost forgotten about this. Yes, I bet you guys were tired of shouting. I, however, had a spell to handle that kind of thing for me. Keeps my voice pristine in case I have to sing. Not that I -do-. I leave that for Vik and his fae friends.

Also, you seem to be a bit behind, Liath!

So Jarvik, what IS an aktopis anyway?

Talbane wrote:
Light Dragon wrote:
Talbane wrote:

Yeah, also the three spider attacks he mentioned was the Spider Hold. But stupid Jarvik with-held all the information about the letter, and all the nice back ground work to follow up on. So now they think he just has a good treasure sense.

Oh that's great, the spiders guarding the treasure sounded familiar, but I couldn't be sure. Don't worry about not following up on things-my party has not even managed to find the initial clue. [Still Re: Jarvik- what an evil-hearted character ;)]

Good luck with your adventures-- is Liath caught up with the game in writing up the adventures or is Liath a little behind?

He has almost caught up to where last we left off. We only play once a week for around 5 hours if we are lucky. So we progress somewhat slowly. Also, we will be missing a week of gaming pretty soon, so good ole Liath won't have anything to write about for two weeks pretty soon.

I play a character in a game he runs, I really wished I had started something like this for my character in that campaign. But I can't remeber all the stuff we've done. So if I started now it would be a bit.. I don't know. Maybe I'll do it anyway.

No joke, our game that he DM's is fantastic. I'd love to write up something about Jack, Bogs, Voh, Sars, and all

I'm not getting close enough to it to get a wiff, thanks.

We should play a fun game. For all those not in the game, What's in the cauldron? Feel free to ask questions, but I won't be telling you outright.

On the next page, in a different handwriting with more of a flourish to it.

I write this as our dear friend, Liath, was attacked while on watch. While the group was sleeping, he and Viktor were on watch shift. One of the dangers, you see, is the wildlife. A particularly angry, dog-like creature crept from the forest and attacked (Or so I'm told. Much to my shame, I was soundly sleeping and didn't rouse until the damage was done). Liath was struck down, not by sword and deed, but by a simple wild beast looking for easy prey. It found a bit more than it could take, as we felled it, but Liath had dropped into unconciousness. Poor guy, I felt terrible that it happened while I slept, but it cannot be helped as what's done is done.

We got Liath reclined as he'd dropped into a deep slumber, waking only occasionally. It was just before dawn when the foul deed happened, and I ordered a camp break at first light. We've created a litter for him and have started down the path back to the Trading Post to get him some medical attention. We've hours left to finish exploring this particular area, but it would be cruel to let our friend suffer. We'll have to return later to map out the area.

-Leopold Renault Orlavsky

Theodore Mist wrote:

Thank you for trying to spare my pride, Liath. But the truth is I fell to one of her wretched henchmen.

He struck me from behind while I was fully concentrated on fending off her attacks. During my training, I learned much about the cowardly tactics of bandits, and should have done a better job at watching my back.

Cowardly, but effective, Theo. Remember that part of it, not all of our enemies will attack us head on, one at a time. I guess what I'm saying is you really should be careful about all that running in first stuff that you do.

Leopold's Neutral Good, I think Marek's True Neutral (I think), Theo is Chaotic Good I believe. Not sure about Jervik or Viktor.

Yes. Yes he will. We've already come to this conclusion. He's quite known for trouble causing.

Also, Liath, you got my last name wrong.