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| HP 74/83 | Hybrid: AC 23 T 14 FF 21 (Enlarged: AC 21; 12/20) | CMB +9, CMD25| F: +13, R: +7, W: +13 | Init: +5 | Perc: +20, SM: +12 Classes / levels:


| Speed 30ft | Determination 3/3 | Spells: 1st 5/5 ; 2nd 4/4; 3rd 3/3 | Active conditions: heroism, keen edge, 3 Negative lvls.


Male NG Half-orc inquisitor (relic hunter/preacher) of Kurgess 8

About LeGuin

Male half-orc inquisitor (relic hunter/preacher) of Kurgess 8
NG Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Init +5; Senses Perception +20
AC 23, touch 14, flat-footed 21 (+8 armor, +2 deflection, +2 Dex, +1 natural)
hp 83
Fort +13, Ref +7, Will +13
Defensive Abilities: sacred tattoo [+1 luck bonus to saves]
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +2 greataxe +11/+6 (1d12+9/×3)
With Power Attack: +2 greataxe +9/+4 (1d12+15/×3)
Ranged javelin +8/+3 (1d6+5)

Inquisitor Spell-Like Abilities (CL 8th; concentration +11)
At will—detect alignment, discern lies (8 rounds/day)

Implement Schools (13 focus total)
Abjuration (Holy Symbol of Kurgess, 4 points)
Resonant—warding talisman (+2 to saves); Focus—mind barrier, energy shield

Conjuration (Wayfinder, 0 points)
Resonant—casting focus; Focus—servitor

Divination (Firestout Book of World Records, 3 points)
Resonant—third eye (low light vision & +1 perception); Focus—sudden insight

Transmutation (Champion's Field Day Vest, 6 points)
Resonant—physical enhancement (+4 constitution);
Focus—legacy weapon, mind over gravity, size alteration, sudden speed

Inquisitor Spells Known (CL 7th; concentration +10)
3rd (3/day)— communal resist energy, greater stunning barrier, keen edge
2nd (4/day)—litany of defense, lesser restoration, see invisibility, tongues
1st (5/day)—comprehend languages, cure light wounds, heightened awareness, protection from evil, remove fear
0 (at will)—brand (DC 13), detect magic, detect poison, guidance, read magic, virtue
Str 20, Dex 14, Con 18**(w/ bonus from implement), Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 10
Base Atk +6; CMB +9; CMD 23

Feats: Combat Reflexes, Endurance, Extra Focus Power, Extra Mental Focus, Power Attack

Traits: armor expert, indomitable faith, secrets of the sphinx

Skills: Climb +9, Diplomacy +7, Heal +7, Intimidate +9, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +7, Knowledge (local) +7, Knowledge (nature) +7, Knowledge (planes) +7, Knowledge (religion) +7, Perception +14, Perform (Puppetry) +1, Sense Motive +11, Spellcraft +4, Stealth +6, Survival +8, Swim +8 [+3 to knowledge checks to ID monster weakness]

Languages Common, Orc

SQ determination, focus powers (energy shield, mind over gravity, size alteration, sudden speed), mental focus (13/day), monster lore +3, orc blood, relics (abjuration, conjuration, divination, transmutation), stern gaze +3, track +3

Gear: eyes of the eagle, lesser extend metamagic rod, +2 mithral breastplate, +2 greataxe, javelin (5), amulet of natural armor +1, belt of giant strength +2, handy haversack, headband of inspired wisdom +2, ring of protection +2, oil of daylight, Potion of cure serious wounds, potion of remove blindness/deafness, wand of CLW (25 charges), rope, Alchemists Fire, Acid, Holy Water, earplugs, chalk, 50 ft string, waterskin, sack

Bonus potions for Special: Potion of CSW & Potion of Heroism
Special Abilities
Determination: 3/Day [Free Action] Can use any of following.
For PbP purposes, will use Warning if enemy crits.

Aggression: The preacher may reroll an attack roll that she just made before the results of the roll are revealed. Must take result of the reroll, even if it’s worse than the original roll.

Defense: When PC would be hit by a melee or ranged attack, as immediate action may add +4 insight bonus to her AC against that attack, and if this makes the inquisitor’s AC higher than the opponent’s attack roll, the attack misses.

Warning: When preacher’s ally w/in line of sight would be hit by a melee or ranged attack, force attacker to reroll, using second result. Ally must be able to hear & not be helpless.

Abjuration (Holy Symbol of Kurgess) Abjuration implements are objects associated with protection and wards.

Casting Focus (Su) Use as extra focus component to add to CL for conjuration spell.

Combat Reflexes (3 AoO/round) Can make extra attacks of opportunity/rd, and even when flat-footed.

Conjuration (wayfinder) Implements used in conjuration allow the occultist to perform magic that transports or calls creatures.

Deific Focus (13/day) (Su) You have a pool of points that activate your focus powers.

Detect Alignment (At will) (Sp) Detect chaos, evil, good, or law at will.

Determination (3/day) (Ex) Free, may reroll attack/force foe hitting ally to reroll/gain +4 AC for 1 attack.

Discern Lies (7 rounds/day) (Sp) Discern Lies at will

Divination (Firestout Book of World Records) Implements of the divination school grant powers related to foresight and remote viewing.

Endurance +4 to a variety of fort saves, skill and ability checks. Sleep in L/M armor with no fatigue.

Energy Shield: Swift action to spend 1 focus, shield that absorbs 40 (Inq Lvl x 5 pts) of energy. Immediate action for 2 focus. Lasts 1 minute.

Legacy Weapon +2 (Su) 1 focus: weapon touched gains enhancement bonus plus a special ability.

Mind Barrier (-14 damage) (Sp) 1 focus, swift action: Reduce next damage taken before next turn. 2 for Imm.

Mind Over Gravity (7 minutes) (Sp) 1 focus: Gain 60-ft fly speed w/perfect maneuverability.

Monster Lore +3 (Ex) +3 to Knowledge checks when identifying the weaknessess of creatures.

Orc Blood Half-orcs count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.

Physical Enhancement +4 (Constitution) (Su) Implement grants bearer enhancement to one physical attribute.

Power Attack -2/+4 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.

Sacred Tattoo +1 to all saves.

Servitor (Summon Monster III) (Sp) Standard action and 1 focus to summon a single creature, as summon monster

Size Alteration (Sp) 1 focus: increase or decrease a creature's size by one step.

Stern Gaze +3 (Ex) +3 to Sense Motive and Intimidate.

Sudden Insight +3 (Sp) Swift action & 1 focus: Gain insight bonus to one abil. or skill check, or attack before end of turn.

Sudden Speed (Sp) 1 focus: As swift action, gain +30 land speed for 1 minute.

Third Eye (Su) Gain enhanced senses while implement stores focus.

Track +3 Add the listed bonus to Survival checks made to track.

Transmutation (Champion's Field Day Vest) Transmutation implements can alter the properties of both objects and creatures.

Warding Talisman (Su) Implement grants Resistance bonus to saves.