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followup question. After the trick attack, the operative does the 1d4 dmg, and the target is flatfooted. How long does that flat footed last? For clarity, is it for the operatives attack? Or is it until the operatives next turn?

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I misquoted Monty Python once.

What is a Monty Python?

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Is he using paper cartridge to reload for free?

Also ask him help to let the other PC shine.

I have been in games where optimized DPS fighter was doing on average more than 3x the damage then anyone else about 90 - 120 a round and the other fighter was doing like 20-30.

Does a Standard Action + a Move Action = a Full-Round Action?

A Full-Round Action is an action that takes the full round.

Types of actions
Full-Round Action
Standard Action
Move Action
free action

If the rules said something like you can downgrade to a lower action I would think yes, but all it says is you can use your standard to take a move.


You can downgrade a Standard action to a Move Action. It does not let you take a Move and a Standard and make it a Full. Otherwise, any time you simply had an extra Standard you could simply downgrade it to a Move, apply it to the standard you have, and give yourself a Full. That is not how the mechanic is suppose to work, I believe.