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Full Name

Lemollas Ingram


Dusk Elf


Monk (Unchained)




5' 8" 112 lbs.






Common, Elven, Sylvan

Strength 10
Dexterity 17
Constitution 9
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 15

About Lem Ingram

An elf with dusky purple skin and black hair walks by. The elf is short--for elves at least--and has a wiry frame. His loose clothes consist almost entirely of dark green sashes wrapped around his body. He walks with a surety of self and confidence few possess. A few exotic looking wooden weapons hang at his side an on his back, well with-in reach.

Init +5; Senses Perception +9; Darkvision 60' (Light Sensitivity)
Speed 30 ft. hp 9/9 (1d10 - 1 Con)

AC 16, touch 16, flat-footed 12 (+3 Dex, +2 Wis, +1 Dodge)
CMD 16
Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +2

Offense & Weapons:
Melee Unarmed Strike +4 (1d6/X2);
Sansetsukon +4 (1d10/19-20)-(Blocking, Disarm);
Dan Bong +4(1d3/19-20)-(Blocking, +2 to Grapple);
Wushu Dart +4 (1d3/X2);
Ranged Wushu Darts (10) +4 (1d3/X2/10');
Dan Bong (1) +4 (1d3/19-20/10');
Special Attacks Flurry of Blows (+4/+4); Stunning Fist (DC 12)
CMB +1

•(B)Combat Expertise
•(B)Deadly Aim
•(B)Power Attack
•(B)Weapon Finesse
•(B)Stunning Fist
•(B)Unarmed Strike
•Attuned to the Wild (Forest)

•Vigilant Battler
•Keeper of the Ways

Racial Traits:
•Arcane Focus
•Keen Senses
•Silent Hunter

Spell-like Abilities:
Dream (1/day)

•Acrobatics +8 (1 Rank, +3 Dex, +3 Class, +1 Trait)
•Climb +4 (1 Rank, +0 Str, +3 Class)*
•Intimidate +6 (1 Rank, +2 Cha, +3 Class)
•Knowledge (Geography) +2 (1 Rank, +1 Int)
•Perception +8 (1 Rank, +2 Wis, +3 Class, +2 Racial, +1 Trait)
•Sense Motive +7 (1 Rank, +2 Wis, +3 Class, +1 Trait)(+2 Trait when countering a feint)
•Sleight of Hand +4 (1 Rank, +3 Dex)
•Stealth +7 (1 Rank, +3 Dex, +3 Class)^

*Reduce the penalty for accelerated climb to -2.
^Reduce the penalty for moving fast while using stealth by 5. Can run while using stealth at -20.

Special Abilities:
AC Bonus A monk adds his Wisdom modifier to AC and CMD. This applies to touch and flat-footed AC. This bonus increases as he gains levels in monk.

Flurry of Blows A monk can make a flurry of blows as a full-attack action. When doing so, the monk can make one additional attack at his highest base attack bonus. He may make these attacks with any combination of his unarmed strikes and weapons that have the monk special weapon quality.

Unarmed Strike (1d6) A monk gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat, and gains increased damage with his unarmed strikes. His unarmed strikes may be with any limb, so he may make unarmed strikes with his hands full.

Stunning Fist (1/day) (DC 12) The monk gains stunning fist as a bonus feat.

•Dan Bong (-)
•Wushu Dart (10) (-)
•Sansetsukon (3 lbs)

Other Gear
•Monk's Outfit (Free)
•Backpack (2 lbs)
•Belt Pouch (1/2 lb)
•Blanket (3 lbs)
•Hammock (3 lbs)
•Silk Rope (5 lbs)
•Trail Rations (7) (7 lbs)
•Waterskin (4 lbs)

Total Weight: 27.5 lbs/33 lbs (Light Encumberance)
Wealth: 11 gp, 8 sp

Narative Background:
Moonlight shone through in patches, illuminating the silver leaves which shook as the slight frame of Lem's mother, Shennida, dropped the final few feet to the ground. She ran to where Lem and the other children stood staring at the adults rushing over the bridges, through the branches and across the paths that make up the web of Teranyor. Lem's eyes followed a particular figure, his father, as he rushed from one elf to another giving out orders. Shennid pulled at Lem's arm, "We must go." Though She hadn't said, Lem could guess what the chaos displayed throughout Teranyor meant. News had been coming for some time about invaders attacking in the elves' homes. Humans, though the stories didn't fit any humans Lem had ever seen, were attacking and barely being repelled all across the land. They would be coming here now, One of the only bastions of Lokk the dusk elves had managed to settle. Here, they would not meet the full might of the elves unified--many saw dusk elves as little better than drow. Teranyor would only be defended by the small army of those whom she gave shelter to. She would be taken and destroyed. Though young, Lem had learned enough to know that his father would fight for Teranyor, and die for her.

Lem ran alongside his mother, barely keeping up. As his father fell from sight, Lem gave a final unseen salute and wiped the growing wetness from his eyes, momentarily clearing them.

Lem stopped as his mother finally let go of his wrist just outside their home. Leaning over, hands on knees, Lem tried to breath deep, catching his breath. Shennida ran inside and came out only a moment later, the bag that had been sitting for since the rumors started. Questions spilled out of Lem though he knew the answers, "What's going on? Where are we going? When's Dad coming?"

"Shush, Lem. Shush." She reached toward him, slowing for the first time since the emergency meeting had been called. Lem fell into her arms, and let the dam fall. He sobbed furiously, once again nothing more than a little boy in his mother's arms. It did not last long. A loud noise in the distance startled mother and child. They looked up together, only a moment, then ran.

Lem lost track as they ran, barely noticing anything. Eventually the horizon to the south--where Teranyor lay--flickered with a red light. They were burning her to the ground. It flickered until it was obscured by the rising sun.

As the sun began climbing, Lem and Shennida finally stopped to rest.


Lem stopped to rest as the kata ended. His practiced movements lending a calm to his body and nerves. He sat and cloesed his eyes, feeling the energy from Lokk flowing down his arms, and into the earth.

"You do well, son."

Lem looked up and smiled, "Only because you taught me, mother." He stood, and reached down toughing his hand to hers for a moment.

Her smile faded "It is time you know."

Lem reflected for a moment, he could feel her pull in the distance, though, of course, not from any particular direction. "Yes," he said.

"You will find her again," she smiled reassuringly.

"Someone must. Be it me or be it others, we will return to Teranyor."

The next few days were filled witha activity as Lem and his mother prepared to go their seperate ways. They would each seek for what the remains of their people had since that day 23 years ago. Eventually one would find where Teranyor had returned to their world. Then the dusk elves could shelter inside her and play in the moonlight, reflected from her silver leaves.

Lem is dedicated to keeping the ways and nature. He and his people believe that Teranyor is an somewhat sentient aspect of Lokk that has chosen to manifest on this plane and give shelter to the dusk elves. Though she was burnt to the ground by the Kesadrians, they do believe that she merely returned to Lokk to heal before coming back to our existence in a different location. Lem and others seek out Teranyor in order to repay their debts for failing to protect her earlier. His ultimate goal is to be the one to find her and then bring his people back. Lem is strict in his observances and somewhat naive as to other's ways of life. He has a very strong presence and likes to be around people he can trust, but is very cautious around those whom he does not trust. When combat is necessary, Lem prefers to sneak upon his foes and hit them hard.