Leaf the Nymph's page

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Full Name

Leaf (she won't tell due to magic that can affect true names of fey)


Advanced Nymph


Nymph 12/ Ghaele 8 (Druid powers instead of Clerical)






She won't even tell me

Special Abilities

Those of the nymph and ghaele from savage species, evasion




Rillifane Rallathil (Leaflord) but in Golarion it would be Shelyn or Gozreh


Sassarine orginally, savage tide locations


common, elven, sylvan, gnome, druid, nymph... tongues



Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Constitution 23
Intelligence 26
Wisdom 26
Charisma 40

About Leaf the Nymph

Created and played in the savage tide adventure path, Leaf was subject to the fey's hit dice, savage species progression, and the pressure of what to do after 12 level. Strong in her faith to the Leaflord, she was given the chance to become a Ghaele of her god.

Leaf feared many things, capture, crude flat out destruction of the wild places with out any reason (the fighter wanted to clear cut the forest and build a Colosseum to Kord), and how few hit points she had. She made it her goal to never be hit- especially when the fighter failed those saving throws.

At a young age she was saved by a gnome paladin turning into a Ghaele, and he instilled with in her the desire to help civilization work with nature.

She was sent forth out of the forest for being to chaotic by the regional druid and met up with the adventurers in the Savage Tide adventure and joined them (fun adventure).

There she learned that it hurt to be hit, and for her death was alway around the corner it seemed.

The stats above are not enhanced. At 20th level she had 141 hit points and an AC of 83. With our DM and fellow players, those are not a lot of hit points...