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Neutral Evil Half-Moroi (Wyvaran) Antipaladin/Monk/Sorcerer | Perception +16; Init +7

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About Lehkazeran

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Type: Dragon & Undead, Augmented
Class: Wyvaran Tristalt Antipaladin[Dread Vanguard, Blood-Soaked Demon] U.Monk(Sin, Scaled Fist), Sorcerer(Cambion))
Parity Affiliation: Sanguine Sovreignity
Fame: 17

Initiative: +3
Senses: Water Sense (30' blindsense in water), See Invisibility (Spectral Shroud), Darkvision 60'

FCB 1: +2.5 to penalty from Aura of Cowardice & Despair
FCB 2: +3 Bonus to Monk AC Bonus & 1 SP
FCB 3: +10 sp


AC 32, Touch 29, Flat-Foot 28 [10+3 Dex, +2 Armor (ABP), +13 Monk, +2 Deflection (ABP), +1 Natural(ABP) +1 Dodge]
NOTE: Additional +4 to AC & "roll-twice-take-worse" on AoOs provoked by movement (Dodge/Mobility & Headfake)

hp: 160/180 [20+9d10max+10*7]
Fort: +16 (7 base +2 resistance (ABP) + 7 Cha)
Ref: +15 (3 base +2 resistance (ABP) + 3 Dex + 7 Cha)
Will: +19 (add'l +2 vs stun [dragon style] or fear [draconic mettle]) (7 base +2 resistance (ABP) + 3 Wis + 7 Cha)

DR: none
Resist: Acid 5, Cold 5, Fire 5
Immune: Disease, Sleep, Paralysis, Death Effects, Energy Drain, Fatigue, Exhaustion, 'Breath of Life', 'Raise Dead'
Misc: Improved Evasion, Does not Breathe or need Sleep, Harmed by Positive Energy, Healed by Negative Energy


Speed: 60 ft, Fly 30 ft (clumsy), Swim 30 ft


Attack Action: Bite
+21 2d6+16(B/P/S)+1(acid) (18-20/x2)
(-3/-3 to attack/damage if no Cruor points)

NOTE: +1 to all attacks vs Humanoids
NOTE 2: Any living creature bit must make a DC 27 Fort Save (Breath Weapon DC) or be Nauseated for 8 rounds.
NOTE 3: Any living creature bit must make a DC 27 Fort Save (Breath Weapon DC) or suffer 1d4 Strength Drain.
NOTE4: A helpess, willing, or grappled creature takes 1d4 points of Constitution Damage from a bite attack.

Full Attack: Flurry of Blows (Bites)
+21 1d6+15(B/P/S)+1(acid) (20/x2)
+21 1d6+12(B/P/S)+1(acid) (20/x2)
+16 1d6+12(B/P/S)+1(acid) (20/x2)
(-3/-3 to attack/damage if no Cruor points)

NOTE: +1 to all attacks vs Humanoids
NOTE 2: Any living creature bit must make a DC 27 Fort Save (Breath Weapon DC) or be Nauseated for 8 rounds.
NOTE 3: Any living creature bit must make a DC 27 Fort Save (Breath Weapon DC) or suffer 1d4 Strength Drain.
NOTE4: A helpess, willing, or grappled creature takes 1d4 points of Constitution Damage from a bite attack.

atk:[+10 BAB, +5 STR, +2 Attuned ABP, +1 Weapon Focus, +3 weapon training*]
dmg(first-atk):[10(2x str)+2(enhancement, abp) +3 weapon trainin*]
dmg(other-atks):[7(1.5x str)+2(enhancement, abp) +3 weapon training*]
*Requires at least 1 Cruor point

Unarmed Strike:
Attack Action: Unarmed Strike
+21 2d6+15(B) (18-20/x2)
(-3/-3 to attack/damage if no Cruor points)
NOTE: +1 to all attacks vs Humanoids

Full Attack: Flurry of Blows (Unarmed Strike)
+21 2d6+15(B) (18-20/x2)
+21 2d6+12(B)+1 (18-20/x2)
+16 2d6+12(B)+1 (18-20/x2)
(-3/-3 to attack/damage if no Cruor points)

NOTE: +1 to all attacks vs Humanoids

atk:[+10 BAB, +5 STR, +2 Attuned ABP +1 Weapon Focus, +3 weapon training*]
dmg(first-atk):[10(2x str)+2(enhancement, +3 weapon training*]
dmg(other-atks):[7(1.5x str)+2(enhancement, abp) +3 weapon training*]
*Requires at least 1 Cruor point


STR 20 DEX 16 CONINT 11 WIS 16 CHA 24

Base Atk +10; CMB:+15; CMD: 35

Bonus1-Cruor Pool
Bonus1-Draconic Terror
Bonus1-Draconic Aspect (Black)
1BL-Eschew Materials
1Monk-Improved Unarmed Strike
1Monk-Intimidating Prowess
1Monk-Stunning Fist
1-Draconic Breath
2-Noxious Bite
2Monk- Dragon Style
3-Sinister Reputation
4-Soulless Gaze (Lamashtu)
5-Fiendskin (Lamashtu)
6-Extend Spell
7-Signature Skill (Intimidate)
7BL: Fast Drinker
8-Weapon Focus (Nautral Weapon Group)
9-Merciless Magic
10-Shatter Defenses
10Monk-Medusa's Wrath

Dominator (Regional)
Seeker (Social)
Scarred by Space Pirates (combat)
Outlander: Lore (campaign) [+1 to CL & DC for: Phantasmal Killer, Feeblemind, Shadowmind]

Adventuring Skills:
4 per level x 10 = 40 ranks + 10 Intimidate (Gladiator) + 10 Fly (Athletics) + 10 FCB +20 Background

+14 Fly (10 ranks + 3 Dex -8 Clumsy +6 Skill Focus + 3 class)
+41 Intimidate (10 ranks + 7 Cha +2 trait (Dominator) + 3 class +4 (persuasive) +5 competance (maiden's helm) +2 (Draconic Terror) +2 (Soulless Gaze) + 6 skill focus)
+22 Swim (6 ranks, +5 Str, +8 racial, +3 class)
+16 Perception (9 ranks +3 Wis +3 class +1 trait)
+16 Stealth (10 ranks +3 Dex +3 class)
+13 Knowledge Religion (10 ranks + 3 class)
+10 Spellcraft (7 ranks + 3 class)
+11 Kn Arcana (7 ranks + 3 class +1 trait)
+7 Disable Device (1 rank + 3 Dex 3 class )

Background Skills:
+20 Handle Animal (10 ranks+ 7 Cha +3 class)
+13 Craft (Trap) (10 ranks + 0 Int +3 class)
+1 Linguistics (1 rank, Necril)

Alternate Racials:
Kobold Kin

Languages: Common, Draconic, Necril

SQ & CLASS FEATURES (AntiPaladin) Aura of evil, Detect good, Touch of corruption(14 times/day), Unholy resilience, Aura of cowardice (-6 to saves vs Fear w/in 10 ft), Cruelties (Sickened, Staggered, Cursed; DC 22), Plague bringer, Channel negative energy (5d6 Negative Energy; Costs 2 Touch of Corrutpion uses), Beacon of Evil (Addtl Touch of Corruption Options), Fiendish boon (Weapon Bonding), Aura of despair (-4 to saves w/in 10 ft)

SQ & CLASS FEATURES (Monk) Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist, Unarmed Strike, Evasion, Fast Movement (+30), Draconic Fury, Draconic Mettle, Well of Sin, Sin Well +1, Style Strike (Break, Flying Kick), Sinful Strike, Imp. Evasion, Slow Fall 50

SQ & CLASS FEATURES (Sorcerer) Kobold Bloodline Arcana (+2 to DC if target is denied Dex) & Bonus Spells, Bloodline Power (See Moroi abilities, below)

Moroi Abilities/Stats

Family: Vanguard
Family ability: Alt. Racial: Taste
Curse: A critical hit from a magical wooden piercing weapon that successfully deals damage causes the Vanguard to become paralyzed and prone (no save) until the weapon is removed (standard action).
Vulnerability: +50% Damage from Silver Weapons

Cruor Pool: 10/12 Points in Pool

Bonus Spells (Cambion):
1) Add additional bloodline spells to Spells Known in addition to Sorcerer's basic bloodline spells.
2) The Moroi may expend a cruor point to add a bloodline spell from the Vampiric or Undead bloodlines to their Spells Known for 1 minute per class level.

Bloodline Power, Level 1: Blood Talent: Weapon Training (+3 Weapon Trainging as long as at least 1 cruor point)
Bloodline Level 3: Blood Memory
Bloodlin Power Level 9: Blood Memory, Improved

Combat Spheres

Martial Tradition: Decisive Fist
tradition bonus 1: Equipment: Critical Genius (18-20 critical on unarmed strikes)
tradition bonus 2: Boxing Sphere
tradition bonus 3: Open Hand Sphere
tradition bonus 4: Equipment: Unarmed Training
Talent 1: Gladiator Sphere
Talent 2: Boxing: Headfake (AoOs vs me roll 2x take worse, or expend addtl AoO to skip re-roll)
Talent 3: Gladiator: Master of Fear (counts as Dazzling Display, Std Action; +10 ranks in Intimidate)
Talent 4: Athletics Sphere (Fly Package)
Talent 5: Athletics: Powerful Wings (Counts as Hover; +10 ranks in Fly)


CL: 10 | Concentration: +17 | DC: Spell Level +17
NOTE: +2 DC on Fear Spells (Draconic Terror, Dead Man's Headband), +2 if Target is denied Dex Bonus (Bloodline Arcana), +1 if target is: blinded, dying, entangled, exhausted, frightened, helpless, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, or stunned (Merciless Magic)
NOTE: Enemies w/in 10 feet take a -6 penalty on Saves vs Fear, and a -4 penalty on all other Saves (these do not stack; from AntiPaladin w/ FCB).
NOTE: addtl +1 to CL/DC for: Phantasmal Killer, Shadowmind, Feeblemind

Spells Slots:
0th: ∞/∞
1st: 8/8 available
2nd: 7/8 available
3rd: 5/8 available
4th: 5/6 available
5th: 4/4 available

Spells Known:
0 Prestidigitation
0 Mage Hand
0 Ghost Sound
0 Detect Magic
0 Read Magic
0 Acid Splash
0 Light
0 Touch of Fatigue
0 Arcane Mark
1b Alarm
1b Repair Undead
1 Vanish
1 Magic Missile
1 Keep Watch
1 Comprehend Lang.
1 Charm Person
2b Create Pit
2b Blood Transcription
2 Acid Arrow
2 Blur
2 Mortal Terror
2 Bloody Tears and Jagged Smile
3b Explosive Runes
3b Blood Biography
3 Shadowmind
3 Diamond Spray
3 Cloak of Winds
4b Dragon's Breath
4b Blood Supply
4 Infernal Healing, Gr
4 Phantasmal Killer
5 Feeblemind

Additional Bloodline Spells (available for 1 min per Class Level if 1 point of cruor is spent):
1 Chill Touch
2 Darkness
2 False Life
3Vampiric Touch
4 Ivory Flesh
4 Animate Dead

Special Abilities (and action types):

Draconic Breath (DC 27, 2d6 acid in a 15' cone) 1/1 available (std)
Widen Auras (Sp:) (std, at will, CL = Char Lvl)

See Moroi Abilities, above

Well of Sin 12/13 available (swift)
Sinful Strike (costs 2 Sin Points) (swift)
Stunning Fist (no action) (DC 22; 13/13 available)

Touch of corruption (Touch Attack, 5d6) 14/14 available (std)
Cruelty (applies to Touch of Corruption, DC 22 Fort)
Beacon of Evil (costs 1 Touch of Corruption use) (std)
Channel Negative Energy (costs 2 Touch of Corruption uses) (std)
Fiendish Boon (Enhance Weapon +2, 10 minutes) 2/2 available (std)

Combat Sphere Abilities:
Boxing: Counter Punch (readied action) (+6 damage on hit, counts as attack action, occurs before trigger)
Gladiator: Boast, Prowess (immediate action (requires focus, doesn't expend it) after: confirming a crit, reducing an enemy to 0 hp, or succeeding on a combat maneuver.) (grants reroll on my next attack)
Gladiator: Demoralization, Strike Fear (std) (as Dazzling Display)
Open Hand: Sweep (move) (trip as a move, no AoO, -2 penalty to attack)

Gear & Equipment:


Great Wyrm's Soul (minor artifact) 0 gp
Maiden's Helm (head) 3500 gp
Steelwalker's Boots (feet) 14000 gp
Spectral shroud (chest) 26000 gp
Monks Robe (body) 3000 gp
Amulet of Grasping Souls (neck) 21000 gp
Mark of the Grinning Skull (headband) 3100 gp
Dead Man's Headband (attached to helm*) 3600 gp

Gold in Hand: 800

Carried Loads:

Artifact: Great Wyrm's Soul
This blue-green egg pulses with a rythm reminisant of a heartbeat as it gives off a dull light in waves. The essence of an Ancient Brine Wyrm that refused to truly die, this egg may be absorbed into the body of a willing creature with the dragon type by pressing it against their chest and speaking the command word in Draconic. Once absorbed, The Great Wyrm's Soul can only be removed by Wish or Miracle, or if the soul of the carrier passes on through the Boneyard (ie the character is not resurrectable).

Fear the Dragon (Su): The bearer of this item is under the effect of a constant 'Draconic Malice' spell, except that non-living creatures may also be affected by your fear effects and Intimidate checks. The DC to intimidate a non-living target is increased by the target's Hit Dice.

Desiccating Bite (Su): The dragon's caustic bite attack causes weakness in living creatures. Any living creature bite by the dragon must make a Fortitude save against the dragon's breath weapon or take 1d4 Strenth drain.

Steal Moisture (Sp): The bearer of The Great Wyrm's Soul can cast Horrid Wilting (CL 20) once per day.


Essential Point 1: Lehkazeran was kidnapped at a young age from his tribe by a wizard who wished to experiment on him. The wizard got his wish. Lehkazeran was taken before he knew much of anything beyond his own name, and kept by the wizard for a decade before he was able to escape.

Essential Point 2: His time in captivity may have tamed and shamed another being, but Lehkazeran was hardened and enraged. Despite being taken apart and put back togheter again, his Draconic pride kept him whole, and he never once doubted that he'd escape someday and gain his freedom.

Essential Point 3: Lehkazeran bargained with powers he didn't understand to bring about the circumstances that facilitated his escape. He beseeched each deity whose name he'd ever learned, though only one listened: Lamashtu. Knowing nothing except that she'd help him escape, Lehkazeran promised his soul in return.

Essential Point 4: Lehkazeran knows he hates the wizard who kidnapped him and altered him, but he can't deny that whatever was done was effective. Years of exposure to alien energies and arcane powers evolved him well past what others of his species had been able to accomplish, making him a valuable asset. As such, Lehkazeran spent much of his later years drugged and under the effects of a powerful 'Geas', doing the bidding of his captor and honing his skills in the hardest of conditions. He's spent a fair amount of time as an assassin, in particular.

Essential Point 5: One day, Lamashtu paid her portion of the deal for Lehkazeran's soul, offering a crack in the wizards hold on his mind as he returned from a mission. Gathering his physical strength and his mental fortitude, Lehkazeran was able to shatter both the physical and mental restraints that held him at bay.

Essential Point 6: A ferocious battle followed between he and the wizard, who was caught off guard at first but managed to quickly even the tide. As the battle raged on, Lehkazeran found himself winning, and was ultimately forced to decide as he knocked the wizard down: going in for a killing blow or escaping the tower into the unknown. Expecting a contingency for a direct attack, he instead escaped out the window of the tower, hoping for the best.

Essential Point 7: The tower, fortunately or unfortunately, wasn't in the material plane as Lehkazeran had hoped. He knew it had been a risk, but had taken it anyway. Instead, he found himself floating along a wild current in the vast, empty expanses of the Astral Plane, hopelessly bobbing out of control for who-knows how long in an unpredicable storm.
Essential Point 8: Despite seeing dozens of portals in the distance, Lehkazeran wasn't able to affect his movements enough in the plane to find escape or harbor, though he did bump into a mysterious egg that maybe found him more than he found it...

Essential Point 9: He floated in the empty plane for a time until the storm hurled him through a vast concurrence of dangerous planes in rapid succession. Eventually, hurt and starving but alive, he found himself in a strange city, surrounded by strange guards wearing a shad of red that he didn't recognize.

Essential Point 10: Lehkazeran joined up with the Scarlet Sovereignty once arriving at the strange city, finding their views on self-worth mostly aligned with his own, and having a surprising amount of respect for the fact that his blood was asked for instead of taken.

Essential Point 11: Time passed as it does, and Lehkazeran's position within the Sovereignty advanced. He found he enjoyed his position as a relatively high-ranking mortal, and the benefits of his position in the city. More recently, he's noticed that he's starting to earn a reputation, and that more folks recognize him than used to.


Goal 1: Lehkazeran wants to find the Wizard who kidnapped him those years ago, and either make sure he's dead, or kill him.

Goal 2: Lehkazeran wants to prove he's more than just an experimental blend of sub-draconic species, and that he's sufficiently draconic and powerful to merit the respect a True Dragon is afforded.


Secret 1: Lehkazeran is tempted by the lure of vampirism as both a source of power and longevity, though his draconic pride has kept him from voicing his interest thus far, as he's concerned that it will appear he needs outside 'help'. Still, he's aware that his soul has been bargained away, and it'd be easier to avoid Death than to win that back...

Secret 2: Many of the missions Lehkazeran performed were part of a campaign waged by the wizard against a well-organized city-state he had feuded with for years. Lehkazeran is known to them, and they consider him a foe, even if they don't know his whereabouts.


Person 1: Lizeth: A vampire lady of repute, it was her guards that first found Lehkazeran. She feeds on his blood occasionally, enjoying the unique taste and power within it. Lehhazeran offers this freely in return for the trappings of his station within her hierarchy.

Person 2: Teigrowl: A mortal kobold in the retinue of another vampiric lord, he harbors a great distaste for Lehkazeran, seeing his very existance (and that of any other wyverans) as a dark and dishonarable mark on the otherwise pristine kobold race.

Person 3: Marceaux: Sometimes a paramour of Lizeth but always her bodyguard, Marceaux is one of the more recently turned vampires in Lizeth's circle, and an ally of Lehkazeran. Herself a talented Arcane Trickster, she's quietly curious about the experiments that affected Lehkazeran and how he'd interact with vampirism. Marceaux knew Lehkazeran for a year or so before being turned.


Memory 1: Lehkazeran's first real memory in Hyraetan was waking up in Lizeth's chambers. Notably, he was neither chained, restrained, or mentally-controlled, making it the first time he'd done so since being kidnapped as a child, his time floating in the Astal Plane notwithstanding. It goes without saying that Lehkazeran values his freedom more than anything. Also notable: he knew from the jump that Lizeth was a powerful creature not to be crossed, and thankfully was wise enough to avoid confrontation.

Memory 2: After he'd been associated with the Sovereignty for a while, and had begun to gain a reputation, Lehkazeran remembers the first time a stranger recognized him with respect and treated him accordingly.

Memory 3: Though he doesn't remember much about his time in his clutch, Lehkazeran recalls being scared and sad when first abducted, and remembers a later time when he swore he'd never feel so vulnerable again.

A thousand years ago, when the wyrm Thauglorimorgorus was challenged and defeated by the elves, his kobold retinue was, rightly, horrified!
They watched their leader and their god be defeated by an elf-- an ELF! Of all things! What did that mean for them? Were they next? Would the elves come for them? They panicked. They had to leave.
"The kobolds fled underground, taking with them everything they ""owned"" and, fearing for it's survival under the new Elven Overlords, Thauglorimorgorus's still-unhatched egg. Collapsing the mines behind them so the elves couldn't follow, the kobolds retreated."
The kobolds thrived underground, but the same couldn't be said for the egg, which soon grew cold. It being their only tie back to their old life, the kobold's decided to do everything they could to save it.
In an uncommon moment of bravery, the tribe's shaman, a rare Winged Kobold named Kual-tiel offered herself to the egg, weaving a powerful spell fueled by of her own life force.
When the ritual was completed, Kual-tiel was nowhere to be found, but the egg pulsed with a warmth and a light that surprised the kobolds and captured their attention even more. Now it was Their Egg.
Dozens of generations later, the kobolds thrived (as much as kobolds do) in their caves, and grew to worship the glowing dragon(?) egg as a symbol of both their draconic heritage and a future leader.
Fighting famine and a strange intruding mold, the kobolds re-discovered and cleared the paths to the surface, where they learned that Thauglorimorgorus still retained some power in the region. Fearing for their safety both underground and above, the kobolds fled again, fearing Thauglorimorgorus would be less than happy to see them. They were correct. He gave chase, though he didn't recognize his egg.
Dipping into the forest for cover, the kobolds fled, and they struggled to carry their egg-god and maintain speed.
Dissent quickly tore through the tribe, as some suggested they leave the egg behind. After all, it had BEEN Thauglorimorgorus' egg at one point, before it had been their egg, someone suggested. And it didn't appear carrying it was going to save them. The opposite!
The kobold's craven nature won out in the end, and after nearly a thousand years of care they abandoned their egg in the forest, making haste to leave Forest Country alive.
The egg went unnoticed until it was found by a lone wyvern, who felt called to it. After a month of incubation, the egg hatched, and Lehkazeran was born.
He grew quickly, but his story took a turn for the tragic when he was abducted in his early adolesence by a wizard, setting off a chain of events that would come to define his life.


-Lehkazeran sports black and blue scales spread out over his large towering frame. Bright green eyes stare out over a long snout that drips acid every so often
-He carries himself with a hard-won confidence, knowing that he's survived truly awful circumstances and come out on top, despite the odds.
-Lehkazeran is tall enough by a head to look down over most humanoids, which he often does, turning his head sideways and looking out people with one intimidating eye like a giant True Dragon might do to a tiny mortal.
He tends to wear simple clothes, hidden away with a plain red cloak bearing the Sovreignity's sigil that shows his bare arms and little else. The only obvious exception: he owns and almost always sports a crystal head-piece, mimicking a great wyrm's pointed horns, that greatly contributes to his dangerous appearance.

Experimental Wyvaran:

4 Advanced (4 RP) Modifiers: : Members of this race gain a +2 bonus to STR/DEX/CON, a +4 bonus to CHA, and a –2 penalty to INT.
10 Type: Dragon (10 RP)
8 Moroi Race (8 RP)
0 Size: Medium (0 RP)
0 Base Speed: Normal (0 RP)
0 Languages: Standard (0 RP)
4 Fly Wyvaran have a fly speed of 30 ft. (clumsy maneuverability) (4 RP)
- Darkvision: Wyvarans have darkvision and so can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.
- Kobold Kin (Alt Racial for Low-Light)
4 Focused Study (4 RP)
4 Advanced Charisma (+2)
4 Spell-Like Ability, Greater: Widen Auras (Anti-Paladin lvl 2)
2 Swim (2 RP) gain a 30' swim speed
1 Water Sense