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Full Name

Sir Leon Simon Ravencourt IV


HP 53, AC 22/25, F +9, R +7, W +7, +10 Perception, Punish 1/1



Special Abilities





Taldane, Chelaxian, Necril, Aklo


Monster Hunter

Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Leon Ravencourt



Leon is the second son born to the line of Ravencourt this generation. Born during a Lunar Eclipse atop his family's ancestral home of Raven Tower, his grandfather heralded his birth as a sign.

Groomed from an early age to take up the mantle of his ancestors and protect the lands from evils from beyond the grave, Leon knew from the beginning what his life would be.

He has apprenticed to his uncle Sir Simon Ravencourt for years, following him as he tracked down ghouls and necromancers foul. On one such trip he was introduced to Professor Petros Lorrimor, a long time friend of the Ravencourt family, who tutored young Leon on the intricacies of undead lore and physiology. Recently a letter from Professor Lorrimor arrived addressed to Uncle Simon who had traveled north on the trail of a coven of Hags. Leon opened the letter and found a cryptic plea for help written by a frenzied hand. There was blood smeared on the carrier pigeon's feet.

Leon was not ready to face the dangers his family was sworn against, but Professor Lorrimor's trouble would not wait for his training to finish...

Family History


The Ravencourts are ancient noble family dedicated to the service of Pharasma. They are originally Taldan, but have a strong streak of Azlanti blood that they try desperately to preserve. The family's progenitor, Simon Whitemane, was a Field-Marshal of the Knights of Ozem. At the end of the Shining Crusade when the Shield of Aroden shattered, in the wake of Tar-Baphon's defeat, the shards of the shield were entrusted to the surviving leaders of the Crusade.

Those shard-bearers went out into the land and raised families devoted to defending the land against the darkness that had claimed it. The shield-houses have been the Watcher-Lord of Lastwall's silent supporters in maintaining the peace of the land so that the job of holding back the darkness could be made easier. The Lord keeps his sights on the borders, the shield-houses keep watch over the populace, quietly among them like watchdogs in a herd of sheep. The shards of the shield became symbols of devotion to their charge to never again let Ustalav fall into darkness.

At least that is how it was supposed to be.

Of the original guardian houses, the Whitemane family and the Ravencourt family have merged by marriage. Many other houses have fallen or forgotten their oaths. Many shards have been lost.

The House of Ravencourt now seeks the remaining shards. Five are accounted for, three of which are in the possession of the Ravencourt family. The rest are scattered.

A History of Scars:

Light Burns on palms and underside of arms from a psychic attack that caused Leon to believe he was burning alive in Harrowstone.
Deep Claw Marks across abdomen, from Father Charlatan.
Thick Ropy burned Axe Wound across throat, from the Burning Skeleton.
Three Cauterized Puncture Wounds in a loose triangle shape on the left side of his chest. Magic missiles from Splatterman.
Five Claw Marks across left bicep from the Skinwalker.

Lore Warden Fighter 3, Master of Many Styles/Hungry Ghost Monk 2

Initiative: +3 (+3 dex)
Senses: Perception +9
Speed: 30 ft



AC: 22/25 (+4 Dex, +5 Armored Coat w/ Kilt, +1 Buckler, +1 dodge, +1 Combat Expertise) (+3 Crane Style)
Full Defense 28

Touch: 16/20
Flat-footed: 15

CMD: 20 (+4 bab, +4 dex, +2 lore warden)

Hit Points: 53

+9 Fort (+7 class, +2 con)

+7 Ref (4 dex, +3 class)

+7 Will (+2 wis, +2 feat, +3 class)



+4 BaB
+7 CMB (+3 fighter bab, +2 monk level, +2 lore warden)

Fighting Defensively: -2 attack/+3 AC

Lopper's Axe (hand axe)
+9, 1d6+1, x3 crit (+1d6 electricity damage on crit)

+1 Rapier (Unkindness, family sword) +9, 1d6+1, 18-20 x2 crit

Light Mace +8, 1d6, x3 crit

Sap +8, 1d4, x2 crit, Nonlethal

Unarmed +8, 1d6, x2 crit
Flurry +7/+7, 1d6, x2 drit


Bola, +5, 1d4 Trip, Nonlethal (shoanti, lethal)

Combat Net, +5, Entangle

Feats and Traits


Teacher's Pet (knowledge religion)
Threatening Defender: -1 to Combat Expertise penalty

Weapon Finesse (human)
Iron Will (1st)
Dodge (fighter 1)
Mobility (Fighter 2)
Combat Expertise (Lore Warden 2) ( up to -1 attack, +2 AC)
Improved Unarmed Strike (monk 1)
Punishing Kick (monk 1) (Fort Save DC 14)
Crane Style (monk 1) You take only a –1 penalty on attack rolls for fighting defensively (crane riposte). While using this style and fighting defensively or using the total defense action, you gain an additional +1dodge bonus to your Armor Class.
Snake Style (3rd)
Crane Wing (monk 2)
Snake Fang (5th)



Skill Points per level: Fighter (2 Class) x3, Monk (4 class) x2, (+2 knowledge skill points) x3

+2 int, +1 race, +1 favored class) x5

40 total

+10 Perception (5 ranks, +2 wis, +3 class)
+12 Acrobatics (5 ranks, +4 dex, +3 class)
+8 Escape Artist (1 rank, +4 dex, +3 class)
+12 Stealth (5 ranks, +4 dex, +3 class)
+4 Climb (1 rank, +3 class)
+8 Ride (1 ranks, +4 dex, +3 class)
+4 Swim (1 rank, +3 class)

+11 Know: Religion (4 ranks, +2 wis, +3 class, +2 trait)
+9 Know: History (4 ranks, +2 int, +3 class)
+6 Know: Nobility (1 ranks, +2 int, +3 class)
+9 Perform: Dance (2 ranks, +4 dex, +3 class)
+8 Diplomacy (5 ranks, +3 class)
+12 Sense Motive (5 ranks, +2 wis, +3 class, +2 snake style)

Class Abilities


Scholastic (Ex): Lore wardens gain 2 additional skill ranks each level. These ranks must be spent on Intelligence-based skills. All Intelligence-based skills are class skills for lore wardens.

This ability replaces the lore warden’s proficiency with medium armor, heavy armor, and shields.

Maneuver Mastery (Ex): At 3rd level, a lore warden gains a +2 bonus on all CMB checks and to his CMD. This bonus increases to +4 at 7th level, +6 at 11th level, and +8 at 15th level.

This ability replaces armor training 1.




  • Rapier (Unkindness)
  • Hand Axe (Loppers)
  • Light mace
  • Sap
  • Bola x4
  • Combat Net x2


Armor: Studded Leather
Shield: Buckler
Neck: Copper Shining Crusade Medallion
Wrist: Spring-loaded wrist sheathes. left: Potion of Lesser Restoration, right: Potion of CMW

Haunt Siphon
Potion of CLW x4
Soothe Syrup
Smelling Salt

-Belt and Pouches-
Sun Rod
Signal Horn
Small silver mirror
Silverblanch x2
50 twine
5 small bells
10 fish hooks
10 tinder twigs
a vial of lamp oil
1 lb pouch of ground chalk x2
5 sticks of chalk
5 sticks of charcoal
the Piper's Flute
the Charlatan's Holy Symbols
Splatterman's Spellbook
Clear Spindle Ioun Stone (4k)

-Tool Kit Satchel-
The Marauder's Hammer
6 iron spikes
10 pitons
10' heavy chain
1 gallon of oil
50' silk rope

-On Horse-
Saddle and tack
Horse blanket
Extra horse shoes and nails x8
5 gallons of water
2 weeks feed
2 weeks rations
Winter Blanket
Extra clothing
3 bars of soap



300 gp
200 pp

50 gp necklace

Party Funds: 104 gp

Wish List:

Glove of Arrow Snaring

Leon's Notebook:

The Evidence Locker
Handaxe: Vance Saetressle (aka The Lopper)

Spellbook: Hean Feramin (aka The Splatter Man

Smith hammer: Ispin Onyxcudgel (aka The Mosswater Marauder)

Flute: Real Name Unknown (aka The Piper of Illmarsh)

Holy symbols: Sefick Corvin (aka Father Charlatan)


Seasage Effigy- a grotesque little green statue full of teeth and tentacles. Missing from museum on night Son was arrested.