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Full Name

Leila Redtistle




Bard (Sandman) 7 | Hp 37/49 | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 16 | CMD 17 | Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +6, +2 vs fear, +4 vs sonic, language and bardic, +7 ref vs traps | Per +12, +17 vs traps in 10 ft. | Init +3









About Leila Redtistle

Pre-adventure life:
Leila grew up in a small halfling village just east of the Taldorian-Andoranian border. As a child she was facinated by the stories and legends of adventure circulating in the land and even used to sneak to the nearby human settlement in attempts to learn more much to her parents annoyance. In the settlement she usually tried to sneak into the inn to listen to the tall folks banter or visited the shrine of Desna to learn more from its attendants and visitors. As she grew older it became clear that a homely life in the village wasn't anything for her. When she was deemed old enough by her parents at the age of 24, she left the village on her first great journey into the bigger world.

Adventure !
As she travelled east towards the Taldorian heartland she quickly learned that the world was not only a place of wonder, but also a place of danger and inhospitality. Never despairing however, she was determined to make best of what was available. After journeying to the World's Edge Mountains she turned her gaze west towards the Verduran Forest. As she journeyed the length of Taldor she spent as many nights as she could in as many different inns as possible to hear all that there was to hear, except when the sky was clear. Those starlit night she prefers to spend the night outside underneath their watchful gaze and staring back in wonder. In the forest of Verduran she stayed briefly at courtesy of the druids. It was they who saw her innate magical talent and taught her the basics. However, she did not have the patience or desire to stay long enough to become a true druid.

Armed with new-found magical power and with new horizons ahead of her she realized that instead of just seeing the wonders and hearing the tales she could be a part of them. And thus Leila Redtistle the adventurer was born. She mainly focused on adventures resolving around exploration of new (or ancient) areas and tracking down magical or historical artefacts, reagents or items. However, on the seven years she has been adventuring she has locked eyes and blade with all manner of foul creatures, from goblins of the red shirt tribe to crazed owlbears near Lastwall so it would be foolish to underestimate her based on her naive appearance and small size.

Leila had just eaten the meagre and salty piece of bread with a small cooked fish that the Goldfish Inn offered their customers as complimentary breakfast. The Goldfish was an tavern in the dock area of Riddleport where she had been staying for the last few days. She had been trying to charter a boat for a small trip into the archipelago, and last night she had finally found a captain of a small boat willing to carry her to her destination.

On the table next to her were the two sheets of paper she was currently pondering on. The first was a letter she was writing for home. The other was the reason of her entire stay at Riddleport and also why she was eager to get out in the archipelago. It was a letter from her acquaintance Theyr containing details of a most curious proposal. A mysterious man had recently proclaimed his intentions of travelling to the stars and declared that he was looking for a crew, the only crux being that his meet-up point of choice was a nondescript island out in the archipelago. It was a promise of exploration, adventure and travel unlike any other she had ever embarked on and there had been butterflies in her stomach ever since she opened the letter over a week ago.

She read thru the letter for her family and friends one last time before finishing it with one last sentence and her name: It pains me dearly to depart so hastily without visiting first, but you know that this is a chance that I must take. The road has always held me in its charms and we all knew that one day it may claim me - pray that that day is still far distant in time if not distance. Love Leila - until we reunite again. She sealed the letter with a piece of hot wax and pocketed it until she could give it to the courier.
With all the preparations made and this last thing taken care of she could finally focus on the journey ahead. She pocketed the letter from Theyr and jumped down from the table on which she was currently residing (she preferred to sit directly ontop of the tables in the realm of the tall-folks since she would be close to eye height that way instead of struggling to even see over the table). Holstering her pack, readying her sword and putting her favourite hat ontop of her head she was finally ready to depart and left the Goldfish with one last bright smile and wave towards the innkeeper.

She made her way towards the docks after a small detour to the couriers office her short legs propelling her at a breath-neck speed, half running and half jumping. When she arrived at the harbour she finally slowed down to a quick walk, travelling along the waterline in search for her chartered vessel. There were all manners of ships docked; some small and some larger. There were even a three masted beast that gave her shudders. The ship towered over all the others and its figurehead, a menacing lady with curly hair and a trident, looked down on her from twenty feet up in the air. It gave her the feeling that it was a giant predatory bird, or even dragon, poised to strike and bear down on her as she passed.

Nevertheless, the passed thu without a hitch and a few minutes later she saw an old and weather-bitten man she recognized as Captain Frederic, the man whom she had made the travel arrangements with previous evening. He was standing hear a smaller fishing boat where two crewmen were readying the sail. As she approached Frederic spat a piece of chewing tobacco on the ground and gave her a wide toothless grin.
Ready to set sail, Miss ?
Her eyes alight with excitement and her body almost jumping by itself she shot back a sun-like smile and replied-
Yes, oh by Desna, yes !

Physical description
Leila is short, even for a halfling. She stands only 2 ft. 8 in. tall and weights in at 28 ibs. This combined with her natural happiness and excitably manners sometimes has the tall folk mistake her for a young child. She has sand-blonde hair framing her head and a big smile on her face almost all the time.

Clothingvise she prefers dresses and tunics with allot of pockets and places to store and hide small objects in. Currently she is wearing a purple and earth green plain dress with several sewn on pockets and brown trimmings with a sash in matching colours. She is rarely seen without her favourite hat and travelling boots and never without her necklace made out of several perforated copper coins on a strip of leather, trophies from all different countries she visited along with a wooden one from the druids of Verduran - her sacred keepsake.

Happiness and curiosity is the defining traits of Leilas life. Her outlook has often lead her in trouble of varying scale and luckily her fast mouth and likeable manners gets her out almost as quickly. Wanderlust is another strong side of her personality which leads her onwards in life in search for new wonders to experience and see. She places great value in friendship and is very loyal to those she considers friends, but is not above playing harmless pranks on them sometimes.


7th level Bard (Sandman)
NG Small humanoid (halfling)
Init +3; Senses; Perception +12 (+17 vs traps in 10 ft.)


AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+3 Dex, +5 Armour, +1 size, +7 vs traps)
hp: (49)
Fort +6, Ref +10, Will +7 (+2 vs fear, +4 vs sonic, bardic and language dependent effects +7 reflex vs traps)


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +7 Shortsword (1d4/19-20)
Ranged +9 Sling (1d3 50ft.)
Special Attacks: sneak attack +1d6

Spells (CL 7th; concentration +11)
0 (DC 14) - Detect Magic, Dancing Lights, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Ghost Sound, Read Magic
1st (DC 15, 5/day) - Cure Light Wounds, Feather Fall, Vanish, Grease, Silent Image
2nd (DC 16, 4/day) - Tongues, Gallant Inspiration, Glitterdust
3ed (DC 17, 2/day) - Good Hope, Dispel Magic


Str 11, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk +5; CMB +4; CMD 17
Feats: Spellsong, Childlike, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint
Traits: Fates Favored, Helpful, Criminal (Disable Device)
Skills: Bluff (7) +18, Climb (2) +5, Diplomacy (7) +14, Craft (paint(1)) +6, Disable Device (7) +13, Disguise (1) +8, Linguistics (3) +8,
Perception (7) +12, Preform (Sing (1)) +8, Preform (Dance (7)) +14, Sleigh of Hand (6) +16, Sense Motive (2) +5,
Stealth (5) +24, Use Magic Device (7) +14
Languages Common, Halfling, Gnome, Goblin, Sylvan, Aklo, X


Racial Traits
Halfling Luck
Sure-Footed -> Fleet of Foot
Weapon Familiarity
Keen Senses


Bardic Performance (DC 18, move action, 20 rounds/day)
Countersong (Su) a*
Distraction (Su) v*
Fascinate (Su) v*, a*, e*. 3 targets
Stealspell (Su) v*
Slumber Song (Sp) v*, a*, e*, l*
v*=visual, a*=audible components, l*=language dependent, e*=enchantment (compulsion), mind-affecting

Masterpiece: Pageant of the Peacock

Master of Deception (Ex) +4
Sneakspell (Ex) +1 DC, +2 caster level vs SR
Well-Versed (Ex)
Trap Sense (Ex) +2
Sneak Attack (Ex) +1d6

Expended Resources:

1 2nd level spell (tongues)
2 1st level spells (vanish x2)
1 2nd level spell (glitterdust)
1 3rd level spell (Good Hope)

Wearing/On person:

Communications Officers Badge
Burglar Boots, minor
Cap of Human Guise
Cloak of Elvenkind
Dagger (concealed)
Handy Haversack
Mithril Shirt +1
Outfit, Explorer's
Pounch with 25gp, 50sp
Scarf, pocketed
Spell component pouch
Sling bullets x10
Shortsword, Mwk

Weight Carried: 11.5 Ibs (Light load: 28.5 Ibs)

Haversack left pouch: odds and ends:

Stubborn Nail x3
Deodorizing agent x3
Bottle of decent Absinthe
Universal Solvent x4
Animal Glue
Tindertwig x10
Water Purification Sponge
Smokestick x5
Alchemical Fire x2
Acid x1
Feathertoken, Anchor x2
Scroll of Mount x2
Scroll of Endure Elements x2
Scroll of Protection from Chaos x2
Scroll of Protection from Evil x2
Scroll of Air Bubble x2
Scroll of Obscuring Mist x2
Scroll of Comprehend Language x2
Scroll of Keep Watch x2
Scroll of Message x8
Scroll of Crafter´s Fortune x2
Scroll of Touch of the Sea x2
Scroll of Mending x4
Scroll of Keen Senses x2
Scroll of Shillelagh x2
Scroll of Reduce Person x2
Scroll of Enlarge Person x2

Haversack large pocket: storage:

Kit, Bards
Kit, Grooming
Kit, Gear Maintenance
Sling bullets x30
Pint of Oil x9
Outfit, Hot Weather
Outfit, Cold-Weather
Outfit, Noble's
Cloak, patchwork
Small collection of Akitonian literature (books of note: A primer on Arcane Mental Networks, Crystal Farming and You)
Gold, silver and copper coins worth: 402.4gp

Haversack right pouch: gear:

Wand of Cure Light Wounds
Wand of Shield
Silk Rope 50 ft.
Hook, Grappling
Small Steel Mirror
Kit, Disguise
Waterproof Bullseye Lantern
Pint of Oil
Masterwork Pan Flute
Traveller´s Any-Tool

shopping list and other stuff:

Stubborn Nail x3 -300gp v
Nightdrops -250gpv
Traveller´s Any-Tool -250gpv
Handy Haversack -2000gp v
Wand of Cure Light Wounds -750gp
Cloak of Elvenkind -2500gp
Cap of Human Guise -800gp
Universal Solvent x4 -200gp
Mithril Shirt +1 -2100 gp
Mwk Thieves Tool 100gp
Kit, disguise 50gp
Kit, Bards 41gp
Kit, Grooming 1gp
Kit, Gear Maintenance 5gp
Masterwork pan flute 100gp
Blanket 0.5gp
Animal Glue 0.5gp
Compass 10gp
Small Steel Mirror 10gp
Silk Rope 10gp
Waterproof Bullseye Lantern 17 gp
Pint of Oil x10 1gp
Bottle of decent Absinthe 15 gp
Water Purification Sponge 25gp
Deodorizing agent x3 90gp
Tindertwig x10 10gp
Chalk x10 0.1gp
outfit, Explorer's 8gp
Outfit, Hot Weather 8gp
Outfit, Cold-Weather 8gp
Outfit, Noble's 75gp
Scarf, pocketed 0.8gp
Cloak, patchwork 5gp
Hook, Grappling 4 gp
Mwk Shortsword 310gp
Dagger (concealed) 2gp
Sling bullets x20 1gp
Burglar Boots, minor 4000gp

*Personality: Curious, Inquisitive, Exitable, Irritating, Helpful
*Dissatisfied with standard halfling lifestyle (hobbit with adventurelust syndrome)
*Spent several years on the road
*Learned her tricks along the way, picking up both mundane and magical skills
*Slept out on the road many times, gazing upon the stars
*Greatest achivement yet: have traveled far and wide upon Golarion
*Goal: to have traveled far and wide upon the entire multiverse, to see the sights and experiance strange new worlds.
*Interested in: Magical curiosities, art, music, strange and wonderfull places and people
*Uninterested in: Politics, doing harm
*Skillset: Scouting, diplomacy (not optimal however, lacking some skills), magical manipulation, communication, distraction, empowering allies, disabeling traps (not optimal perception for finding them however), infiltration, backup caster.