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I don't have anything to add to this, except I thought that the choice between higher damage/higher AC vs lower damage/lower AC was a meaningful one that brought some flavor to what was otherwise a "What's best in slot that I have proficiency in?" decision in SF1.

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For a system touted as "the math is really solid and balanced", nobody seems to be eager to do a straight adaptation of Pathfinder 2e.

The funny thing about this is I feel like this was a missed opportunity for a Starfinder run-and-gun style game, where the gameplay might support the theme instead of....whatever this is.

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>Kobold Press announces new competing d20 RPG

>Time to find a new warehouse?

I hope that this stuff will be useful in Tales of the Valiant anyways... (buys)

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Last year I took advantage of Guilherme Marques Olivieri needing a little extra walking around money when he advertised his services and got a picture done of a Hellknight Signifer based off the old artwork of the Order of the Gate signifers.

I'm not really fond of the Hellknights depicted in Starfinder as is, so if you're looking for a different look for your Signifer NPC's please consider using the helmeted version.

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Ah ha, once again the conservative hardback-heavy subscription portfolio pays off for the hungry investor!

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As far as I'm concerned those three did some of the best art I've ever seen for Starfinder.

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Cautiously interested in this one. It looks like a hardback, which means it'll have a thickness to it worthy of a 3-6 part AP hopefully. I think Thurston Hillman mentioned that they added some stuff in for those who've played the Society version.

Since I don't play Society I'm looking forward to having a party actually go up against Jinsul.

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I don't usually get hyped, and maybe it's just because I've been reading the Mongoose Traveller corebook today but H Y P E

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Hello - I was interested in subscribing to the Pathfinder AP track for the next 6 months. However it appears that AP #174 has been delayed until January and subscribing to the AP means starting with #174. I would not like to purchase AP #174 - I would like to start my sub with AP #175.

Can you this be altered on your end?

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Just got my copy of Doorway to the Red Star. It's got Shobhads with rifles, Khefaks, and thasteron-powered enercycles.

Even though it's designed for a super high level Pathfinder group with a bit of modification it looks like it could be useful for a Starfinder GM needing high level content. If you want a "time travel" adventure you could do worse than adapting this. Some nice John Carter of Mars thematic elements in here.

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Is Verdant Blast supposed to be a cantrip? Seems a bit powerful for one.

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Shouldn't the ranking of the armor be

- Armiger (lv2)
- Maralictor (lv5)
- Paralictor (lv9)
-------- Lictor (lv14)

I apologize if this has already been errata'd. I ran a quick search in the forums for hellknight plate and came up with bupkis and the most recent PDF version of Pact Worlds still shows it with Lictor at level 5.

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Gauntlight imposes a +37 penalty to trying to summon things within its walls. Does this apply to Manifest Eidolon?

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Hello -

I was notified that the digital version of Liberation of Locus-1 was added to my digital downloads last night, and my card was debited for the balance of the order but I haven't received a confirmation that everything has shipped and the PDF's aren't available yet. Is there any chance someone could take a look at this for me and let me know the status?

Also - I have Distant Shores in my sidecart but I was just thumbing through my library on my shelf and realized I already had a copy. If you could please cancel it.

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Just curious about this so I can play the mindset appropriately. I have sometimes had summoned devils say in the past "Go ahead and kill me, I'll just reappear in Hell and I'd prefer to be there anyways", so they're less susceptible to intimidation. However I was reading through Abomination Vaults and noticed a devil that tries to bargain for its life that was brought through an Infernal Pact ritual. That would seem to imply that if it died on the material plane, it would die for real and not be subject to the rules for summoned creatures that they just get banished to their home plane at 0 HP.

So my question is -- do devils (or other outsiders) brought to the material plane through a ritual gain the summoned trait?