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James Jacobs wrote:

We want to be inclusive of ALL cultures in Pathfinder—that includes monsters. We try not to fall into the category of cultural appropriation by doing research, working with diverse freelancers, and being careful to be respectful about real-world inspirations.

That can be tricky when talking about real-world inspirations for awful things, sure, but I would rather see a Pathfinder Bestiary that features monsters inspired from all over the world rather than one that only contains monsters inspired by Eurocentric fantasy traditions. It's already got that tradition VERY well represented, so having things like rakshasas, wendigos, bunyips, porachas, tengus, yetis, etc. from places far from Europe in the book is even more important. I wish we'd been able to include more of them, frankly, but that didn't pan out. Bestiary 2 will give us more chances to explore though.

Please, include more brazillian folklore creatures, you guys did an amazing job with encantado and mapinguari in the 1th edition. I would love to see the headless mule, anhangá, boitatá and many others represented in Pathfinder. Thanks, and sorry for my english.

More brazillian mythology creatures would be nice, like the encantado (Bestiary 5) :)


Fun >>>>>>>>> Power :)

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Psionic, pls.