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Will this have a remastered version of the Red Mantis Assassin archetype?

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"Removal" of alignment seems a bit stark. I would've hoped for some alternative, possibly based on the alternate alignment rules from the GMG. Otherwise intrigued by this

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Leon Aquilla wrote:
Kind of dismayed because the SF module on Foundry is falling further and further behind without Paizo's official backing and Archives of Nethys putting Starfinder on a low-priority list for updates. We still don't have mech support added and I can't imagine how long all these changes will take to implement.

We'll be fine, I assure you ;)

If that is the case, then APs are counted as under Section 1 of the CUP Approved List, correct? (And therefore, you can descriptively reference Paizo IP within them?)

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Should Tallow Bombs do standard fire damage in addition to persistent damage? The description says "A tallow bomb deals the listed fire damage", but the individual entries don't list anything.

What does the Soul Warden archetype entail? Is it more psychopomp-y or smite undead-y?

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Can you give any details on how scaling cantrips work? Will it be something "damaging cantrips do a number of damage dice equal to your highest spell level", or something more detailed?

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This is a kinda "boiling the frog" question; how long would it take before Pharasma would declare somebody creating undead an enemy, and either curse them or send Psychopomps after them or something. Gods & Magic says deities rarely curse somebody just for doing something they dislike, but there must be some point in which they would.

Any update on when print copies will be back in stock? (Related: what's the deal with that errata? I imagine it will come at the same time as restocks)

"In case the name didn't tip you off, I'm Jewish"

I legitimately cackled.

But it's truly great to see Jewish voices at Paizo being heard. It really how the Jewish trait of questioning everything is invaluable in both creating and playing TTRPGs. (I sure know it's helped me!)

On a related note, how much Jewish-inspired lore and/or monsters are in Pathfinder and Golarion? - besides Golems ;) - I'm not particularly well versed in lore, so it'd be cool to find some.